Below Deck – S6 Finale

Kate Chastain, Josiah Carter, Captain Lee Rosbach, Ross Ina, Ashton Pinaar & Rhylee Gerber Below Deck – S6 Finale

Yessssss, I can’t believe Below Deck is over!! Caroline and Chandler are not attending, DAMNIT!!!

Ross is playing down his Palm Springs arrest. Kate just said Crystal (final Primary Charter guest) is the worst guest she’s ever had. Ross just admitted they hook up, but are not friends, just benefits.

SHIT! We’re getting right into Kate’s drama with her third stews! Laura and Kate are laughing about her yelling for Kate to check herself, good thing is, it seems like they’re OK now?

Andy had a call with Caroline earlier before the finale. OMG! Laura just said that she felt bad for Caroline! Laura needs to watch it! Yikes, this is serrrrrious bullying with the herpes comments by the door!!

Yesss, Ashton is taking their side. Good job! Thank you, Ashton! Even though his GF is not team Kasiah! OMG, now Laura is about to call Kate mean, I’m over “Kate being mean”, Kate has been Kate since day one! Back the F off. She’s clearly not mean to everyone, since she and Josiah are BFFs.

Yesssss, everyone is going after Laura right now! I can’t with her!! Even Captain Lee is on top of her! He said he would have fired her! Wow, I’m surprised! Both women said they’d work together again!

Yes! Adrian stuff! OMG!! I can’t wait to see Captain Lee go after him about this stuff! Clearly sexual harassment!!!

Yessss, recapping Chandler (who isn’t there, for the record). Captain Lee said he thinks Chandler was just overwhelmed. Everyone thinks he just didn’t know what he was doing. Rhylee thinks it was a personal thing with Chandler, and he just hated Rhylee.

OMG! They are going through the Rhylee recap. I’m scared to see Captain Lee’s reaction! Haha. Rhylee said she shows her reactions when she’s upset. Awwwwe, he said he doesn’t regret keeping her.

 My god, Rhylee is constantly throwing Ross under the bus! Talking about Tyler’s comments, they’re both still banging, so I guess it doesn’t matter. Kate just said the only time the guys don’t piss Rhylee off is when they’re hitting on her lol.

Ashton said his near-death experience was a massive wakeup call. Lol, ya think?

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