RHONJ – S9 E13 Camels, Cabo & Catfights

Teresa Guidice Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E13 Camels, Cabo & Catfights

We’ll see how this episode goes, the ladies are about to kill each other! Jackie and Melissa are up talking shit about Jennifer last night. Lol, looks like its chaos at her house.

Danielle and Teresa are bonding. Danielle is team Jennifer, which means she better watch out! Now Jackie is saying Teresa should have told her she was out of line, just be quiet already Jackie, (can’t stand her!).

HOLY CRAP!! Looking at Dolores thin is INSANE!! She is so hot now! Curvey and beautiful!

Teresa, Danielle, Jennifer and Melissa are going out shopping. Teresa is getting Jennifer drunk and I’m into it! Melissa doesn’t understand why. Now Jackie is calling Jennifer a nut job. Dolores is always the voice of reason (IMO, now that Siggy is gone).

Yikes, Jennifer made a joke about monkey lips and now Melissa is bringing up the night before. Holy shit, this is getting ugly!! OMG!! Melissa, don’t start, Danielle is too crazy! Melissa is about to kick her ass lol! She is def Joe’s husband! Go girl!

Jackie went ahead and planned the girl’s day (for tomorrow). Thanks Jackie! FYI Teresa hates Camels!

Melissa just made a comment about Jennifer’s drinking. LOVEEEE Dolores right now! She is so into it! Marg and Jen are going at each other all over again. Wow, I don’t like this side of Marg. She just went so low, saying that Jennifer’s husband has a girlfriend and he sleeps at her house. That just came out of nowhere! Marg, clearly said it to be a bitch. And it’s true, all the stuff Jennifer says is what Marg has put out there! Idk. Sad to say, this might be the season my feelings for Marg change.

WTF Margaret, I can’t with her. Now she’s saying she doesn’t know anything. Teresa is pissed. Marg just said she doesn’t even have the facts! Are you kidding me?! Marg started it! Now she’s saying it’s Jennifer who was in the wrong! WOW!! Even Jackie said she’d be pissed?! I might even like Jackie more than Marg now?!

Go Jennifer, go girl!! Yessss!! Wow, I am shocked that Jennifer handled that the way she did! She is fing classy after that.

Dolores is calling Frank every morning! Lol. Joe is being a pervert to Melissa, go figure.

Jackie was just getting ready to say she was embarrassed of Margaret’s behavior (to Melissa), but then Marg came out so she stopped.

Dolores is warning Jennifer about Danielle, she said she’s going to judge her character on her own. Teresa looks fing phenomenal! Danielle said she and Tre need to have Jen’s back. I am so into this! Haha.

I never want this girl’s trip to end lol! Teresa said she likes the camel ride lol!

Marg is now trying to make jokes with Jennifer in the middle of the camel ride, like, awkward, let’s not try so hard okay? Shows how fake and bad she feels about it.

The ladies are talking about Joe coming back from jail. Dolores said she thinks Joe will be the same way he was.

All of these dinners have been so pretty! Looks like shit’s going to get turnt tonight! The women are talking about not knowing a man’s penis size prior to marriage. Teresa and Jennifer are joking around bc she’s wasted and Teresa is going along with it. I think Marg might be getting jealous.

Oh man, Danielle jumps in to stir the pot. OMG! Teresa is jumping in too! GO TRE GO!!! Marg called Danielle a liar, and Tre goes, but you said a lie last night. About Jen’s husband, and Marg goes I was trying to hurt her, we worked through it. Idk. I’m shocked Tre went there! Haha! I thought she was Namaste! Haha!!

Oh wow, now Jackie is jumping in. Holy crap, that shit just went down. Dolores said Danielle is lucky she didn’t go after her.

RHOA – S11 E13 Tempers in Tokyo

Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Shamari Devoe & Tanya Sam Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E13 Tempers in Tokyo

Oh ya, Tanya called out Nene and Nene is firing back. 10x harder. Yikes. The ladies are basically saying Nene gets a free pass because Greg has cancer. Tanya is crying, but maybe that’s because deep down, she knows Nene is right.

Lol Eva is upset Tanya is crying haha, she said it’s her bachelorette party! Lol. Wow, this is just too much!!

