RHOA – S11 E13 Tempers in Tokyo

Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Shamari Devoe & Tanya Sam Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E13 Tempers in Tokyo

Oh ya, Tanya called out Nene and Nene is firing back. 10x harder. Yikes. The ladies are basically saying Nene gets a free pass because Greg has cancer. Tanya is crying, but maybe that’s because deep down, she knows Nene is right.

Lol Eva is upset Tanya is crying haha, she said it’s her bachelorette party! Lol. Wow, this is just too much!!

Marlo and Eva are having a competition on who is wearing the better brands, it’s too much!! Stop girl stopppp!! Marlo said it for me. Lol. Eva is coming at her now, stop yelling! Eva is going to get her!! Lol!! They are both showing their weaves! Lol.  

This is too much lol! I’m sorry but Marlo is hilarious! I love her. She’s just so crazy and has the dirtiest come backs! Lol. Idk, I love Eva too. Even though she’s meh. My God it’s been like 2 HRs of them back and forth arguing. OMG! All the ladies are saying that Eva got Marlo and she has nothing left. Lol.

Awe, Shamari’s little boys weren’t able to calm down with their Nanny and all she had to do was sing to them (beautifully, I may add) and they settled down. So sweet!

Cynthia is def one of the hottest RHOA housewives, if not the hottest. She always slays, any look!

Holy crap Eva’s hair is out of control long! It’s almost as long as her legs! Insane. Eva is buzzed and owning it. Haha, love seeing this alchy side of her! She’s pretty chill in the states.

So, awkward, idk who’s side I’m on. Lol, obviously, Eva. Lol! I love when Marlo gets worked up! Haha.

Porsha’s sleepy and staying in, probably wants to avoid the drama! Don’t blame her. Lol. Man, Nene is teasing Porsha (AGAIN) about pulling the pregnancy card. Kandi wanted more sex out of the Red Light District in Tokyo lol!

Oh wow, Eva and Cynthia just did a “walk” together on the street. Glad she’s not too outdated for her now!

The ladies found a karaoke bar and sang and Xscape song! Lol. You could tell Kandi was loving it!

Eva’s grandpa is being taken off of life support and all the ladies came together to her room and be there for her. It was really cute! She decided to stay with the group instead of going back to the US. She and Marlo reconnected, I guess? Hopefully it’s temporary because that was entertaining AF.

Oh no! The ladies just left for their daily excursion and the tour guide MADE them leave 2 mins before Nene got there. She’s pissssssed!

Awe, the ladies are having fun on their day out, meanwhile, Nene is in a badddd mood, can’t reach Greg.

Wow, Marlo basically just rubbed it in that they had fun! She’s on her way to meet them for food. We’ll see how this goes. Lol.

I feel like I would starve in Tokyo because I do not like Sushi! Just like Kandi! Lol. Nene has arrived…Late. Of course. Lol.

This is awkward, she does not seem happy. Porsha is encouraging it. Oh man, now Tanya is stopping Nene to talk before she gets on the bus. Not a good idea Tanya. Tanya won’t drop it! That pretty much made it worse, but Nene is trying.

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