Top Chef – S16 E10 Hoop Dreams

Top Chef – S16 E10 Hoop Dreams

Last weekend I met Graham Elliot, one of the main judges of Top Chef. So, watching this week’s episode is going to be prettttty weird! He said the best chef wins! Haha! Idk if he was messing with me or what?! Isn’t that how it’s supposed to go?

Michelle won last week and she killed it. I have a feeling she is going to go far. She is silent, but deadly, no pun intended.

I’m worried about Eddie! He looks stressed…I barely have any favorites left! Hopefully Kelsey wins the whole thing!

Hmmm…this quickfire challenge sounds tough! It’s like a mystery race! They need to crack a code to get their ingredients! Justin and Adrienne’s team is fine. Grrrrrreat (they’re my least favs). Ugh oh, Eddie is doing a ton of interviewing! Which makes me nervous, he’s either on top or bottom! Shit, Eric is also interviewing. He is another fav of mine…prob least fav tho.

Kelsey is making a BLT! Yummmm! She’s the best! Yummm Adrienne’s croutons look yummy!

Oh great, Sarah, the “local” chef, no one cares! Padma just used the word, “cheeky” to Eddie, so I think he’ll be OK. She didn’t like Adrienne’s, I don’t think.

Yes! They hated Justin’s dish! Yay! Eddie won! Woohoo! Man! Eddie isn’t even cooking this week! Just glad he won’t go home! Omg, I just realized there’s only 3 guys and 4 girls left! This is insane. This season is flying by!

Ugh, everything Justin says annoys me. If he wins, I’m going to be annoyed. I know, shocker. Really hoping this is Sara’s week to go. Kelsey is so fing adorable.

I want Adrienne to send Sara packing! Oh wow, hey old cheftestants I forgot about. Oh god, BRIAN is back? No! How did I miss that? He’s annoying.

Oh man, Eric is pulling the dad card this episode. I hope he wins though, love him! I hope Sara goes home! Her food looks gross. Adrienne just gave Tom eyes when he asked about boxed mix? Love her! Go girl! Haha she is slowly becoming a fav of mine, now that she’s going after Sarah! Haha.  The blue team is looking like they might lose. Omg David is back? I didn’t even see him? What the hell, he looks like shit! Haha. What is going on with David!?

Oh man, blue team is freaking out because their fryer isn’t working. Looks like Sarah is screwed! The Elimination Challenge is starting! Padma has braids in and I love it! Oh no, Kelsey has to serve first! Please don’t sabotage her! Eddie gets to sit with the announcers lol! Kelsey beat Adrienne, but I’m not surprised, love her.

Sara is so gross, I can’t haha. I know that’s rude. I need to talk about the food! Yikes!!! The other team is yelling about how Sara’s mix was boxed!! HAHAHA she’s about to cry in her confessional!

White team beat blue, in other words, Sara lost! I’m just glad Eddie isn’t running the risk of going home.

Final showdown, Michelle vs. Justin. I think they liked Justin’s…not sure who’s going to win here…?!

White team won!! Yessss! Maybe that means it’s Sara’s time. Going home on a KY challenge, seems appropriate.

Oh god, here comes Sara about to cry!!! Haha she’s so scared! I hope she goes home, she’s annoying. And honestly, hasn’t really cooked that great of food.

I have a feeling Justin is winning…?! Oh wow, it was Eric! My fav! Love him. I’m great with that!

Awwwwwe, Sara is pulling the water works. Hoping Michelle and Kelsey make it through this. Omg Sara will not let this go!!! Get over it! It is not about taunting the crowd! Get over it!!! Oh god, I feel like this is WAYYYYY more about something else, than the actual episode! Sara is being such a cry baby right now, I can’t. PLEASE GO.

Holy crap, are you serious that Michelle just got kicked off over Sara?! Please tell me Sara goes next week. Lol.

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