RHOBH – S9 E3 Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

Lisa Rinna, Lisa Vanderpump, Dorit Kemsley, Teddi Mellencamp & Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E3 Sun and Shade in the Bahamas

OMG I can’t wait to watch this episode! Lol. Looks like shit is about to go down between LVP and EJ. I’m still surprised LVP even went on this trip! I’m pretty sure this is when Dorit gets yelled at and attacked by that lady at the pool as well. Which I can’t wait to see! I want to see how she handles it and what her side of the story is!

Lisa was such a Biotch to Dorit when she offered to share the suite with her. Dorit can clearly tell she’s still pissed about the dog thing. And LVP said we’ll see how long this lasts (her getting along w Dorit).

Teddi and Kyle are having lunch together. I wish she would tell her that LVP blamed Teddi for everything. LVP just compared Dorit to her dog (not the one Dorit gave away, for the record). Then Dorit was getting her glam ready so LVP let everyone in.

Lol Denise is hilarious! I am shocked at her outfit lol. She’s like, um I’m not prepared for this shit. She’s wayyyy under dressed. LVP is seeking out Kyle. I feel like she’s the only one she likes. Now all of a sudden Lisa is bringing up Kyle’s sisters. I know she’s coming from a good place. Kyle is of course receptive, because she’s an angel. Lol. I’m so glad that the girls are getting along with Teddi this year. As long as she’s not kissing LVP’s ass I like her.

Rinna walked over to Kyle and LVP to check up and get the scoop. LVP asked the doorman to bring his cat to her room by secret and Kyle made a snarky comment about Dorit being allergic to only dogs. She’s stirring the pot now! Kyle is starting this. LVP honestly didn’t! Not on camera at least. She’s been saying over and over she’s trying to let it go and move on. I want to believe her. Which makes me feel so bad about all the crap she’s been dealing with over social media. I don’t want to speak too soon. The season is still so early on! (Thank god!).

Omg Denise looks super cute in her outfit for the boat! Omg! Kyle is talking to Teddi about the situation FIRST thing in the morning. Rinna just walked in and looks cute AF. Wow, Rinna is so fing righttttt!! She is saying clearly this was a set up, LVP won’t take any accountability. Instead, the worker boys are taking the fall.

This looks soooo bad on Dorit IMO. Like with all the PK scandal! All the girls are having fun…looks like the LVP situation gets awk.

Denise and LVP are bonding over massage. They are talking about adoption. I think Lisa is in love with Denise. Yayy all the girls are together now. Omg Rinna just laid it out on the table!

Holy crap! Are you kidding me? LVP just took the easy way out IMO. Her comment at the table was about, how Erika only sent a card for her brother’s death!! That was ridiculous! Instead, she avoided the dog situation, which was the WHOLE reason Rinna brought it up at the table. Which LVP knew, of course. All the ladies said such nice things. And LVP goes with the low blow. Who makes someone feel bad because of how they show sympathy?!

Awe, they made up. LVP apologized, basically. So, it’s all good. Everything is going great. So how does this go south exactly? Erika is obsessed with Denise! But she’s a good sport! Man, Dorit has really stepped up her fashion game this season!

Rinna showed up to Erika’s room. Kind of awkward, Erika took a picture of the note. That shit is nuts. I love her. I’m so glad she was completely in the right on this situation. I feel like Bravo has been making her kind of look negative, ever since when she freaked out on Eileen.

Omg, Kyle keeeeeps bringing up the dog stuff. Yesssss it’s about to go down! Teddi is finally going to clear her name. Holy crap, Rinna is calling her out on her shit! Wow. Dorit is crying, half the ladies are comforting her, half are talking to LVP. Teddi just told LVP she felt used to get the story out and didn’t like it, then stormed out.

Next week LVP leaves the trip, not surprised.

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