Top Chef – S16 E13 Holy Macau!

Padma Lakshmi, Graham Elliot & Tom Colicchio Top Chef – S16 E13 Holy Macau!

Getting close to the finale episode! I have a feeling Adrienne is going to make it to the finale, but not win. I think Eric will win. I hope that’s not the case though! I just heard a rumor the runner up is not the best chef/who you’d think. But the winner is the best chef! So that’s why I think it’s Eric. Maybe Sara is the runner up? I can’t stand her.

Graham is giving them a tour around the city. This is crazy. The city looks awesome. The scenery is awesome. The food…idk. Haha! I wouldn’t eat any of those proteins. I love Kelsey! I hope she goes to the end! Seems like Adrienne is very confident about the quickfire. Loving Padma’s outfit.

Adrienne won’t stop talking, she’s annoying. I missed who won the quickfire, sorry. I was checking IG. Awe, all the old cheftestants are back. Never pick the most recent guys! Like Eddie or Justin, they’re still upset and never cook as well. But I wouldn’t want to work with Brian.

Hmm…Eric had to pick last AND he doesn’t seem very confident in his interviews. Makes me think he goes home.

Elimination challenge is starting. Adrienne’s food sounds the best IMO. Sara doesn’t look pumped either…she might be on the bottom.

Damnit! Sara is doing well…! Padma said Eric’s dish was timid and he was pissed. Kelsey and Michelle are on top. I’m def OK w that. Kelsey won! Go girl! She’s my fav! I have a feeling Eric is going home…but that means it’ll be all girls in the finale…which I think would be a first?

Lol, Eric shut down Padma and then Adrienne all of a sudden shut down Graham. She needs to chill. Maybe she’ll go home? Hopefully. I’d be OK with her or Sara going home. Hmm…idk who’s going home.

Adrienne is going home. I’m okay with that. Bye Felicia. Or should I say, Mama? I’m still calling Eric wins it.

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