Marlo and Eva are having a competition on who is wearing the better brands, it’s too much!! Stop girl stopppp!! Marlo said it for me. Lol. Eva is coming at her now, stop yelling! Eva is going to get her!! Lol!! They are both showing their weaves! Lol.  

This is too much lol! I’m sorry but Marlo is hilarious! I love her. She’s just so crazy and has the dirtiest come backs! Lol. Idk, I love Eva too. Even though she’s meh. My God it’s been like 2 HRs of them back and forth arguing. OMG! All the ladies are saying that Eva got Marlo and she has nothing left. Lol.

Awe, Shamari’s little boys weren’t able to calm down with their Nanny and all she had to do was sing to them (beautifully, I may add) and they settled down. So sweet!

Cynthia is def one of the hottest RHOA housewives, if not the hottest. She always slays, any look!

Holy crap Eva’s hair is out of control long! It’s almost as long as her legs! Insane. Eva is buzzed and owning it. Haha, love seeing this alchy side of her! She’s pretty chill in the states.

So, awkward, idk who’s side I’m on. Lol, obviously, Eva. Lol! I love when Marlo gets worked up! Haha.

Porsha’s sleepy and staying in, probably wants to avoid the drama! Don’t blame her. Lol. Man, Nene is teasing Porsha (AGAIN) about pulling the pregnancy card. Kandi wanted more sex out of the Red Light District in Tokyo lol!

Oh wow, Eva and Cynthia just did a “walk” together on the street. Glad she’s not too outdated for her now!

The ladies found a karaoke bar and sang and Xscape song! Lol. You could tell Kandi was loving it!

Eva’s grandpa is being taken off of life support and all the ladies came together to her room and be there for her. It was really cute! She decided to stay with the group instead of going back to the US. She and Marlo reconnected, I guess? Hopefully it’s temporary because that was entertaining AF.

Oh no! The ladies just left for their daily excursion and the tour guide MADE them leave 2 mins before Nene got there. She’s pissssssed!

Awe, the ladies are having fun on their day out, meanwhile, Nene is in a badddd mood, can’t reach Greg.

Wow, Marlo basically just rubbed it in that they had fun! She’s on her way to meet them for food. We’ll see how this goes. Lol.

I feel like I would starve in Tokyo because I do not like Sushi! Just like Kandi! Lol. Nene has arrived…Late. Of course. Lol.

This is awkward, she does not seem happy. Porsha is encouraging it. Oh man, now Tanya is stopping Nene to talk before she gets on the bus. Not a good idea Tanya. Tanya won’t drop it! That pretty much made it worse, but Nene is trying.

RHONJ – S9 E12 Mudslinging in Mexico

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga & Margaret Josephs Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E12 Mudslinging in Mexico

So excited to see Tre compete tonight! I love RHONJ. Omg, Adriana’s voice is so fing cute! I’ve never heard her talk before! Lol. She’s pretty much the only one being supportive haha!

Oh yay, Melissa, Jackie & Marg are meeting up at a jewelry store to get something for Teresa! Why the FUCK did they invite Jackie? I’m so confused…

The ladies are talking about the fact the Teresa invited Danielle to MX. They are not fans of her and think she is lying about the Marg story. Marg said she’s cool w Jennifer now though. As long as she’s not drinking.

Awkwarrrrd, Jennifer just admitted she goes to her husband’s office to check his patients aren’t hitting on him lol. I’m shocked he’s letting her go to MX. Lol, he just brought up her drinking!

Jennifer said she’s going to do her best not to freak out on Margaret. I don’t blame her, family is personal! Lol her husband just told her daughter, if she goes home, he’ll buy her perfume! Haha he’s no better than Jennifer!

I love Teresa and Frank training together! I’m going to miss these scenes! Lol. Love Frank! And Teresa looks incredible! She’s right! Rock that Thong! I finally have the confidence and bought thong Frankie Bikini’s (thanks to Rinna).

Teresa is talking to Frank about he and Dolores’ living/relationship situation. I hope Dolores isn’t upset when she sees the footage. She jumps in on Teresa’s family stuff, so hopefully it’s fine.

Joe and Marg are so cute! She looks adorable. Love her. She is trying to mend her ex-husband and step son’s relationship. Lol.

