RHOBH – S9 E3 Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp & Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E3 Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

OMG I can’t wait to watch this episode! Lol. Looks like shit is about to go down between LVP and EJ. I’m still surprised LVP even went on this trip! I’m pretty sure this is when Dorit gets yelled at and attacked by that lady at the pool as well. Which I can’t wait to see! I want to see how she handles it and what her side of the story is!

Lisa was such a Biotch to Dorit when she offered to share the suite with her. Dorit can clearly tell she’s still pissed about the dog thing. And LVP said we’ll see how long this lasts (her getting along w Dorit).

Teddi and Kyle are having lunch together. I wish she would tell her that LVP blamed Teddi for everything. LVP just compared Dorit to her dog (not the one Dorit gave away, for the record). Then Dorit was getting her glam ready so LVP let everyone in.

Lol Denise is hilarious! I am shocked at her outfit lol. She’s like, um I’m not prepared for this shit. She’s wayyyy under dressed. LVP is seeking out Kyle. I feel like she’s the only one she likes. Now all of a sudden Lisa is bringing up Kyle’s sisters. I know she’s coming from a good place. Kyle is of course receptive, because she’s an angel. Lol. I’m so glad that the girls are getting along with Teddi this year. As long as she’s not kissing LVP’s ass I like her.

Rinna walked over to Kyle and LVP to check up and get the scoop. LVP asked the doorman to bring his cat to her room by secret and Kyle made a snarky comment about Dorit being allergic to only dogs. She’s stirring the pot now! Kyle is starting this. LVP honestly didn’t! Not on camera at least. She’s been saying over and over she’s trying to let it go and move on. I want to believe her. Which makes me feel so bad about all the crap she’s been dealing with over social media. I don’t want to speak too soon. The season is still so early on! (Thank god!).

Omg Denise looks super cute in her outfit for the boat! Omg! Kyle is talking to Teddi about the situation FIRST thing in the morning. Rinna just walked in and looks cute AF. Wow, Rinna is so fing righttttt!! She is saying clearly this was a set up, LVP won’t take any accountability. Instead, the worker boys are taking the fall.

This looks soooo bad on Dorit IMO. Like with all the PK scandal! All the girls are having fun…looks like the LVP situation gets awk.

Denise and LVP are bonding over massage. They are talking about adoption. I think Lisa is in love with Denise. Yayy all the girls are together now. Omg Rinna just laid it out on the table!

Holy crap! Are you kidding me? LVP just took the easy way out IMO. Her comment at the table was about, how Erika only sent a card for her brother’s death!! That was ridiculous! Instead, she avoided the dog situation, which was the WHOLE reason Rinna brought it up at the table. Which LVP knew, of course. All the ladies said such nice things. And LVP goes with the low blow. Who makes someone feel bad because of how they show sympathy?!

Awe, they made up. LVP apologized, basically. So, it’s all good. Everything is going great. So how does this go south exactly? Erika is obsessed with Denise! But she’s a good sport! Man, Dorit has really stepped up her fashion game this season!

Rinna showed up to Erika’s room. Kind of awkward, Erika took a picture of the note. That shit is nuts. I love her. I’m so glad she was completely in the right on this situation. I feel like Bravo has been making her kind of look negative, ever since when she freaked out on Eileen.

Omg, Kyle keeeeeps bringing up the dog stuff. Yesssss it’s about to go down! Teddi is finally going to clear her name. Holy crap, Rinna is calling her out on her shit! Wow. Dorit is crying, half the ladies are comforting her, half are talking to LVP. Teddi just told LVP she felt used to get the story out and didn’t like it, then stormed out.

Next week LVP leaves the trip, not surprised.

RHOBH – S9 E2 Eat Your Heart Out

Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna & Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E2 Eat Your Heart Out

It’s taken me way too long to watch episode 2 of RHOBH. But I’m on vacation in Puerto Rico, so you’ll have to forgive me!

I am so excited for this season! Rinna thinks LVP gets special treatment because of VPR, she’s probably right.

LVP walks sooo weird. She’s hanging with Kyle, so at least they’re getting along…now. Oh god, now LVP is talking about Kyle’s hooha, like TMI. I guess Kyle was going to supposedly make up with LVP. Lol, LVP is taking laughing gas! Love her. Idk, it’s complicated.

