RHOA – S11 E12 The Peaches of Tokyo

Nene Leakes Tanya Sam, Shamari Devoe, