RHOA – S11 E14 Lost in Translation

Eva Marcille, Cynthia Bailey, Porsha Williams, Kandi Burruss & Shamari Devoe Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E14 Lost in Translation

I’m sorry but this Tokyo trip has been amazingggg! Apparently, everyone else thinks Jersey is better, it is. Lol!

But I don’t think Atlanta has been thattt bad. Oh wow, Porsha is admitting she and Dennis weren’t in a good place before they left. Hmm…hopefully they last! Dammmmn the food for Eva’s party looks amazing!! Nene just arrived and she’s acting miserable and like she hates Tanya, but Tanya is being pretty annoying, just for the record.

OMG these strippers for Eva are hilarious!!! She’s being a great sport though! Nene’s finally loosening up! The girls are having fun laughing and heading to the club.

Oh man, Nene is breaking down to Cynthia and I hate it!! Ugh oh, Nene just said the word break up. Idk what to think. That was really sad. Cynthia tried to be there for her, but there wasn’t much to say. Just listen.

Oh wow, Greg sent flowers. Too bad they arrived the day before they leave! Oh man, Nene is crying again. Greg wrote a huge note. She hasn’t said what it says yet. Eva just asked if she mind if she read it out loud. Lol! Kind of intrusive. Awe, Greg’s note was amazing. But was it enough? She seems pretty upset still. Well, that was awkward. Nene asked Eva (politely) to leave. Lol. It was weird enough when she just asked to read the note out loud.

The ladies are having a good time at dinner and saying their lows and highs. Cynthia made a joke about how Kandi wouldn’t stop listing her highs lol. Then Porsha went and compared her relationship with Dennis, to how supportive Todd is with Kandi? What? Ya. It was weird. I’m pretty sure Kandi is about to tell her she is going to butt out of their relationship from here on out. It went to commercial.

Yep, I was right. Kandi genuinely apologized, I think it was her talking about how it was similar to Todd. Wow, Porsha handled that like an adult. I am so happy for both of them. Lol. She didn’t cry lol, Kandi is basically bawling. But that’s because she was talking about her and Todd. Lol. Holy crap!! The footage for the remaining season looks INSANE!!!!!

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