WTF is Erica wearing to lunch. She needs to have something tighter on, sorry! Lol. Love her. Now Rinna looks fire. I kind of hate that I started blogging and already saw all of this on social media…

Holy crap Dorit @ 16! She is such a babe now, thank you plastic surgery. Lol. Jk people! Plastic surgery is NOT the answer…or is it?! Lol.  

Oh gosh, Dorit is getting into the dog convo w Rinna and EJ. She better be careful. That was awkward how EJ just said she thinks she has a house in Tahoe…like especially because of all the rumors about she and Tom. Hmm…idk about Erika, she was of course my fav and now Bravo’s ruining her for me.

Yesss! They are talking about getting, “away” for Dorit. Because she is just SO STRESSED over this dog situation! She gets screamed at in the Bahamas by some friend of a friend, that she stole money from! Lol. Really praying that’s on camera.

First time seeing Denise’s home and family! She lives in Malibu, not surprised. Two and ½ men and all…haha she’s kind of making me lol already. I’m excited! Denise just looks so fake, idk. Her face looks horrible! Like, she’s pretty and all. But her cheeks are so puffy from injections! It does NOT look good. Idk. Her man is HOTTTTT. Lol she is so real already! I am pumped.

Yesss her daughter is calling Charlie! I am sooo happy he is even CONNECTED to the Housewives lol.

Omg I can’t believe the way PK just asked about Teddi! Haha. Poor Teddi didn’t even do anything lol. I just really want someone to clear this shit up with Dorit. PK is a little full of himself, idk.

Ugggh I wish I lived in Cali so bad! Teddi and Rinna are going hiking. Teddi is talking about how she used to be fat. Whomp, whomp, whommmmmp. No one cares. Oh sure, blame the agent for eating! Idk how I feel about all these people that lose weight and then become influencers. Like, what about the people who have always been fit and always worked hard to stay in shape? Idk, it’s annoying.

Awe, Kyle is visiting Mauricio and they’re talking about their children. She can’t stop crying! She said once Portia leaves she’s screwed. Lol.

Amelia was suffering with anorexia? What? Her daughter is kind of annoying me right now. She sounds like an idiot. I mean, idk, that was too much. Not sure I care.

Omg I love Dorit! I love her kids! She is amazing! She was just being Jagger’s robot, so funny.

The ladies are getting together @ Rinna’s. LVP is ditching out on Rinna’s get together and basically just said she didn’t feel like it in her interview. LVP is asking Ken if she should go to the Bahamas and he said YES, I was shocked to hear that. Omg, she’s just making excuses.

Omg Rinna’s party is amazing! Everything looks soooo yummy and pretty! I am v jel. How can LVP skip out on this?! She’s cray.

So awkward! EJ just said she thinks Denise and Aaron having sex is right up there with porn?! Like, TMI.

Oh god, Camille is being annoying. Idk how it’s going to be having her back. Kind of glad it’s a friend role. This Michael Bolton story has really taken off on Twitter. Nicolette Sheridan said they’re lying and she never left him for Michael. Harry says otherwise. Teddi said she only bangs Edwin twice a week. Lol. TMI. I feel bad for their kids lol. Denise said she bangs Aaron daily (but they’re still new).

Ugh oh, EJ just made a joke about not eating so she can fit in her swimsuit. Of course, Bravo showed it on the same episode as Amelia, right? Lol. Dorit got a private plane for the ladies! Wonder if that was before or after PK got sued for not paying back mil of $? Jk, it was the same time. Lol.

OMG LVP showed up for the trip. I’m shocked! Omg LVP said she doesn’t want to share the suite with Dorit. Wow, LVP is being rude AF to Dorit. This is SO LVP.

Top Chef – S16 E11 The Greatest

Top Chef – S16 E11 The Greatest

Okay, I am realllly behind on Top Chef. This episode is the one after Sara was crying during about the basketball challenge. Uh, Sara is whining again, like stop crying. You’re a loser, clearly. I’m having like sad flash backs to her middle school days and I can’t.

