RHONJ – S9 E13 Camels, Cabo & Catfights

Teresa Guidice Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E13 Camels, Cabo & Catfights

We’ll see how this episode goes, the ladies are about to kill each other! Jackie and Melissa are up talking shit about Jennifer last night. Lol, looks like its chaos at her house.

Danielle and Teresa are bonding. Danielle is team Jennifer, which means she better watch out! Now Jackie is saying Teresa should have told her she was out of line, just be quiet already Jackie, (can’t stand her!).

HOLY CRAP!! Looking at Dolores thin is INSANE!! She is so hot now! Curvey and beautiful!

Teresa, Danielle, Jennifer and Melissa are going out shopping. Teresa is getting Jennifer drunk and I’m into it! Melissa doesn’t understand why. Now Jackie is calling Jennifer a nut job. Dolores is always the voice of reason (IMO, now that Siggy is gone).

Yikes, Jennifer made a joke about monkey lips and now Melissa is bringing up the night before. Holy shit, this is getting ugly!! OMG!! Melissa, don’t start, Danielle is too crazy! Melissa is about to kick her ass lol! She is def Joe’s husband! Go girl!

Jackie went ahead and planned the girl’s day (for tomorrow). Thanks Jackie! FYI Teresa hates Camels!

Melissa just made a comment about Jennifer’s drinking. LOVEEEE Dolores right now! She is so into it! Marg and Jen are going at each other all over again. Wow, I don’t like this side of Marg. She just went so low, saying that Jennifer’s husband has a girlfriend and he sleeps at her house. That just came out of nowhere! Marg, clearly said it to be a bitch. And it’s true, all the stuff Jennifer says is what Marg has put out there! Idk. Sad to say, this might be the season my feelings for Marg change.

WTF Margaret, I can’t with her. Now she’s saying she doesn’t know anything. Teresa is pissed. Marg just said she doesn’t even have the facts! Are you kidding me?! Marg started it! Now she’s saying it’s Jennifer who was in the wrong! WOW!! Even Jackie said she’d be pissed?! I might even like Jackie more than Marg now?!

Go Jennifer, go girl!! Yessss!! Wow, I am shocked that Jennifer handled that the way she did! She is fing classy after that.

Dolores is calling Frank every morning! Lol. Joe is being a pervert to Melissa, go figure.

Jackie was just getting ready to say she was embarrassed of Margaret’s behavior (to Melissa), but then Marg came out so she stopped.

Dolores is warning Jennifer about Danielle, she said she’s going to judge her character on her own. Teresa looks fing phenomenal! Danielle said she and Tre need to have Jen’s back. I am so into this! Haha.

I never want this girl’s trip to end lol! Teresa said she likes the camel ride lol!

Marg is now trying to make jokes with Jennifer in the middle of the camel ride, like, awkward, let’s not try so hard okay? Shows how fake and bad she feels about it.

The ladies are talking about Joe coming back from jail. Dolores said she thinks Joe will be the same way he was.

All of these dinners have been so pretty! Looks like shit’s going to get turnt tonight! The women are talking about not knowing a man’s penis size prior to marriage. Teresa and Jennifer are joking around bc she’s wasted and Teresa is going along with it. I think Marg might be getting jealous.

Oh man, Danielle jumps in to stir the pot. OMG! Teresa is jumping in too! GO TRE GO!!! Marg called Danielle a liar, and Tre goes, but you said a lie last night. About Jen’s husband, and Marg goes I was trying to hurt her, we worked through it. Idk. I’m shocked Tre went there! Haha! I thought she was Namaste! Haha!!

Oh wow, now Jackie is jumping in. Holy crap, that shit just went down. Dolores said Danielle is lucky she didn’t go after her.

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