RHONJ – S9 E15 Hotheads and Hookahs

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staab, Margaret Josephs, Dolores Cantina & Jennifer Ayden Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E15 Hotheads and Hookahs

I can’t believe RHONJ is already over! WTF. Where did the season go?! I feel like it was like a 5 mins long! This is one season that went too fast…! Thank God RHOBH is back on and RHONJ is starting next month!!! I love both of those, so I’m happy! Haha.

Okay, back to Jersey. This season was nuts. Teresa and Danielle are meeting to get outfits for Jennifer’s party. Omg, Danielle is already warning Teresa to buckle up for the party. Lol. I can’t wait!

Uggggh Jackie is soooo annoying. Like, do we havvvvve to watch her scenes? I’m so over Jackie talking about her sister Great, you forgave your sister, way to have a heart.

Marg is obsessed with getting her family back together. I don’t blame her, obviously! I just wish her family liked her lol! She’s being really pushy, but her child is agreeing to dinner with her ex.

Holy crap, watching Jennifer at dinner with her family is a complete joke!! This is INSANE! Yikes, now she’s fighting with her husband in front of the kids…this is not a good look. Lol. I have a feeling she might get divorced. Oh my gosh, this is bad. Their kids are speaking up about not having their dad around. So awkward! Like, have you seen all the shit you get?! That’s because your dad works! Lol. Sorry he doesn’t want to rush back to his brat kids.

Dolores is meeting up with Frank to go through their renovations. They work together now and renovate old places. She’s dropping a bomb on Frank.

Melissa just fing set Joe straight and it was amazing. And his response was sooo cute! He got emo about it. Even tho he didn’t actually cry. You could hear him choking up. He’s so cute!!

Jennifer and her hubby are talking about their party. Idk, when I see scenes like this, I think he likes her. But, when he doesn’t come home after work, I get a little nervy. Only because of what Marg said, honestly.

Everyone is getting ready for the party! Everything Milania says sounds like she’s hungover! Haha. And she doesn’t even drink yet! She is screwed.

Now everyone is talking with their husband(s) about Danielle, getting ready for the party.

The party is starting! Everything looks amazing! Everyone is arriving! Jennifer’s husband just made a comment about the pool house…awkward! Not going to lie, not digging Marg’s hair and makeup. Ugh oh, Marg just made a comment about Teresa’s eye lashes. That’s not going to go over well at the reunion. Okay, Danielle has officially arrived. Everyone is there.

I can’t deal with Jackie, sorry I know I’ve said that too many times. Marty was trying to talk to Joe and Joe told him he’s a jerk. Lol…I’m pretty sure he gets pushed in the pool. Ugh oh, all the girls are saying that Danielle can’t hang out with them. So Teresa walked away. I’m proud of her for not being a mean girl!

Ugh oh, this is going to get bad. Joe forced Joe to go talk to Marty. Teresa is telling Danielle what the ladies said, because she flat out asked her, and I mean, she can’t lie.

Omg, Marty is literally attacking Joe about Marg, all he’s saying is Joe is jealous, like clearly, NO. Marty is out of line, he said Joe needs to apologize, then goes after Marg! This has literally nothing to do with looks lol. Oh shit, it’s getting VERY heated. Margaret is walking up…bad timing. OMG Joe, he just shoved him in the pool!

That was amazing!!! Why?!!! WHY?!!! Why on the last episode?!!! Well that was an amazing season! I CAN’T WAIT for the reunion!!

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