Melissa is meeting with her mom and sisters to discuss the possible, “3rd sister”. I’m kind of nervous for her! Very interested to see how her mom is going to react. Geez, her sisters got their mom drunk I think? She can’t stop laughing, not sure if that’s accurate, I missed the beginning. Lol, well it all worked out. I guess Melissa is going to look for her long, lost sister?

Ow ow, Frankie is a hottie! Haha. I feel like such a cougar saying that. You don’t have to have kids to be a cougar, do you? Do fur babies count?

Marg is hosting a gala, she’s always doing something! She’s creating cute outfits for children with cancer. So cute, so sad. Love her.

Teresa just got 3rd place in her competition and looked amazing! Frankie got 1st, and also looked amazing lol!

The ladies are packing up for their trip and I’m excited. Lol, Dolores is already talking shit about Danielle, and now so is Marg haha! At least it should be entertaining!

The ladies are arriving and there’s a huge rain storm happening! Danielle is already being a diva haha!

The ladies are all at dinner for the first night, getting a little loud already…Teresa is officially having her first glass of wine in forever!

Yikes, Jennifer is offended they didn’t go to her brother’s jeweler lol! Ugh oh, Marg is going after Jen for drinking…OMG she just called Teresa’s necklace ugly. Yikes, that was rough. Probably shouldn’t have said that! Oh man.

Omg, Danielle is talking to Jennifer getting her all amp’d up lol. Teresa is checking on them now. She isn’t even mad that Jennifer called her necklace ugly lol! Teresa has Definitely changed! Lol.

Below Deck – S6 E15 Shame Cocoon

Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Below Deck – S6 E15 Shame Cocoon

Captain Lee is on a rampage, he’s pissed. Lol! Wow, he is literally yelling at the guests. Haha! Lol Adrian is annoyed with the guests, he said they’re too demanding.

Rhylee is trying to bond with Ashton over their “yacht” relationships. She’s bummed out because Kate announced something about her and Tyler over the mics, but Laura shouldn’t have spilt the tea.

Omg, these wigs are not cute, they’re not even really funny either. Oh man, now Adrian is bitching the interior crew didn’t deliver the food on time.

Lol Josiah just made a joke that Adrian did NOT do yoga this morning lol! Seems like he’s on the edge! Haha the guests just said they’re obsessed w him! Lol.

Wow, Tyler is REALLLLLY digging Rhylee, like I do think he’s in Heart w her. Haha! I like it. I’m glad one of the guys genuinely likes her! A little nervous for what’s to come.

Adrian is horny, that’s what it is. He just said he’s juicy and hasn’t gotten some in a month.

Wow! Kate is being so sweet and nice to Laura! Things have really turned around for them, OK maybe I’m exaggerating. Yikes!! Tyler is being weirrrrrrrrd. Haha! I love how GUYS can say one thing, and girls can say another and THAT’S where it gets weird?! Classic BOY, notice I didn’t say man.

The queens are finally leaving the ship! But the next charter guest looks insane! I can’t wait. Like WAYYYY better than these guys.

Kate is my life, she needs to never leave a yacht so we can always watch her hahah!

HAHA!! The Primary Charter Guest is so sad to leave and the crew is like get the F out of here.

Wowwww, now Tyler is being an even BIGGER super douche. Adrian is taking work as a year round NYC Chef. Seems like he’s enjoying it (via social media) you go Glenn Coco!

Tyler and Rhylee are going out for their “thing”. I feel bad for her. Lol. Wow Tyler is such a dick haha I would hate him. She handled that pretty well! Not sure how I would have reacted…

Kate seems overly optimistic about the upcoming charter guests. Tyler is being weird with Rhylee, I would kill him. Lol. He is seriously pushing her. OMG! He said eh, “doesn’t know” what he did to Rhylee? Like you were a complete asshole…?? That’s basically what.

Ashton and Laura are going strong apparently. Lol. They cuddled again in the “crow’s nest”.

Omg the guests have arrived and they are annoying AF lol! They’re wasted lol. Yikes, these girls are bitches lol! They’re all wasted. So awkward! Omg the crew was just laughing at the charter guests! Hopefully they didn’t hear. The charter guest refuses to sleep in her bed lol! The crew are telling her she needs to sleep inside. This is badddddddd!! This is on national television! Lol.

Kate told Josiah to get the hose! She will not stay up and watch the charter guest sleep all night lol.

