Below Deck – S6 E15 Shame Cocoon

Rhylee Gerber, Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Below Deck – S6 E15 Shame Cocoon

Captain Lee is on a rampage, he’s pissed. Lol! Wow, he is literally yelling at the guests. Haha! Lol Adrian is annoyed with the guests, he said they’re too demanding.

Rhylee is trying to bond with Ashton over their “yacht” relationships. She’s bummed out because Kate announced something about her and Tyler over the mics, but Laura shouldn’t have spilt the tea.

Omg, these wigs are not cute, they’re not even really funny either. Oh man, now Adrian is bitching the interior crew didn’t deliver the food on time.

Lol Josiah just made a joke that Adrian did NOT do yoga this morning lol! Seems like he’s on the edge! Haha the guests just said they’re obsessed w him! Lol.

Wow, Tyler is REALLLLLY digging Rhylee, like I do think he’s in Heart w her. Haha! I like it. I’m glad one of the guys genuinely likes her! A little nervous for what’s to come.

Adrian is horny, that’s what it is. He just said he’s juicy and hasn’t gotten some in a month.

Wow! Kate is being so sweet and nice to Laura! Things have really turned around for them, OK maybe I’m exaggerating. Yikes!! Tyler is being weirrrrrrrrd. Haha! I love how GUYS can say one thing, and girls can say another and THAT’S where it gets weird?! Classic BOY, notice I didn’t say man.

The queens are finally leaving the ship! But the next charter guest looks insane! I can’t wait. Like WAYYYY better than these guys.

Kate is my life, she needs to never leave a yacht so we can always watch her hahah!

HAHA!! The Primary Charter Guest is so sad to leave and the crew is like get the F out of here.

Wowwww, now Tyler is being an even BIGGER super douche. Adrian is taking work as a year round NYC Chef. Seems like he’s enjoying it (via social media) you go Glenn Coco!

Tyler and Rhylee are going out for their “thing”. I feel bad for her. Lol. Wow Tyler is such a dick haha I would hate him. She handled that pretty well! Not sure how I would have reacted…

Kate seems overly optimistic about the upcoming charter guests. Tyler is being weird with Rhylee, I would kill him. Lol. He is seriously pushing her. OMG! He said eh, “doesn’t know” what he did to Rhylee? Like you were a complete asshole…?? That’s basically what.

Ashton and Laura are going strong apparently. Lol. They cuddled again in the “crow’s nest”.

Omg the guests have arrived and they are annoying AF lol! They’re wasted lol. Yikes, these girls are bitches lol! They’re all wasted. So awkward! Omg the crew was just laughing at the charter guests! Hopefully they didn’t hear. The charter guest refuses to sleep in her bed lol! The crew are telling her she needs to sleep inside. This is badddddddd!! This is on national television! Lol.

Kate told Josiah to get the hose! She will not stay up and watch the charter guest sleep all night lol.

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