RHOBH – S9 E2 Eat Your Heart Out

Lisa Vanderpump, Lisa Rinna & Kyle Richards Real Housewives of Beverly Hills – S9 E2 Eat Your Heart Out

It’s taken me way too long to watch episode 2 of RHOBH. But I’m on vacation in Puerto Rico, so you’ll have to forgive me!

I am so excited for this season! Rinna thinks LVP gets special treatment because of VPR, she’s probably right.

LVP walks sooo weird. She’s hanging with Kyle, so at least they’re getting along…now. Oh god, now LVP is talking about Kyle’s hooha, like TMI. I guess Kyle was going to supposedly make up with LVP. Lol, LVP is taking laughing gas! Love her. Idk, it’s complicated.

WTF is Erica wearing to lunch. She needs to have something tighter on, sorry! Lol. Love her. Now Rinna looks fire. I kind of hate that I started blogging and already saw all of this on social media…

Holy crap Dorit @ 16! She is such a babe now, thank you plastic surgery. Lol. Jk people! Plastic surgery is NOT the answer…or is it?! Lol.  

Oh gosh, Dorit is getting into the dog convo w Rinna and EJ. She better be careful. That was awkward how EJ just said she thinks she has a house in Tahoe…like especially because of all the rumors about she and Tom. Hmm…idk about Erika, she was of course my fav and now Bravo’s ruining her for me.

Yesss! They are talking about getting, “away” for Dorit. Because she is just SO STRESSED over this dog situation! She gets screamed at in the Bahamas by some friend of a friend, that she stole money from! Lol. Really praying that’s on camera.

First time seeing Denise’s home and family! She lives in Malibu, not surprised. Two and ½ men and all…haha she’s kind of making me lol already. I’m excited! Denise just looks so fake, idk. Her face looks horrible! Like, she’s pretty and all. But her cheeks are so puffy from injections! It does NOT look good. Idk. Her man is HOTTTTT. Lol she is so real already! I am pumped.

Yesss her daughter is calling Charlie! I am sooo happy he is even CONNECTED to the Housewives lol.

Omg I can’t believe the way PK just asked about Teddi! Haha. Poor Teddi didn’t even do anything lol. I just really want someone to clear this shit up with Dorit. PK is a little full of himself, idk.

Ugggh I wish I lived in Cali so bad! Teddi and Rinna are going hiking. Teddi is talking about how she used to be fat. Whomp, whomp, whommmmmp. No one cares. Oh sure, blame the agent for eating! Idk how I feel about all these people that lose weight and then become influencers. Like, what about the people who have always been fit and always worked hard to stay in shape? Idk, it’s annoying.

Awe, Kyle is visiting Mauricio and they’re talking about their children. She can’t stop crying! She said once Portia leaves she’s screwed. Lol.

Amelia was suffering with anorexia? What? Her daughter is kind of annoying me right now. She sounds like an idiot. I mean, idk, that was too much. Not sure I care.

Omg I love Dorit! I love her kids! She is amazing! She was just being Jagger’s robot, so funny.

The ladies are getting together @ Rinna’s. LVP is ditching out on Rinna’s get together and basically just said she didn’t feel like it in her interview. LVP is asking Ken if she should go to the Bahamas and he said YES, I was shocked to hear that. Omg, she’s just making excuses.

Omg Rinna’s party is amazing! Everything looks soooo yummy and pretty! I am v jel. How can LVP skip out on this?! She’s cray.

So awkward! EJ just said she thinks Denise and Aaron having sex is right up there with porn?! Like, TMI.

Oh god, Camille is being annoying. Idk how it’s going to be having her back. Kind of glad it’s a friend role. This Michael Bolton story has really taken off on Twitter. Nicolette Sheridan said they’re lying and she never left him for Michael. Harry says otherwise. Teddi said she only bangs Edwin twice a week. Lol. TMI. I feel bad for their kids lol. Denise said she bangs Aaron daily (but they’re still new).

Ugh oh, EJ just made a joke about not eating so she can fit in her swimsuit. Of course, Bravo showed it on the same episode as Amelia, right? Lol. Dorit got a private plane for the ladies! Wonder if that was before or after PK got sued for not paying back mil of $? Jk, it was the same time. Lol.

OMG LVP showed up for the trip. I’m shocked! Omg LVP said she doesn’t want to share the suite with Dorit. Wow, LVP is being rude AF to Dorit. This is SO LVP.

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