Below Deck – S6 E14 All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Below Deck – S6 E14 All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

I’m pretty excited for this episode of Below Deck, honestly, when am I not excited for BD? Shit continues to go down, week after week, and I LIVE for it!

The crew is waking up from being hungover. Everyone’s in greeeeeeat moods. Lol! Kate is semi being nice to Laura. But she’s still annoying IMO. Wow, a past guest is coming back as the Primary Charter Guest and last time they didn’t even leave the dock! Wow. Either they love the crew or want to be on TV haha!

Oh God, Rhylee is giving way too much TMI to Laura. Like, idk what Tyler’s intentions are, but I don’t think they’re good…lol. Well, Tyler said he’s going to marry her, if she’s cool with him hooking up with chicks lol.

Laura spilt the tea and told Kate about Rhylee hooking up with Tyler. Not like they were keeping it a secret or anything? But still, she’s trying to bond.

Well the guests should be happy, they just walked on and Captain Lee is talking about leaving the dock.

Omg, these drink orders are coming in fast, these guests are not going to be easy. Ugh oh, Rhylee is obsessed w Tyler already…hopefully not.

Oh man, Josiah can’t get over the guests because they remind him of people that bullied him. I love Josiah, second to Kate. So I’ve got his back, but hopefully this charter won’t be too tough for him.

Adrian seems weirdly quiet. Not sure what’s up with that? Maybe he needs to masturbate?

Ugh, everything Laura says is annoying haha. Her voice, I can’t. It’s just always loud and wayyy too upbeat.

The guests are verrrrry needy. Haha they are pretty funny though, currently talking about touching dicks!

Kate is miserable, but NOT because of Laura, surprisingly. Lol! Kate can’t handle all these premadonas.

Interior is hating the guests lol. Whoa, Laura and Ashton are making out hard core. Not a ton of drama this episode, other than the guests being annoying (which is never that much fun).

Oh man, not looking good for Rhylee’s emotions next episode!


RHOA – S11 E12 The Peaches of Tokyo

Nene Leakes Tanya Sam, Shamari Devoe, Marlo Hampton, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams & Eva Marcille Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E12 The Peaches of Tokyo

We’ll see how this girls trip goes…after the Kandi/Porsha fiasco. Eva is asking Kandi for advice with Porsha, umm…if you didn’t notice, not the best person to ask! Lol.

Luckily, Kandi is telling Eva how it is. She is being honest, Eva throws shade, then “forgets”. Lol! Whoa! Eva said she’s trying to be on her best behavior and the ladies don’t wanna see, EVA THE DIVA. Lol! I want to see her! Please! I do, I do! Lol.

Bahaha Nene is hilarious calling Porsha out for being too lazy to wash her face and she’s barely 3 months! Lol. Porsha told Nene she is going to make an announcement about PJ in the beginning of the trip. Nene is now asking her about Kandi, I’m glad. They need to move on past this. Lol. Omg now they are pretending to be Kandi and Porsha lol.

All the ladies are meeting up @ the airport for their trip!! Greg and Nene need space. Not permanently though, for the record.

Porsha’s amazing mans is there to escort her to the airport. He said he’ll miss her, “a little bit”, I know he was trying to be cute, but with the recent drama, not cool babe. Not cool. Lol! Didn’t seem like it bothered her at all.

OMG! Marlo’s bags got lost!! Of all people! OMG that’s some expensive luggage!

Hahahah!! Porsha just called Mike, Chris! Lol!! That was too funny!

I love Kandi, sorry but she’s my fav.

Lol! Tanya hired a tour guide and her first rule is asking that the ladies arrive on time! Haha. Holy crap, whenever they throw back Porsha looking so young! Lol it’s crazy.

Yikes, here comes the drama! Eva coming in Hooooooottttt. Lol, everything everyone says is true! Eva starts the shit, then backs out scared! She just did it again!

Porsha just announced she’s pregnant and all the ladies are happy for her! Lol. Oh God, Eva is coming into Kandi’s room to drink! Lol. She said she knows Kandi doesn’t drink so she wants her alcohol. Like…not a good look girl. Lol. I’m sorry though, this is horrible! Idk though, I like Eva! I want her to stick around.

