RHOBH – S9 E7 Eat, Drink and be Married

Lisa Vanderpump, Dorit Kemsley, PK Kemsley & Jerry O’Connell Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E7 Eat, Drink and be Married

I know fans aren’t into this season! BUT I AM! Lol and Teddi said it only gets better! More info will be revealed! I believe Teddi. I don’t think she’s innocent and I agree with everyone else, the only issue here should be Dorit not following Vanderpump Dogs protocol.

EJ is SOOOOOO cute!! I love her! Especially in Pink! I’m so pissed I didn’t go to the Pretty Mess Tour, but I was unemployed, kind of hard to justify. I know, that’s shitty coming from a Bravo Blogger.

 I love Erika so much! Haha. She’s beyond #Goals. The original badass bitch. Dorit is seriously stepping up her fashion game these days. Teddi is meeting she and Kyle to shop for Denise. Kyle is looking so fit this season! She’s working out with Teddi! Go Teddi! Get her ass into shape! She looks Hot AF.

Denise’s wedding location is beautiful! She’s still insane though…! Denise said her first wedding was much better than the marriage lol! She is so gorgeous!

Hmm…Jagger was at Dorit’s wedding? Looks like he was around 2. Lol, Kyle tried to get Lisa and Teddi together to talk and they both passed on that lol!

Rinna just RSVPd to Denise’s wedding, which is great. You know she’ll give LVP hell. Idk if Rinna has much of a story line these days though? I like her when she’s on pills. Lol.

LVP wants to switch her kitchen and I agree, her new choice is beautiful! Ken caved, but let’s be honest, LVP runs that house.

Denise is everything! Lol. She didn’t even tell her daughters she was getting married until 2 days before! Lol, she is whacky and I love it!

Denise is literally the opposite of a bridezilla! Erika is reppin a Lisa Rinna jumpsuit for Denise’s wedding. Yikes, Camille seems bitter Denise, “beat” her to the alter. Rinna just told Erika that she’d be happy if the dog drama, was “never brought up again”. Funny, since she’s the one who brought it up in the Bahamas!

LVP has arrived at the wedding. Dorit just said she’s OK w faking a friendship and playing nice. Like, for real?

Denise is supppppper late for her wedding and PPL have deadlines here. Wow LVP is kissing everyone’s ass! It’s so fake. LOL Dorit is making jokes about Teddi calling Denise out for being late.

Dorit said she’s ready to move on and, “someday” she’ll be able to trust LVP again. LVP thinks they should apologize TO HER! Lol. Why am I not surprised? The very next day an article was released on Radar Online talking shit about Dorit from, “a friend” of LVP. Dorit thinks it was LVP, but who says it wasn’t someone else?! Idk.

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