Top Chef – The Tao of Macau

Top Chef – The Tao of Macau

Top Chef is almost over! I love Kelsey and Eric, Michelle is OK and Sara I can’t stand. Lol. But we’ll see who gets in the finals!

Kelsey is 100% my fav. Michelle said she’s planning to take each cheftestant down, one by one. Yikes! I’ve never seen that killer side of her lol. Maybe that’s what LCK does to you?

Ugh, Sara said she’s really nervous…hopefully she goes home?!

Lol apparently, this fruit they are using for the quickfire challenge is banned from airports lol. This is a pretty good advantage, one extra hour to cook for the Elimination challenge.

Michelle is making ice cream…hmm. This sounds like it’s pretty bad flavor, but ice cream is always good…right?

Kelsey said she’s pretty much automatically out, because she hates the ingredient so much. Hopefully they don’t have to use it in the finale (I’m sure they won’t, that would be repetitive)!

Seems like the judges liked Eric’s & Sara’s….uggggggh. Oh wow, I was wrong. They liked Sara & Michelle’s! Yes! Michelle Won! I’m happy for her! She’s a secret comeback chef. It seems like she got more confident after LCK, which is awesome!

Awwwww, the cheftestant’s family is there to surprise them! Michelle just told her mom she won the quickfire and they high fived! It was so cute, choked me up.

All the cheftestants are talking about their heritage and idk what’s up with me?! Maybe I’m going to get my period lol! I am so emo. Oh wait, Sara’s turn. I’m not sad anymore. Lol.

Kelsey’s mom is so pretty! That was so nice! I love all their family members! Lol Michelle’s mom forgot her glasses lol! Sabotage! Eric’s sister is like dream team right now for him. OMG! Kelsey’s mom can’t find her cart!! Eek, makes me nervy! Commercial break, go figure!

Phewww, luckily she found it! That woulda sucked. I am so excited for the Elimination challenge tonight!

Lol Michelle said this is the first time she’ll be legit cooking for her mother in a restaurant style space. Michelle got an extra hour prep time/cook time. Everyone is already in the kitchen. Things are moving quick.

Hmm…I’m a little nervous about Eric’s dish. Okay, Tom and the guest judge just showed up to check on the cheftestants in the kitchen. I am getting pumped.

Padma looks drunk lol. But I doubt she is. I’m nervous for Michelle because she said she’s freaked out. Kind of awkward. The judges are asking the chefs to sit down and eat with them, then critique the food! That was so awkward!

Lol, Sara is making all the judges laugh and smile, GREATTTT! Not. Now I’m scared. They loved the soup/her dish! Uggggh, nooooooo!

Geeeez, Tom basically kicked Eric and his sister out lol! Tom said it was way too salty! Oh no, the judges did NOT like his dish. I did not see that coming! Or if he goes home I mean…the women are bringing it! Right now, Michelle and Eric are on the bottom. Kelsey is going next!

Welp, they liked hers. I think she’s fine. It’s Eric vs. Michelle. Padma thinks Kelsey’s broth was a ltitle too much. We’ll see…

JUDGE’s Table!

I think Sara is safe. Then Kelsey…but idk. Sara won. Not surprised there. I mean I am, but not after that dish.

Hmm…the judges said Kelsey’s soup was intense, so I’m not sure…I think Eric will go home. Yes, think it’s him.

Man, I love Kelsey! She better get through (and I think she will). It’s between Eric and Michelle and idk who is going home. They might keep Eric because he’s been so amazing all season…

Awwwwwe! Michelle got cut. I feel bad for her!

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