Gross, Kandi just admitted she hadn’t brushed her teeth yet, after talking to Eva for like an HR haha! She looks like she’s done and ready for the day too! Shouldn’t that be the first thing you do? All good though…

Lol! Kandi brought Eva a drink! Haha. Wow!! So many of the ladies were super late! Lol. Nene was one of them! But she was the first, late one. If that counts for anything? Lol. Just think it’s funny because they highlighted her being pissed at all the past times of lateness.

Wow, the ladies just got their readings from this temple and they were soooo accurate! It’s freaky! I love that shit!

Tanya is calling out Nene for her shade. Oh great, now Nene is getting lit. Like this is what she does, says shit, if people HAVE the balls to call her out, she gets defensive, instead of owning her shit.

RHONJ – S9 E11 Whine Country

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Milania Guidice, Jennifer Aydin & Margaret Josephs Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E11 Whine Country

Jackie is hosting a wine tasting event with the ladies. Teresa is bummed out because she can’t even drink! Lol.

Haha I love Jennifer! She said she’s not about to pass up a chance to see Jackie’s house. Lol! She just called her bathroom a dump! Lol.

Jackie was overweight! It all makes sense now! She’s bitter. Lol, Teresa is chatting with Frank, it’s cute. She said they are getting close (definitely friend vibes). Dolores looks so pretty this season, I am into her when she’s without Sig!

Yesssss, Jackie can’t handle Jennifer! Omg I am so over Jackie, she is in such denial. Jackie just doesn’t understand anything. How does she not see that that was out of line? Idk.

Teresa just talked about Milania’s song coming up and Jackie said she didn’t think all parents would approve. Shocker!

Yikkkkkes Marg and Jennifer just got into it BIG time! Wow, even Teresa said Margaret needs to, “shut up” in her interview! Probably because Danielle is about to tell her that Marg said not to trust (Tre).

Teresa is @ Danielle’s talking about Joe. She said she just got done visiting him. Idk, all these rumors are swirling about her having a new boyfriend?! I wish Tre and Joe would stay together and they would stay in Jersey. Or film a spin off in Italy. Lol! IF that was the only option.

Danielle just told Teresa that Margaret said not to trust them. That seems so made up, but idk.

Jackie and Marg are meeting to hang, unfortunately, I’m not a fan of Jackie, so…now they’re talking shit about Jennifer. Go figure.

Awe! Dolores brought Jennifer cute pink weights to walk with her. Lol! I love positivity and support in friendships! Especially around health!

Omg, they’re both talking about “patterns”. Awww, Melis is there to support Milania, which is SO cute. Major points there. Love when she’s authentic. Lol!

Yay, Melissa and Teresa are planning a girls’ trip, to Cabo! Tre said she’ll drink! Woot woot. She just spilt the tea on Marg “supposedly” saying Danielle shouldn’t trust them (Melissa & Teresa).

Man, Joe looks cute on he and Melissa’s bed! Lol. He’s got great eyes!

Okay, fast forward, Milania’s party is starting. Everyone has arrived, Melissa said she’s going to be nice to Danielle, but doesn’t believe her.

OMG! Now Marty and Joe are arguing about Margaret and Danielle fighting! Lol! Marty said it’s because Marg isn’t attractive and everyone looks at Danielle! LOL! Come on Marty! It’s just hilarious, because they’re divorcing now.

Wow, I think Dolores is right. Danielle did this to her last year. Sorry, I love Marg.

Top Chef – S16 E7 Carne!

 Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Dave Viana, Brandon Rosen, Eddie Conrad & Eric Sarpong Top Chef – S16 E7 Carne!

Top Chef, another week, another cheftestant on the chopping block! Brother’s debut was short lived, now back to reality, new season, new cheftestants!

I think Eddie’s going to win this one! Lol. They started by showing him talking to his son, yep, I’m calling it. Hopefully he’s on the top, and not the bottom…

Yes! I love this guest judge!! She’s a badass! Lena Waithe is the guest judge for the Quickfire and I’m obsessed with her! Well, I like her lol! Obsessed, is unrealistic.

Justin is bragging immediately that he has two of the “hot browns” on his menu, Sara also knows how to make a mean Hot Brown, I actually want her to win! I def want her to kick Justin’s ass lol!

Adrienne is getting a lot of time talking about her “hot brown”, she may or may not be on the top.

Eddie said, “One of his favorite memories was with his wife”…stopped listening. Oh yay, Brian. He’s annoying. Wow, Brian is helping Sara, because he ended early. WTHell Sara and Brian?

