Top Chef – S16 E11 The Greatest

Top Chef – S16 E11 The Greatest

Okay, I am realllly behind on Top Chef. This episode is the one after Sara was crying during about the basketball challenge. Uh, Sara is whining again, like stop crying. You’re a loser, clearly. I’m having like sad flash backs to her middle school days and I can’t.

Chef Eric. He’s probably going to win again. They’re showing him in the beginning of the epi, so something’s gonna happen. That’s usually how it goes.

Padma is looking high AF of course. Fried chicken quickfire. The cheftestant’s have to smell and taste diff spices, blindfolded. Ugggh, Sara is doing good. I can’t. Kelsey also did great, love her. Sara won (boooooo). Sara said she loved KFC…not surprised.

Eddie is stressing me out in this quickfire. Oh great, the guest chef liked Sara’s. I mean, she guessed all the spices, so it better be amazing. Well, they hated Justin’s. lol. Ugh, Sara won. Yuck.

The Elimination Challenge is about Muhammad Ali. Oh god Sara is crying AGAIN!! She’s getting stuck with Kentucky food, which is true, that has happened a lot. But stop whining, no one likes it. Oh, post commercial she’s now OK with doing Kentucky. I’m just glad she’s trying to get over it.

Kind of worried about Eddie. It’s not looking good. Now he didn’t use all of his budget, so he’s offering it to the team. I take it back, good karma might help him. I’m just hoping this is Sara’s time to go home.

I have a feeling the judges are going to like Kelsey’s. She’s doing a bread pudding, seems like she does well when she’s passionate about the theme. Uh oh, the judge’s don’t like Adrienne’s meal idea. I’m not a huge fan of hers, but I do like her better than Sara.

Eric was just crying and it made me really nervous, but luckily, he’s just emo about the challenge.  

Sara and Eric are on top…pleasssse be Eric! Yessss! Saw that comng. I have a feeling he wins Top Chef.

I have a feeling Adrienne might be going home…praying it’s not Kelsey. Or maybe Eddie?! Well, Eddie’s officially gone. He might make it through LCK.

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