RHONJ – S9 E11 Whine Country

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Milania Guidice, Jennifer Aydin & Margaret Josephs Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E11 Whine Country

Jackie is hosting a wine tasting event with the ladies. Teresa is bummed out because she can’t even drink! Lol.

Haha I love Jennifer! She said she’s not about to pass up a chance to see Jackie’s house. Lol! She just called her bathroom a dump! Lol.

Jackie was overweight! It all makes sense now! She’s bitter. Lol, Teresa is chatting with Frank, it’s cute. She said they are getting close (definitely friend vibes). Dolores looks so pretty this season, I am into her when she’s without Sig!

Yesssss, Jackie can’t handle Jennifer! Omg I am so over Jackie, she is in such denial. Jackie just doesn’t understand anything. How does she not see that that was out of line? Idk.

Teresa just talked about Milania’s song coming up and Jackie said she didn’t think all parents would approve. Shocker!

Yikkkkkes Marg and Jennifer just got into it BIG time! Wow, even Teresa said Margaret needs to, “shut up” in her interview! Probably because Danielle is about to tell her that Marg said not to trust (Tre).

Teresa is @ Danielle’s talking about Joe. She said she just got done visiting him. Idk, all these rumors are swirling about her having a new boyfriend?! I wish Tre and Joe would stay together and they would stay in Jersey. Or film a spin off in Italy. Lol! IF that was the only option.

Danielle just told Teresa that Margaret said not to trust them. That seems so made up, but idk.

Jackie and Marg are meeting to hang, unfortunately, I’m not a fan of Jackie, so…now they’re talking shit about Jennifer. Go figure.

Awe! Dolores brought Jennifer cute pink weights to walk with her. Lol! I love positivity and support in friendships! Especially around health!

Omg, they’re both talking about “patterns”. Awww, Melis is there to support Milania, which is SO cute. Major points there. Love when she’s authentic. Lol!

Yay, Melissa and Teresa are planning a girls’ trip, to Cabo! Tre said she’ll drink! Woot woot. She just spilt the tea on Marg “supposedly” saying Danielle shouldn’t trust them (Melissa & Teresa).

Man, Joe looks cute on he and Melissa’s bed! Lol. He’s got great eyes!

Okay, fast forward, Milania’s party is starting. Everyone has arrived, Melissa said she’s going to be nice to Danielle, but doesn’t believe her.

OMG! Now Marty and Joe are arguing about Margaret and Danielle fighting! Lol! Marty said it’s because Marg isn’t attractive and everyone looks at Danielle! LOL! Come on Marty! It’s just hilarious, because they’re divorcing now.

Wow, I think Dolores is right. Danielle did this to her last year. Sorry, I love Marg.

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