Oh great, Sara’s making excuses, I have a feeling she’ll be on the bottom. Yep, she didn’t plate it. Wow.

Well, Lena LOVED Justin’s, so we’ll see how that goes. Hmm, not sure on Adrienne’s. Kelsey’s looks so pretty! Yikes, Padma just burned her. Omg, David is SO sweaty lol! Still cute though.
Awe! Lena loved Eddie’s! And Adrienne’s! Makes sense. Justin won the quickfire. Which is good, because he was very confident, good for him. Maybe he doesn’t annoy me toooooo much anymore. Idk. Still not top 5 though. Adrienne might be a front runner after all…or maybe she’s just decent at quickfires.

Elimination challenge announcement. They are cooking with local ingredients and have to show their skill butchering meat for farmers! I would be sooo nervous!!

Lol, David said he’s been in the middle for a while and wants to show Tom someone else from his hometown is a talented chef lol!

Looks like Sara might lose. She seems reallllly down in her interview and unenthusiastic about her sausage.

Eddie on the other hand, is pretty into his interviews. He might win. Still claiming that. Oh man, a little nervous for Brandon.

Brian’s voice is just so monotone. He puts me to sleep. Maybe he’ll go home tonight.

Oh man, I’m worried about Brandon, I love him!!! Do I think he’ll win Top Chef, not sure. Do I want him to go home this early? No.

Sounds like Justin and Adrienne did well. Sara and Brian are both kind of sucking. We’ll see what happens to them. Sara thinks she’s going home. At least she already thinks that.

Wow, Tom is pissssssed after those plates. Not good. Maybe they both go home. Seems like the judges are Very disappointed over the majority of the meals.

Justin, Adrienne & Eddie are on the top. Yep, called that! Eddie won! Lol. David just said he wished he could have a do-over! Lol.

Brian is on the bottom, have a feeling he’s going. Oh no. It’s going to be Brandon, I feel sick.

Ugh, I love him! Yep, he’s gone. So bummed. Idk how long he’ll last in LCK. Looks like Adrienne might go home next (fingers crossed).

RHOA – S11 E11 Texts, Lies and Therapy

Porsha Williams & Dennis McKinley Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E11 Texts, Lies and Therapy

OH MAN! Shit was cray where we left off!!! Can’t wait to see this epi! I’m sorry but that Mike scene last week was pathetic. Lol! Hopefully this week will be better, (with him).

Yikeeees, Porsha called Kandi a bitch and Kandi is leaving. I feel bad, all the ladies got Kandi so worked up, Porsha walked in, and now it’s a fight. This is not cool ladies.

Porsha is pissed that Kandi never connected with her after the scene to check in and get her story. I don’t blame here. That’s the only crappy part that makes me think it was a setup.

Well, Kandi didn’t leave after all! Porsha wants to eat haha! Lol, Tanya is cracking me up right now! Lol! Eva looks cute in her new confessional look, digging it.

Shamari just wants to eat? Is she preg too? Jk. Not going to lie, it’s pretty cool that I’ve been following the Housewives and blogging and saw all of this go down via social media! We know the trip happens and they ALL go! AND they SLAY their looks! Marlo prob dressed them.

This food looks soooo good! Lol. Oh wow!! Tanya said she didn’t mean anything by shading Nene and Nene said she didn’t think anything of it! Ya right!! Then she shades her in the confessional!

Lol, now Porsha is calling Eva out! Lol. Omg!! Now she’s asking about Cynthia?! Holy crap Porsha wtf?! Where is this coming from? Haha! She is seriously throwing her under the bus!

Porsha is bringing up something from 1 month ago! Haha. Eva is asking the ladies to go to Tokyo. This is so weird how Eva is basically tearing up over Nene. In all honesty, I just think she is kissing her ass bc she is THE OG of RHOA.

Greg is having ANOTHER party, I guess there’s a lot to celebrate. My god, Greg is being a grouch!

The ladies are getting together to meet Mike Hill. Cynthia’s lover. Man, Eva looked so good last season! She needs to get that bod back. Oh God, Eva just called Cynthia a masterpiece. Like come on, we know you just called her a grandma or whatever. Lol.

Well, I think Mike handled that well. But he’s a little too professional haha! This might be TOOOO mature!

