Below Deck – S6 E16 Au Revior!

Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Below Deck – S6 E16 Au Revior!

Can’t believe Below Deck is almost over! This season has been epic! Just to recap, Rhylee was a typical girl, Tyler was a typical guy and charter guests shit hit the fan last episode! Lol.

The Primary charter guest FINALLY got up and went to bed. She is a NIGHTMARE! Lol. Holy crap she just flipped out on Rhylee for bringing her tea! Haha! She is NUTS. I can’t believe Ross hooked up with her! No wonder Rhylee threw him under the bus. Probably because he gets with this trainwreck.

Adrian is crazy thinking he and Laura have a genuine friendship, she thinks he’s a creep. The deck crew is talking shit about the charter guests.

It’s the next morning and the guests are acting like the primary charter guest wasn’t a complete psycho the night before! They are being demanding AF and it’s horrible.

The guests are becoming verrrrrry impatient, I can’t handle them. Lol! And I’m just WATCHING! Imagine waiting on them! Their food looks amazing and they let it go to waste! Kate just said she hates them! Lol. What a waste!

Rhylee is sad because she actually likes Tyler and he was honest about his thoughts. Doesn’t want commitment, typical guy. Adrian is sexually harassing Laura! She asked for an avocado and he said if she gives him a hug?! Gross…!

Wow, Laura actually likes Ashton now. He’s smitten of course. He’d like any girl that actually liked him back. IMO, just seems like he really wants a relationship.

Adrian is diving to find a center piece for dinner. OMG! He came back with like a slug or something! It’s disgusting!! Captain Lee is NOT impressed. Adrian is laughing like a little boy. Like, just stick with your food, that’s what you do best.

Lol! They ended up dumping the stuff back in the ocean! HAHAHA!! Wow, shit is hitting the fan. Idk what’s up with Kate?? But somehow, she didn’t realize it was the Primary charter guest’s birthday?! Now everyone is rushing to get dinner our on time and prepare some kind of Bday celebration. Lol.

Thank God one of the charter guests ordered fireworks because the crew was able to put together an impromptu bday party! Oh wow, now Adrian is saying Kate attacks him. Omg, these charter guests are a insane!! Laura is telling Ashton how Adrian sexually harasses her and I’m surprised, he said he won’t step in unless she asks.

Ross is reallllly talking up his ex. Very awkward since he hit on a few chicks this season and supposedly got with this Primary charter guest? Lol! I’m sure his ex, didn’t want to take him back.

Lol, the crew sent Tyler home early, he couldn’t hang. Tyler passed out early. Ashton and Laura had a sleepover, Kate & Josiah declared they’re besties. And everyone else went to sleep lol.

Everyone’s packing up and leaving and Laura decided this is the time to address Adrian’s creepiness. Better late, than never, I guess?

Everyone’s saying good bye and idk, I’m not crying? Bye Rhylee! Bye Ashton! Bye everyone! Bye Ross! Liked him overall. Aweeee, Ashton is saying bye and now I’m feeling emo. Everyone’s gone. Kate was the last to leave and she actually said she thinks the crew was solid! Bye to an AMAZING!!! SEASON!! OF BELOW DECK!!

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