Chef Eric. He’s probably going to win again. They’re showing him in the beginning of the epi, so something’s gonna happen. That’s usually how it goes.

Padma is looking high AF of course. Fried chicken quickfire. The cheftestant’s have to smell and taste diff spices, blindfolded. Ugggh, Sara is doing good. I can’t. Kelsey also did great, love her. Sara won (boooooo). Sara said she loved KFC…not surprised.

Eddie is stressing me out in this quickfire. Oh great, the guest chef liked Sara’s. I mean, she guessed all the spices, so it better be amazing. Well, they hated Justin’s. lol. Ugh, Sara won. Yuck.

The Elimination Challenge is about Muhammad Ali. Oh god Sara is crying AGAIN!! She’s getting stuck with Kentucky food, which is true, that has happened a lot. But stop whining, no one likes it. Oh, post commercial she’s now OK with doing Kentucky. I’m just glad she’s trying to get over it.

Kind of worried about Eddie. It’s not looking good. Now he didn’t use all of his budget, so he’s offering it to the team. I take it back, good karma might help him. I’m just hoping this is Sara’s time to go home.

I have a feeling the judges are going to like Kelsey’s. She’s doing a bread pudding, seems like she does well when she’s passionate about the theme. Uh oh, the judge’s don’t like Adrienne’s meal idea. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I do like her better than Sara.

Eric was just crying and it made me really nervous, but luckily, he’s just emo about the challenge.  

Sara and Eric are on top…pleasssse be Eric! Yessss! Saw that comng. I have a feeling he wins Top Chef.

I have a feeling Adrienne might be going home…praying it’s not Kelsey. Or maybe Eddie?! Well, Eddie’s officially gone. He might make it through LCK.

RHOA – S11 E14 Lost in Translation

Eva Marcille, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss & Shamari Devoe Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E14 Lost in Translation

I’m sorry but this Tokyo trip has been amazingggg! Apparently, everyone else thinks Jersey is better, it is. Lol!

But I don’t think Atlanta has been thattt bad. Oh wow, Porsha is admitting she and Dennis weren’t in a good place before they left. Hmm…hopefully they last! Dammmmn the food for Eva’s party looks amazing!! Nene just arrived and she’s acting miserable and like she hates Tanya, but Tanya is being pretty annoying, just for the record.

OMG these strippers for Eva are hilarious!!! She’s being a great sport though! Nene’s finally loosening up! The girls are having fun laughing and heading to the club.

Oh man, Nene is breaking down to Cynthia and I hate it!! Ugh oh, Nene just said the word break up. Idk what to think. That was really sad. Cynthia tried to be there for her, but there wasn’t much to say. Just listen.

Oh wow, Greg sent flowers. Too bad they arrived the day before they leave! Oh man, Nene is crying again. Greg wrote a huge note. She hasn’t said what it says yet. Eva just asked if she mind if she read it out loud. Lol! Kind of intrusive. Awe, Greg’s note was amazing. But was it enough? She seems pretty upset still. Well, that was awkward. Nene asked Eva (politely) to leave. Lol. It was weird enough when she just asked to read the note out loud.

The ladies are having a good time at dinner and saying their lows and highs. Cynthia made a joke about how Kandi wouldn’t stop listing her highs lol. Then Porsha went and compared her relationship with Dennis, to how supportive Todd is with Kandi? What? Ya. It was weird. I’m pretty sure Kandi is about to tell her she is going to butt out of their relationship from here on out. It went to commercial.

Yep, I was right. Kandi genuinely apologized, I think it was her talking about how it was similar to Todd. Wow, Porsha handled that like an adult. I am so happy for both of them. Lol. She didn’t cry lol, Kandi is basically bawling. But that’s because she was talking about her and Todd. Lol. Holy crap!! The footage for the remaining season looks INSANE!!!!!

RHONJ – S9 E15 Hotheads and Hookahs

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staab, Margaret Josephs, Dolores Cantina & Jennifer Ayden Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E15 Hotheads and Hookahs

I can’t believe RHONJ is already over! WTF. Where did the season go?! I feel like it was like a 5 mins long! This is one season that went too fast…! Thank God RHOBH is back on and RHONJ is starting next month!!! I love both of those, so I’m happy! Haha.

Okay, back to Jersey. This season was nuts. Teresa and Danielle are meeting to get outfits for Jennifer’s party. Omg, Danielle is already warning Teresa to buckle up for the party. Lol. I can’t wait!

Uggggh Jackie is soooo annoying. Like, do we havvvvve to watch her scenes? I’m so over Jackie talking about her sister Great, you forgave your sister, way to have a heart.

Marg is obsessed with getting her family back together. I don’t blame her, obviously! I just wish her family liked her lol! She’s being really pushy, but her child is agreeing to dinner with her ex.

Holy crap, watching Jennifer at dinner with her family is a complete joke!! This is INSANE! Yikes, now she’s fighting with her husband in front of the kids…this is not a good look. Lol. I have a feeling she might get divorced. Oh my gosh, this is bad. Their kids are speaking up about not having their dad around. So awkward! Like, have you seen all the shit you get?! That’s because your dad works! Lol. Sorry he doesn’t want to rush back to his brat kids.

Dolores is meeting up with Frank to go through their renovations. They work together now and renovate old places. She’s dropping a bomb on Frank.

Melissa just fing set Joe straight and it was amazing. And his response was sooo cute! He got emo about it. Even tho he didn’t actually cry. You could hear him choking up. He’s so cute!!

Jennifer and her hubby are talking about their party. Idk, when I see scenes like this, I think he likes her. But, when he doesn’t come home after work, I get a little nervy. Only because of what Marg said, honestly.

Everyone is getting ready for the party! Everything Milania says sounds like she’s hungover! Haha. And she doesn’t even drink yet! She is screwed.

Now everyone is talking with their husband(s) about Danielle, getting ready for the party.

The party is starting! Everything looks amazing! Everyone is arriving! Jennifer’s husband just made a comment about the pool house…awkward! Not going to lie, not digging Marg’s hair and makeup. Ugh oh, Marg just made a comment about Teresa’s eye lashes. That’s not going to go over well at the reunion. Okay, Danielle has officially arrived. Everyone is there.

I can’t deal with Jackie, sorry I know I’ve said that too many times. Marty was trying to talk to Joe and Joe told him he’s a jerk. Lol…I’m pretty sure he gets pushed in the pool. Ugh oh, all the girls are saying that Danielle can’t hang out with them. So Teresa walked away. I’m proud of her for not being a mean girl!

Ugh oh, this is going to get bad. Joe forced Joe to go talk to Marty. Teresa is telling Danielle what the ladies said, because she flat out asked her, and I mean, she can’t lie.

Omg, Marty is literally attacking Joe about Marg, all he’s saying is Joe is jealous, like clearly, NO. Marty is out of line, he said Joe needs to apologize, then goes after Marg! This has literally nothing to do with looks lol. Oh shit, it’s getting VERY heated. Margaret is walking up…bad timing. OMG Joe, he just shoved him in the pool!

That was amazing!!! Why?!!! WHY?!!! Why on the last episode?!!! Well that was an amazing season! I CAN’T WAIT for the reunion!!

RHOBH – S9 E1 Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

Lisa Vanderpump, Kyle Richards, Dorit Kemsley, Erika Jayne, Lisa Rinna, Camille Meyer & Teddi Mellencamp Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E1 Lucy Lucy Apple Juicy

I’m not going to lie, I was scared about season 9 of RHOBH. Figured it’ll all be about LVP and not juicy at all…but based off of the season teasers, interviews AND TITLE of this episode, I am PUMPED. PLEASE, PLEASE, RHOBH, do not disappoint. I need you!

Tag lines are in, my fav is LVP, hate to say it, but hers is amazing! Lol we’re starting at LVP’s house?! Omg yassssss, it’s sooo good and been 2 seconds! Lol. They old Kyle vs. Lisa, it’s about time they’re over. Oh God, Ken is a maniac! I can’t stand him! Wow, I can’t believe they kicked Kyle out!!

Holy crap! Love her new house!!! Ugggh I am so happy!!! Okay, so that was TWO months, post, opening scene.

Oh heeeeeyyyyy Rinna!! Awe, well LVP agreed to Kyle’s pool party! Holy crap Dorit looks horrible first thing in the morning haha! I love her! By horrible, I just mean natural! We never see her like that! Omg this intro is everything.

Starting with Teddi?! Wow how times have changed! Lol, she moved 5 houses away! Lol. Teddi’s business is killing it, I’m not going to lie. She makes me want to be an accountability coach! It’s so fing expensive!

Lisa Rinna’s daughters are incredible! Haha. But who has the better daughters? Rinna or Yolanda?!

Very interesting to see Goat Yoga, doesn’t seem like something I’d be into it. Seems a little too distracting! Lol, I can’t believe Delilah is moving back!! Lol, I don’t blame her to want to be closer to Rinna, she’s amazing! Lol.

Lol, the girls said it makes them uncomfortable that Rinna goes to the shoots hahaha!! What are you talking about embarrassing?! Lol.

Omg, poor Jiggy isn’t doing well. The day that dog goes is going to be a VERY sad day. For all of Bravo!

LVP’s brother committed suicide, that is so tough. Idk how anyone could deal with that! Wathing LVP is fing breaking my heart. And I didn’t expect that within the first few minutes of this episode!

Lol! Justin Bieber was in boxing class with Teddi and Kyle and they were freaking out, fan girl crushing! Teddi is basically Kyle’s accountability coach?! Wtf. Is she paying for that?! You could see Teddi and Kyle becoming close last season, I guess they are even closer this year? That was so awkward when Kyle’s house was robbed and Teddi’s husband is the one who handled the security? Shady AF. Also, horrible marketing!

FINALLY! EJ! Wow, DORIT just arrived at her house, never thought this would happen?! HOLY CRAP. Dorit was robbed too?! WTF. She just said she’s been robbed FIVE TIMES?! Are you kidding me?!

Dorit went rock climbing after her robbery?! Lol! I remember those pics! So funny on IG.

Okay, I have a feeling drama is about to pop off. Kyle and Teddi are going to Vanderpump Dogs to meet Lisa. LVP is already coming after Kyle and she just walked in the door.

…Awwwwwwkward. The weird guy that works at Vanderpump Dogs asked Kyle if she recognized the dog he was trying to pawn off on Teddi? Kyle had no idea, and now that I think about it, she either, “played dumb” or literally didn’t know. We all know what’s about to happen. Well, in the blogging world at least. This is supposedly the start of all the drama and here it is 30 mins into episode 1!

Bravo is also showing Dorit on the other side telling Erika about it at her house. Lol! Dorit said she, “thought Lucy (the dog’s name) was going to a beautiful home”, okay, so where did the confusion come from? Wow, even Teddi is on Lisa’s side right now? Maybe this is what Rinna was talking about when she said Teddi might feel bad for a little bit this season. Maybe because she is on LVP’s side at first? Calling it now.

Holy crap, all of these dogs bite! Geez. Omg, Kyle is yelling at Lisa, she said she isn’t getting into it with her and they’re raising their voices. OMG, Kyle is now comparing Lisa’s relationship with her and Dorit’s, we’ve been here before! Please stop! (But that was a legit, great example!). lol.

Ugh, it’s always the Kyle and Lisa show. Yikes, Kyle is PISSED. Like, literally. Now LVP is crying. Everyone’s letting it slide because she’s going through all that stuff with her brother.  

Yayyyy Denise has arrived! I’m excited to see her on the show!! God I love Rinna. Everyone is meeting Denise for the first time. Can’t wait to see how this goes. Hmm…Erika is kind of fan girling over her right now. Geez, she and Charlie were only married for 4.5 years?! Well that was a casual hang session. Not enough for me, IMO. Lol! I can’t tell how much Denise is going to be on this season. I hope a decent amount.

Dorit & PK are going to dinner with Lisa & Ken. I’m interested to hear about the dog thing. Yikes, LVP acted OK about it. But the PK said, anyone could have done this. And LVP corrected him asap! She’s like, um, no. LVP said she’s trying to shut down the gossip about it, but she’s basically blaming Teddi!? When clearly the guy at the shop brought it up to Kyle? So weird. Let the lies begin.

Pool party time, perfect! Uggggh, I am so happy!! I am so glad BH is back!! Ugh oh, Dorit runs into Teddi right away. Dorit is def giving off cold shoulder vibes to Teddi, I’ll be happy when she sees tonight’s episode, and how the situation really went down.

Oh great, LVP has arrived. Let’s see how this goes. Yesssss, KYLE! Is going to own up to it! Well…technically she didn’t just now, but I have a feeling she’s going to! Please be this episode! Lol.

Awe, oh hey Camile! Her ring is fing HUGGGGE! YES! Kyle is by Dorit, I bet she’s going to tell her! Wow, this is awkward. Dorit stopped following Teddi? Weird. She just invited her son to their party. #winning?! I forgot Charlie even started that!!! Omg, Cruz just peed in Kyle’s pool! Holy crap the plug for this season was amazing!!

Top Chef – S16 E10 Hoop Dreams

Top Chef – S16 E10 Hoop Dreams

Last weekend I met Graham Elliot, one of the main judges of Top Chef. So, watching this week’s episode is going to be prettttty weird! He said the best chef wins! Haha! Idk if he was messing with me or what?! Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?

Michelle won last week and she killed it. I have a feeling she is going to go far. She is silent, but deadly, no pun intended.

I’m worried about Eddie! He looks stressed…I barely have any favorites left! Hopefully Kelsey wins the whole thing!

Hmmm…this quickfire challenge sounds tough! It’s like a mystery race! They need to crack a code to get their ingredients! Justin and Adrienne’s team is fine. Grrrrrreat (they’re my least favs). Ugh oh, Eddie is doing a ton of interviewing! Which makes me nervous, he’s either on top or bottom! Shit, Eric is also interviewing. He is another fav of mine…prob least fav tho.

Kelsey is making a BLT! Yummmm! She’s the best! Yummm Adrienne’s croutons look yummy!

Oh great, Sarah, the “local” chef, no one cares! Padma just used the word, “cheeky” to Eddie, so I think he’ll be OK. She didn’t like Adrienne’s, I don’t think.

Yes! They hated Justin’s dish! Yay! Eddie won! Woohoo! Man! Eddie isn’t even cooking this week! Just glad he won’t go home! Omg, I just realized there’s only 3 guys and 4 girls left! This is insane. This season is flying by!

Ugh, everything Justin says annoys me. If he wins, I’m going to be annoyed. I know, shocker. Really hoping this is Sara’s week to go. Kelsey is so fing adorable.

I want Adrienne to send Sara packing! Oh wow, hey old cheftestants I forgot about. Oh god, BRIAN is back? No! How did I miss that? He’s annoying.

Oh man, Eric is pulling the dad card this episode. I hope he wins though, love him! I hope Sara goes home! Her food looks gross. Adrienne just gave Tom eyes when he asked about boxed mix? Love her! Go girl! Haha she is slowly becoming a fav of mine, now that she’s going after Sarah! Haha.  The blue team is looking like they might lose. Omg David is back? I didn’t even see him? What the hell, he looks like shit! Haha. What is going on with David!?

Oh man, blue team is freaking out because their fryer isn’t working. Looks like Sarah is screwed! The Elimination Challenge is starting! Padma has braids in and I love it! Oh no, Kelsey has to serve first! Please don’t sabotage her! Eddie gets to sit with the announcers lol! Kelsey beat Adrienne, but I’m not surprised, love her.

Sara is so gross, I can’t haha. I know that’s rude. I need to talk about the food! Yikes!!! The other team is yelling about how Sara’s mix was boxed!! HAHAHA she’s about to cry in her confessional!

White team beat blue, in other words, Sara lost! I’m just glad Eddie isn’t running the risk of going home.

Final showdown, Michelle vs. Justin. I think they liked Justin’s…not sure who’s going to win here…?!

White team won!! Yessss! Maybe that means it’s Sara’s time. Going home on a KY challenge, seems appropriate.

Oh god, here comes Sara about to cry!!! Haha she’s so scared! I hope she goes home, she’s annoying. And honestly, hasn’t really cooked that great of food.

I have a feeling Justin is winning…?! Oh wow, it was Eric! My fav! Love him. I’m great with that!

