RHOBH – S9 E4 Bahama Drama

Dorit Kemsley, Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Denise Richards, Erika Jayne, Kyle Richards & Teddi Mellencamp Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E4 Bahama Drama

This season is sooooo good! The fans are split, half believe LVP (and hatttttte Rinna) and half are team, everyone else. Mostly, I don’t think anyone wants to side with Dorit lol.

Looks like Dorit basicalllly attacked LVP the night before on their walk to the hotel lol. Rinna really is trying to take all. I love LVP’s line this year! Lol. Kiss my ass. Ugggh, I just don’t know!

All the girls are doing separate stuff. LVP & Kyle, shopping. Teddi & Erika are golfing, so sporty. And the other ladies are going boating. Looks so fun! Ugghh, I wish I was on the beach!! I just got back from PR, this is making me so sad. Serious FOMO. Lol.

So weird seeing Erika and Teddi get along. Omg, Teddi is SOOOOOO bad at golf! Hmm…hearing Camille explain it, it’s like yes, Dorit. Yes, just call her ahead of time.

Okay, Lisa and Kyle time. Lisa just keeps avoiding and delaying the conversation with Kyle. She doesn’t want to talk about it, but it’s a little weird…well that was a little awkward. OMG Teddi just admitted to Erika she knows 100%, that LVP told the staff to tell Teddi about the dog and create this situation. Erika said, you better have the proof. Is this for real?!

Lol, Dorit’s boat snorkeling was a total snooze. Zero stuff to see, the ladies were bummed. Meanwhile, Kyle and Lisa are getting delish food and drinks, with a view.

Idk, LVP is playing dumb AF with Kyle. I am not sure who to believe. But this is why she’s the ultimate manipulator! And why it’s soooo believable! Idk. It’s complicated. This is the day where someone chased down Dorit and called her out for owing people A LOT of money, like, hundreds of thousands. I hope Bravo airs it! But I don’t think they will.

Kyle is such a babe, Mauricio is such a babe! They are serious couple goals! Lol, Dorit just straight up asked Lisa if this stuff was true and she said no. Sooooo…

I’m kind of over this lol. I agree Dorit should have called LVP immediately about the dog, it’s LVP’s problem, not some random person.

All the ladies are at dinner and it’s awkward AF. Camille is pretty much the only one talking to LVP. Omg Dorit just said in front of everyone to Teddi that she believed her and it was OK. That was the first time where I started to think maybe they’re the ones setting LVP up!

Mannn Rinna is on the ruin LVP train, and she wants everyone to jump aboard! My god, Denise is the best thing on RHOBH that’s happened in a longggg time! LVP couldn’t reach Ken on the phone just now and it made me really nervous. Idk why, I don’t even like Ken lol.

Kyle was still drunk on the way to the airport with LVP. LVP had a lot to say about the night before, that’s for sure. But Kyle wasn’t having it.

LVP is back from the trip and talking with Ken when he pulls out the “texts” between Teddi and the other business partner or whatever. HOLY CRAP looks like Ken has got the proof. I’m so confused…! This is getting messier and messier.

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