RHOBH – S9 E6 Fifty Shades of Shade

Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Vanderpump, Denise Richards & Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E6 Fifty Shades of Shade

Yesssss, RHOBH!! I am so into this dog thing. Haha! I know a lot of people are annoyed, but it’s turned out to be better than I expected.

I love Kyle and Mauricio! Haha she just called him out on having 4 bottles of tequila behind his desk! Eh, he’s in real estate, they celebrate in that industry 😉

Erika is heading over to Dorit’s for her Beverly Beach bikini shoot. I am kind of surprised they’ve gotten so close. I’m glad their relationship has turned around. I used to hate Dorit! I kind of like her now, not going to lie. I really like her! Lol. Dorit is literally giving the creative director tips! Lol. Thank goodness she’s there!

Dennis is visiting LVP with her adopted daughter. LVP just tried to start gossiping with Denise while her daughters were present. She’s like well, we can talk about it at dinner with Kyle. We can have, “grown up talk”.

Yesssss, Dorit is talking to Erika, and I’m so into it. Dorit said she still feels like LVP is in the wrong. Erika told Dorit the only person she should trust is herself. Lol.

Rinna is meeting Camile to help plan her 50th Bday party. Looks like Camile is about to talk shit about Dorit, I still think she hates her for calling her a cunt, can’t say I blame her. That would probably be pretty hard for me to get over. Camile clearly hates Dorit. Lol.

Aweee, I love Denise! I’m excited to see this wedding shit go down lol.

Teddi is talking through the dog situation with her therapist. Teddi just said she feels bad for being an adult crying over a friend situation. Lol. Idk, I go back and forth about this whole Teddi/LVP who’s right, who’s wrong. Teddi looks pretty guilty here too. I guess the whole point is that LVP isn’t owning any of it, but Teddi is.

Awe, Kyle’s show got dropped lol. Yay, Denise and Aaron just dropped in. Denise seems pretty buzzed at this lunch. Idk what’s happening. We’ve never seen her like this. Omg, even Aaron is getting pissed.

Omg Lisa walks like such an old women! It’s Camille’s birthday and I’m anxious to see how this goes down. Denise looks incredible. Idk wtf Camille is wearing. Lol. OMG!! Rinna just called Camille a FLIPFLOPPER! I’m shocked. I love her. Lol.

Teddi, Dorit and Erika went outside privately to talk about the dog situation. Teddi is owning all her shit, which is good. Erika is making jokes about how friendships are dying tonight lol.

LVP and Kyle just walked in with their men. While Dorit and Teddi were talking through it!

Denise is sitting outside to stay out of it. Then tells people to come in since it’s Camille’s birthday.

YIKES! LVP just walked in! AWKWARDDD! Wow, LVP just lied in front of the ladies and then backstepped. It’s very clear Lisa was a part of it all and she’s not admitting that!  

LVP is still not owning anything. Dorit told PK what happened and he said she should try to forgive LVP since she’s going through a lot right now. Looks like next week it gets juicier!

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