Top Chef – S16 E12 Kentucky Farewell

Padma Lakshmi, Graham Elliot, Tom Colicchio Top Chef – S16 E12 Kentucky Farewell

I’m so glad Eric beat Sara last episode. I’m ready for her to go home. I’m sad Eddie is gone. I haven’t seen the last 2 LCKs, so we’ll see if he comes back! Padma is a freakin babe this season. That haircut is great on her!

Tom’s surprising the chefs first thing in the morning, that’s never a good sign. Lol. Oh greatttt, Sara knows the guest judge for the quickfire. She better not win! Here comes the LCK winner….! Michelle! Good, I’m glad she’s back because she did awesome the episode before she left and I think she got screwed.

Uggggh, I’m nervous for Kelsey. She burnt her hand on Michelle’s pan…darn it Michelle! Justin won the quickfire! Congrats bro. He doesn’t annoy me as much as he used to. But he’s still not a favorite. Anyone who beats Sara I’m OK w. Lol. They’re going to Graham’s place in China. I knew about this…;)

So, the Cheftestant’s have to bid at an auction for their ingredients for the Elimination challenge. They are cooking for their mentors. Pretty huge.

Hmm…I’m a little nervous for Kelsey. She’s picking a diff type of crab than usual. Hopefully it’s OK.

A few of the chefs are making me nervous. Michelle went and she did pretty well. Graham wasn’t a fan of the ajue on top. Oh man, Kelsey just went. Everyone liked it but, Adrienne’s mentor. He had a shell in his… L

Adrienne’s plates are a mess, she’s embarrassed. Adrienne’s wasn’t horrible, but she messed up a bi. Justin seems down in his interview, I think he’s going home. I’m calling it. His food is sitting and getting cold.

Eric hasn’t even come out yet and Tom’s already talking him up. They liked it, but didn’t love it.

Oh no, Sara is coming up next. I hope she doesn’t win. Sara is such a brown nose. Uggggh, her mentor said she knocked it out of the park. That makes me nervous…great. She won. Maybe now she’ll at least stop whining.

I think Adrienne or Justin are going home. So happy to see Gail back. Love her, she looks like a babe of course. Michelle’s definitely in. And I think Kelsey is too…so it comes down to Adrienne and Justin…Eric is safe.

Hmm…idk who it’s going to be…! Well, Justin’s out. Saw that coming.

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