Top Chef – S16 E9 Music City USA

Top Chef – S16 E9 Music City USA

SO glad Brian was finally kicked off last week! Plus, Brandon beat him in LCK, so he is for sure gone!

Justin’s excited, which means he’s probably going to do well? We’ll see. Adrienne almost threw up again, so hopefully she’ll blow this challenge, wouldn’t mind seeing her go home soon.

Michelle is making a grilled cheese salad which sounds amazing! I have a feeling Adrienne has the flu or something, it’s bad. She feels like garbage.

David, Eddie & Kelsey were on the bottom for the quickfire! My god, my 3 favs! Lol. Luckily Eric did well. WOW Adrienne won the quickfire. Got lucky there. Get out of here Hunter Hayes, no one cares about you! Jk, I know a lot of people do lol. Just not a country fan.

I love this Elimination Challenge! The cheftestants are selecting a song to theme their meal around! Of course, they are in Nashville, so it makes sense. Ugh god, idk Sara annoys me. She’s a little too much, not horrible, but she’s annoying. Oh great, everyone is thinking of their father. Wow, Michelle’s dad killed herself, that’s rough. It’s not you Michelle, it was him. Sorry, I don’t mean that mean, but literally, she’s probably asking why and there’s no point.

Awe, Eddie is happily married, good for him. The judges like Justin’s dish, but he dropped a plate so he is disqualified. Yikes, the judges didn’t like it! Not good…

I think Michelle might end up winning this…LOL! One of the guest judges said he’d hire her! Haha! OMG!! Tom just said it was the best dish he’s had this season! Go Michelle!

Shit, I think David just fucked up. He is really off. He looks horrible lol! Like, dude needs to sleep. They said his tasted like mush, basically. Salty mush. Yikes, they said Kelsey’s had too much salt too.

The judges are happy with Sara’s dish.

Judge’s table: Justin, Michelle & Sara had the top dishes. We know Justin can’t win, so it’s between the ladies. I am hoping Michelle wins, just because her story is so cute and also very sad!! Sara also contributed her dish to her dad, which I like too.

I can’t believe I’m looking at my 3 favs on the bottom right now. OMG David is gone?! Are you kidding me?! Man, I did not see him leaving this early! Shocked. He seems realllllly bummed out.

My two boyfriends are going head to head in LCK. Idk who I want to win. Good news is, I’ll be happy either way. I think? Darnit! David won. Oh well. Still happy, I guess…see ya hottie!

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