RHONY – SS11 E1 Divided, They Summer

LuAnne Delessups, Dorinda Medley. Bethenny Frankel, Sonja Morgan & Ramona Singer Real Housewives of New York – SS11 E1 Divided, They Summer

Omg I can’t believe RHONY is back already! I am so happy! My fav franchise is back, and Bethenny is BACK, duh, but still, just happy about that. Hopefully Tinsley won’t annoy me this season, looks like she’s single (currently). We’ll see how soon Luann forgives Dorinda…I still haven’t.

Starting episode one now…thank the bravo gods, no Carole! Omg, I forgot Lu wasn’t at the reunion. Omg, the producer asking Bethenny if she can talk about Dennis, for real? Lol.

Omg, Tinsley is so spoiled. Sonja is my life, she’s of course cracking me up. Ramona is flirting her first scene, go figure. Dorinda is all about exercise, but she still looks old AF. Ugggh, she’s talking about Carole, zip it Dorinda, I’m trying to like you.

Wow, Dorinda’s opening scene and all she’s doing is talking shit about Luann to her trainer! AFTER she just said all she wants to do is live a healthy lifestyle. Then she said she and Lu are, “taking a break”, I don’t think that’s her choice, but cute.

Uggggh, I love Bethenny so much! This Dennis situation was nuts!

Ramona is visiting Sonja. Idk, I just feel like Ramona is always judging Sonja deep down. Ramona is calling Dennis a, “friend” of Bethenny’s. I wonder if that will bother her. Like clearly, he’s not a friend. Lol. But then also, she’s kind of being considerate. Idk.

I love Lu! Here she is. New housewife on the scene, Barbara. She’s been friends with Lu since forever. Which is good! And means hopefully she’s team Lu and will have her back when it comes to Dorinda.

Apparently Bethenny and Barbara, saved Lu/had her back, which makes me like her no matter what. Where’s Dorinda? Oh ya, who cares. Barbara asked to take the vespa to lunch and Lu said they could, then they shared the ride. I’m pretty sure Barb wanted to drive on her own. Bummer.

Tinsley’s meeting up with Dorinda. Let’s see if Dorinda talks shit about Lu again. Ugh, Dorinda annoys the crap out of me, anything she does at this point. Am I alone? Omg, she just brought Lu up AGAIN.

Lol, Sonja’s life is in shambols, even at her new place!

Bethenny is having Lu and Barb over for tea and crumpets. I love Barb’s Range Rover. She’s a boss babe, but no Bethenny Frankel.

Ramona is also hosting a get together. She just said, guacamola, instead of guacamole. Lol. She cracks me up. Uggggh, Dorinda walks in and is literally talking shit AGAIN about Lu, she brought stuff to Ramona’s in a Lu and Tom bag. Dorinda is literally laughing at the situation. I can’t handle her. Yesss, I am so glad Barbara is around to have Lu’s back lol. She said Ramona hates her. Kind of funny, Lu is saying Dorinda is projecting and Dorinda is saying Lu is projecting.

Ramona and Dorinda are talking shit about Lu. But like, then Dorinda is crying over it. Like PAAAHLEASSSE!!! She said, “we both need space”, like, you’re just scared of Lu and she’s actually the one who doesn’t want to be around her.

Omg the season clip looks AMAZZZZZZING!!!!! I cannot wait!

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