Lol.Aweeee, Kandi is including Shamari in her play. That’s so sweet of her! Porsha is going to see her old therapist, the one she was with when she was married to Cordell. God, that relationship was soooo abusive! Just looking at the highlights! She’s reviewing the situation at Kandi’s party. Idk, I believe Porsha here. I’d be pissed. Porsha is literally my inspiration this season! I am soooo team Porsha! Loving this therapist right now.

Well all of Greg’s guest were happy with the food. I feel so bad for Nene. Well, not so bad. But I feel for her, ya know? Like this is terrible. I know a lot of people deal with it, at least they can pay for it. But that’s not what it’s about.

Hmm…apparently, Dennis texts his ex? Idk about that. Lol. Oh man, now Porsha is unloading her baggage, it’s a little late for that lol! Porsha’s being a little extra right now. Semi concerned for their relationship after seeing that. Lol.

Top Chef – S16 E6 Roaring Munchies

Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Eddie Konrad, Kelsey Barnard Clark,  Brandon Rosen & David Viana Top Chef – S16 E6 Roaring Munchies

Brian sent me hate mail on IG after my last Top Chef (Restaurant Wars) post. He was upset I made a joke about Eddie cooking his winning dish. Everyone is like, I have a feeling, “she” (Nini) will be back. She better be back baby! Go Nini, go!

Oh man, this is crazy! I want Nini back! But I know Brother is has a vengeance. Omg, David is slackin! He’s so cute, I love his side cap! Come on David, come through! I’m so nervous for Nini! I hope she gets back in!! David literally just jinxed Nini by saying she’s getting back in the competition! Like, you don’t know that David, and that’s what I call, jinxing.

Well bye bye Nini. I’ll miss you, probably? I’ll probably forget her, let’s be honest. It’s so early! Loving Padma’s haircut for the challenge. Brother won, he’s back on Top Chef. I’d be scared if I was the cheftestants, he’s back to win. I can’t tell from his interview, if Brandon is going to do well or not? Hopefully he does, he’s a babe.

Uh oh, a little worried for Eddie, he’s doing a LOT of interviewing/confessional time. Yikes! Looks like my girl Kelsey is going after Brother!

Justin annoys me, can’t tell if he’s going to do well this challenge? Thinking he might (thumbs down).

The cheftestants are prepping their 1920’s meals for the Elimination Challenge. I have a feeling Kelsey is going to kill it this episode (hopefully). She’s my fav girl! All she’s talking about is how much she loved The Great Gatsby. Uh oh…not looking good for Eddie lol!! God, I love Eddie, please do well! All these men are married, btw, or at least taken. NOT SINGLE.

Kelsey is sooo tense w Brother, you can tell she hates him lol! Of course, all the cheftestants are scared of him! Lol.

Oh shit, Michelle might be coming in close as a second fav now that she’s doing meditation before she begins. She’s also had a lot of interview time this episode, maybe she’s on the top? Or bottom?

Brian looks like a sad turd in his interview, hopefully he’s going home. Lol! Jk, but he’s annoying. Plus he sent me that whiny IG DM. Probably because he goes home. We’ll see.

Eric’s killing it and focused of course. Like a boss. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Kelsey says it’s not going to happen. Love both of them! Loving this 1920’s themed elimination challenge! The judges are looking chic AF.

Yessss! The judges just said Eddie did great! Love it!! Love him!! Sorry, is that phrase getting annoying?! Not looking good for Brother. Sounds like he needs to get off this southwest kick he’s obsessed with since LCK. Brian is making excuses and looks like he’s about to cry. He’s depressing me. Lol.

Ugh oh, they didn’t like Michelles, she looked pretty sad. She’s prob going home. Haha! Okay, sorry I’m a little high. I know I’ve said that a few times this episode. Well, Brian’s sucked too. I have a feeling both of them will be on the bottom.

Eric killed it! Happy for him. All the chefs loved his! Shoot, they liked Justin’s too! Sara was blah they said. Lol, she’ll be going home eventually. I think she’s a good chef, I just don’t think she’s a Top Chef. Oh, boyfriend David did well too, so that’s good.

Brother went home, lol! That was a waste. I’m kind of glad, wouldn’t have minded seeing Brian or Sara go. I’m sure their time will come.