Awwwwwe, Sara is pulling the water works. Hoping Michelle and Kelsey make it through this. Omg Sara will not let this go!!! Get over it! It is not about taunting the crowd! Get over it!!! Oh god, I feel like this is WAYYYYY more about something else, than the actual episode! Sara is being such a cry baby right now, I can’t. PLEASE GO.

Holy crap, are you serious that Michelle just got kicked off over Sara?! Please tell me Sara goes next week. Lol.

Top Chef – S16 E9 Music City USA

Top Chef – S16 E9 Music City USA

SO glad Brian was finally kicked off last week! Plus, Brandon beat him in LCK, so he is for sure gone!

Justin’s excited, which means he’s probably going to do well? We’ll see. Adrienne almost threw up again, so hopefully she’ll blow this challenge, wouldn’t mind seeing her go home soon.

Michelle is making a grilled cheese salad which sounds amazing! I have a feeling Adrienne has the flu or something, it’s bad. She feels like garbage.

David, Eddie & Kelsey were on the bottom for the quickfire! My god, my 3 favs! Lol. Luckily Eric did well. WOW Adrienne won the quickfire. Got lucky there. Get out of here Hunter Hayes, no one cares about you! Jk, I know a lot of people do lol. Just not a country fan.

I love this Elimination Challenge! The cheftestants are selecting a song to theme their meal around! Of course, they are in Nashville, so it makes sense. Ugh god, idk Sara annoys me. She’s a little too much, not horrible, but she’s annoying. Oh great, everyone is thinking of their father. Wow, Michelle’s dad killed herself, that’s rough. It’s not you Michelle, it was him. Sorry, I don’t mean that mean, but literally, she’s probably asking why and there’s no point.

Awe, Eddie is happily married, good for him. The judges like Justin’s dish, but he dropped a plate so he is disqualified. Yikes, the judges didn’t like it! Not good…

I think Michelle might end up winning this…LOL! One of the guest judges said he’d hire her! Haha! OMG!! Tom just said it was the best dish he’s had this season! Go Michelle!

Shit, I think David just fucked up. He is really off. He looks horrible lol! Like, dude needs to sleep. They said his tasted like mush, basically. Salty mush. Yikes, they said Kelsey’s had too much salt too.

The judges are happy with Sara’s dish.

Judge’s table: Justin, Michelle & Sara had the top dishes. We know Justin can’t win, so it’s between the ladies. I am hoping Michelle wins, just because her story is so cute and also very sad!! Sara also contributed her dish to her dad, which I like too.

I can’t believe I’m looking at my 3 favs on the bottom right now. OMG David is gone?! Are you kidding me?! Man, I did not see him leaving this early! Shocked. He seems realllllly bummed out.

My two boyfriends are going head to head in LCK. Idk who I want to win. Good news is, I’ll be happy either way. I think? Darnit! David won. Oh well. Still happy, I guess…see ya hottie!

Below Deck – S6 Finale

Kate Chastain, Josiah Carter, Captain Lee Rosbach, Ross Ina, Ashton Pinaar & Rhylee Gerber Below Deck – S6 Finale

Yessssss, I can’t believe Below Deck is over!! Caroline and Chandler are not attending, DAMNIT!!!

Ross is playing down his Palm Springs arrest. Kate just said Crystal (final Primary Charter guest) is the worst guest she’s ever had. Ross just admitted they hook up, but are not friends, just benefits.

SHIT! We’re getting right into Kate’s drama with her third stews! Laura and Kate are laughing about her yelling for Kate to check herself, good thing is, it seems like they’re OK now?

Andy had a call with Caroline earlier before the finale. OMG! Laura just said that she felt bad for Caroline! Laura needs to watch it! Yikes, this is serrrrrious bullying with the herpes comments by the door!!

Yesss, Ashton is taking their side. Good job! Thank you, Ashton! Even though his GF is not team Kasiah! OMG, now Laura is about to call Kate mean, I’m over “Kate being mean”, Kate has been Kate since day one! Back the F off. She’s clearly not mean to everyone, since she and Josiah are BFFs.

Yesssss, everyone is going after Laura right now! I can’t with her!! Even Captain Lee is on top of her! He said he would have fired her! Wow, I’m surprised! Both women said they’d work together again!

