RHOA – S11 E21 Reunion Part 1

Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss & Nene Leakes Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E21 Reunion Part 1

I AM SO EXCITED for this reunion! Probably too much, like usual.

Aweeee, the location of the reunion is where Shamari and her husband got engaged! I can’t wait to hear what they thought about this season during this reunion.

Nene is calling Marlo for support. Lol, she’s literally the only friend Nene is talking to. Nene said she KNOWs Kandi was lying. Kandi told Andy Cynthia has NO idea for a fact that Kenya was coming. Like, ya, Bravo did make it look bad. But I believe them.

Nene is literally pushing everyone away, including her husband! Oh, now that she’s done talking to Marlo she told the camera men to leave. We saw that side of her once this season! #closetgate

Wow, Nene has to sit NEXT to Kandi, so awkward. LOL! Everyone’s laughing and Nene just looks like such a biotch. This is going to be a tough reunion to get though. Wow, she just said she’s the “glue for the cast” as well, (of RHOA). Like, I agree, she’s the OG, but idk, kind of over her ego.

Off of this season, I’d rather watch Porsha! Wow!! Andy just asked if any of the ladies missed Porsha’s shower, of course Nene did (and Kandi, but she’s busy for real) and Nene said she didn’t send anything (just owned it out loud!) then Andy called her out for being in LA when on WWHL she said she was in Canada! Wow, call her out Andy, do it! I know she blocked him on social media after the reunion, so I’m sure he’s going to continue to push her (go boy)! Oh, so nice, she addresses Cynthia to confirm she was in Canada, and Cynthia did, of course, because she’s loyal.

Eva is giving looks like it’s her day job?! Bc it’s not her day job anymore…is it? She looks like she’s lost her baby weight though, which is great for her!

Yay!! Fav subject this season, Porsha and Denise! The women look salty AF about Porsha’s life. Yikes, Shamari just called Denise short?! How tall is he?! That was embarrassing! Porsha just admitted her Mother In-Law is a little much. Porsha admitted she would take advice from Kandi and Kandi gave her some sweet advice. Lol. Kind of surprised, after how the season started off!

Wow, Andy just keeps pushing Porsha and Nene’s friendship questions on Nene. Nene just keeps deflecting the questions and not owning shit. She doesn’t care! Or at least, she’s putting up the front that she doesn’t.

Eva is trying to express her feelings to Nene about the way she acted at her events this season and Nene could careless, basically the way she was (not to Eva’s face) the entire season. Nene said if she can dish it out, she can take it. Cynthia said she was slightly offended by the shade Eva threw at her, but it’s wasn’t that bad. Eva said she didn’t mean to be racist toward Shamea w the comment she made about a q? Idk, I didn’t get it anyway. Kandi thinks she was and it was shady. I feel like Eva just threw shade in the beginning of the season to stay relevant. Well, Kandi just cleared that up and sqwashed that shit, like always.

We’re talking about Kandi now. Per Andy, she was making money moves all season lol. I guess…just seems like she’s always been that way. Kandi is starting the process next week for twins! Lol! Awe, Andy tried calling her to talk about the surrogate and Kandi, didn’t realize at the time it was because Andy was currently going through the process for Benjamin!

Kandi just sits there and laughs at her Mama’s comments, specifically the lemon comment. Lol, Andy asked Porsha about Kandi using the name dungeon for her variety show and it took Porsha a min to realize what she was talking about. Lol, Shamari said she really wants to start a group (she and Kandi), called blaqxscape! Lol. Kandi is like, I don’t need you girl.

Wow, this is a first. Social media is now a subject on the reunion! Yessss, Nene has been OUT OF CONTROL on social media!

Nene just said she doesn’t consider her and Cynthia, close friends. Like, omg girl, cool it. Nene won’t admit whoever she was talking aout on social media, I think it was Kandi. Someone asked why Nene doesn’t confront her friends in person, why she uses social media and she said she does confront her friennnnnds. Like, implying the ladies aren’t her friends. She’s so shady, I’m over it.

LOL! Nene said she’s been the most supportive of Cynthia and Mike, yet her opinions are salty and shady AF.

Nene said she’s the glue holding the cast together, I know she’s an OG, but IMO no longer the glue, in fact her adhesive is losing stickiness. At this point I’d rather watch Porsha, Kandi and Cynthia than hear her cry for attn and be salty AF toward everyone else. Loved Andy calling her out over and over about Porsha then Cynthia. First saying she was most supportive of Cynthia and Mike, but then talking not stop sh*t about them all season? She can’t stop saying she and Cynthia are not close friends? Like, Okay, have fun with Marlo. Can’t wait to see next week!

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