RHONJ – S9 E12 Mudslinging in Mexico

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga & Margaret Josephs Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E12 Mudslinging in Mexico

So excited to see Tre compete tonight! I love RHONJ. Omg, Adriana’s voice is so fing cute! I’ve never heard her talk before! Lol. She’s pretty much the only one being supportive haha!

Oh yay, Melissa, Jackie & Marg are meeting up at a jewelry store to get something for Teresa! Why the FUCK did they invite Jackie? I’m so confused…

The ladies are talking about the fact the Teresa invited Danielle to MX. They are not fans of her and think she is lying about the Marg story. Marg said she’s cool w Jennifer now though. As long as she’s not drinking.

Awkwarrrrd, Jennifer just admitted she goes to her husband’s office to check his patients aren’t hitting on him lol. I’m shocked he’s letting her go to MX. Lol, he just brought up her drinking!

Jennifer said she’s going to do her best not to freak out on Margaret. I don’t blame her, family is personal! Lol her husband just told her daughter, if she goes home, he’ll buy her perfume! Haha he’s no better than Jennifer!

I love Teresa and Frank training together! I’m going to miss these scenes! Lol. Love Frank! And Teresa looks incredible! She’s right! Rock that Thong! I finally have the confidence and bought thong Frankie Bikini’s (thanks to Rinna).

Teresa is talking to Frank about he and Dolores’ living/relationship situation. I hope Dolores isn’t upset when she sees the footage. She jumps in on Teresa’s family stuff, so hopefully it’s fine.

Joe and Marg are so cute! She looks adorable. Love her. She is trying to mend her ex-husband and step son’s relationship. Lol.

Melissa is meeting with her mom and sisters to discuss the possible, “3rd sister”. I’m kind of nervous for her! Very interested to see how her mom is going to react. Geez, her sisters got their mom drunk I think? She can’t stop laughing, not sure if that’s accurate, I missed the beginning. Lol, well it all worked out. I guess Melissa is going to look for her long, lost sister?

Ow ow, Frankie is a hottie! Haha. I feel like such a cougar saying that. You don’t have to have kids to be a cougar, do you? Do fur babies count?

Marg is hosting a gala, she’s always doing something! She’s creating cute outfits for children with cancer. So cute, so sad. Love her.

Teresa just got 3rd place in her competition and looked amazing! Frankie got 1st, and also looked amazing lol!

The ladies are packing up for their trip and I’m excited. Lol, Dolores is already talking shit about Danielle, and now so is Marg haha! At least it should be entertaining!

The ladies are arriving and there’s a huge rain storm happening! Danielle is already being a diva haha!

The ladies are all at dinner for the first night, getting a little loud already…Teresa is officially having her first glass of wine in forever!

Yikes, Jennifer is offended they didn’t go to her brother’s jeweler lol! Ugh oh, Marg is going after Jen for drinking…OMG she just called Teresa’s necklace ugly. Yikes, that was rough. Probably shouldn’t have said that! Oh man.

Omg, Danielle is talking to Jennifer getting her all amp’d up lol. Teresa is checking on them now. She isn’t even mad that Jennifer called her necklace ugly lol! Teresa has Definitely changed! Lol.

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