Yes! Adrian stuff! OMG!! I can’t wait to see Captain Lee go after him about this stuff! Clearly sexual harassment!!!

Yessss, recapping Chandler (who isn’t there, for the record). Captain Lee said he thinks Chandler was just overwhelmed. Everyone thinks he just didn’t know what he was doing. Rhylee thinks it was a personal thing with Chandler, and he just hated Rhylee.

OMG! They are going through the Rhylee recap. I’m scared to see Captain Lee’s reaction! Haha. Rhylee said she shows her reactions when she’s upset. Awwwwe, he said he doesn’t regret keeping her.

 My god, Rhylee is constantly throwing Ross under the bus! Talking about Tyler’s comments, they’re both still banging, so I guess it doesn’t matter. Kate just said the only time the guys don’t piss Rhylee off is when they’re hitting on her lol.

Ashton said his near-death experience was a massive wakeup call. Lol, ya think?

Below Deck – S6 E16 Au Revior!

Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Below Deck – S6 E16 Au Revior!

Can’t believe Below Deck is almost over! This season has been epic! Just to recap, Rhylee was a typical girl, Tyler was a typical guy and charter guests shit hit the fan last episode! Lol.

The Primary charter guest FINALLY got up and went to bed. She is a NIGHTMARE! Lol. Holy crap she just flipped out on Rhylee for bringing her tea! Haha! She is NUTS. I can’t believe Ross hooked up with her! No wonder Rhylee threw him under the bus. Probably because he gets with this trainwreck.

Adrian is crazy thinking he and Laura have a genuine friendship, she thinks he’s a creep. The deck crew is talking shit about the charter guests.

It’s the next morning and the guests are acting like the primary charter guest wasn’t a complete psycho the night before! They are being demanding AF and it’s horrible.

The guests are becoming verrrrrry impatient, I can’t handle them. Lol! And I’m just WATCHING! Imagine waiting on them! Their food looks amazing and they let it go to waste! Kate just said she hates them! Lol. What a waste!

Rhylee is sad because she actually likes Tyler and he was honest about his thoughts. Doesn’t want commitment, typical guy. Adrian is sexually harassing Laura! She asked for an avocado and he said if she gives him a hug?! Gross…!

Wow, Laura actually likes Ashton now. He’s smitten of course. He’d like any girl that actually liked him back. IMO, just seems like he really wants a relationship.

Adrian is diving to find a center piece for dinner. OMG! He came back with like a slug or something! It’s disgusting!! Captain Lee is NOT impressed. Adrian is laughing like a little boy. Like, just stick with your food, that’s what you do best.

Lol! They ended up dumping the stuff back in the ocean! HAHAHA!! Wow, shit is hitting the fan. Idk what’s up with Kate?? But somehow, she didn’t realize it was the Primary charter guest’s birthday?! Now everyone is rushing to get dinner our on time and prepare some kind of Bday celebration. Lol.

Thank God one of the charter guests ordered fireworks because the crew was able to put together an impromptu bday party! Oh wow, now Adrian is saying Kate attacks him. Omg, these charter guests are a insane!! Laura is telling Ashton how Adrian sexually harasses her and I’m surprised, he said he won’t step in unless she asks.

Ross is reallllly talking up his ex. Very awkward since he hit on a few chicks this season and supposedly got with this Primary charter guest? Lol! I’m sure his ex, didn’t want to take him back.

Lol, the crew sent Tyler home early, he couldn’t hang. Tyler passed out early. Ashton and Laura had a sleepover, Kate & Josiah declared they’re besties. And everyone else went to sleep lol.

Everyone’s packing up and leaving and Laura decided this is the time to address Adrian’s creepiness. Better late, than never, I guess?

Everyone’s saying good bye and idk, I’m not crying? Bye Rhylee! Bye Ashton! Bye everyone! Bye Ross! Liked him overall. Aweeee, Ashton is saying bye and now I’m feeling emo. Everyone’s gone. Kate was the last to leave and she actually said she thinks the crew was solid! Bye to an AMAZING!!! SEASON!! OF BELOW DECK!!