RHOA – S11 E20 Caught in the Middle

Nene Leakes, Marlo Hampton, Porsha Williams, Cynthia Bailey, Tanya Smith & Kandi Burruss Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E20 Caught in the Middle

RHOA has taken a serious turn for the worst. I mean it’s amazing, but the DRAMA IS HIGH!! Idk, Nene’s only real friend is Marlo. This is the finale, Kenya is coming to Cynthia’s party, and it’s not going to go over well. No wonder Nene was plotting to bring Phaedra back, she’s has no allies.

Recapping the season, Nene’s getting divorced, Shamari’s an alcoholic, Kandi’s living a great life (still), Cynthia’s madly in love with a guy that’s in like (lol!) and Porsha is living her BEST LIFE. Def most jealous of Miss Porrrrrhsa. Opps I forgot to bring up Eva and Tanya! Guess that says how relevant they are. Lol.

Nene said she’s dedicating one corner of Swag Boutique to “high end” items. I wonder if that’s the section Tanya will shop in? Nene said she’s planning on opening another even bigger store! Go girl.

OMG I didn’t know Cynthia was approached by Seagrams! Go girl. I gotta try that! Kandi is meeting up with her to catch up.

Marlo is asking for Nene’s feedback on the Eva house situation. They all are calling BS on Eva.

Nene is bringing up Kenya to Marlo. But not using her name. Nene said Kenya started drama in the press. I don’t remember that. Lol. Sounds like Kenya started it with Nene. Can’t wait to see the other side, bc I am team Nene right now.

Cynthia is talking to Kandi about Kenya’s baby shower. She said everyone has let the drama go aside from Nene. Now Kandi is talking about social media. I love Kandi’s facial expression. Nene was clearly being Salty AF on social media for not being invited. Nene just said she, “is going through a lot right now” like omg Nene this is not YOUR SEASON!!!

Nene said she doesn’t even think she was going to go to Cynthia’s launch party, but Marlo is encouraging her to go.

Omg, guests are arriving @ PJ’s gender reveal and the party is STILL being set up! Lol. I love Denise and Porsha!!! They are sooo cute! I just wonder sometimes though. OMG this looks like crap! Lol. This party needs to be together, WTHECK. How much did this cost? Lol.

Aweeee, Porsha is super upset, crying bc the party looks like shit and everyone (all the ladies) are being so sweet and supportive!! Then Denise ran after the event director and yelled at him! It was cute. IT’S A GIRL!!! Which we knew! But so cute! Porsha’s thing shot out blue? Like wtf haha.

Eva said she’s done talking about the situation, she finished it at the OLG2 party. Lol.  Nene showed up to Cynthia’s party. Which I figured she would! Omg Nene didn’t go to Porsha’s event and I forgot she wasn’t there! Lol, she said it’s because Porsha isn’t supportive of the other girls. Omg, Kenya just arrived and Nene is acting salty and fake AF. Idk, it’s so annoying. She has a huge smile on her face, but just called her a monster OUTLOUD.

It’s Cynthia’s party, she can invite her friends. Porsha is loving it. Nene just said the thirst is real tonight, seems like she’s the only one screaming for attn. They are talking so much shit about Kenya’s body. Like are you serious? I think she looks amazing!

Kenya just interrupted Cynthia’s speech, pretty much took the mic from her and cut her off, to “congratulate her?”…that was awkward. Lol. Then she tried calling Nene and Greg up, and Nene said no! Lol. WOWWWWWWW. WEIRD! She handled that with class, per usual. Idk why Cynthia doesn’t just own that she invited Kenya? I don’t get it? If it’s her friend, why isn’t she allowed to invite her?

Shamari said she learned, she can, “drink a little and Turn Up” lol! I think we all learned that. Porsha had an AMAZING season! Loved her, happy for her! Bless! Kandi’s trying to be nice to Nene and make her feel better. I need to see Kandi’s dungeon tour! Nene is leaving and I don’t think she even is saying bye to Cynthia.

Aweeee, Nene is getting together with Cynthia to have a heart to heart, Tanya and Kandi are there for support. But it sounds like Cynthia is looking to set it up, per the cut Bravo just showed.

Yikes, Cynthia and Kandi just showed up and Nene walks away immediately. Oh wow, Cynthia just brought up that they are BOTH bad on social media and that is true. Wow, Cynthia is lying again about Kenya coming. Wtheck didn’t she just tell her? Now, she did damage. Nene just straight up asked, I wanna know why you didn’t just give me a call? Hmm…now Kandi said Cynthia invited her, but she wasn’t sure if she was going to come. Then Kandi said she encouraged Kenya to come and Kenya asked Kandi to keep it a surprise. But that stuff doesn’t line up at the party when she said to Mike, I’m supposed to act like I didn’t know Kenya was coming.

Cynthia is saying she’s sorry for not giving her a heads up, then she took accountability for her actions and Nene is like I can’t believe you let her speak? It’s like are you kidding me? Clearly Kenya took the microphone from her! Cynthia left with her and said she was sorry. I’m not sure how this is going to go at the reunion, to be honest.

OMG the reunion looks amazing!!

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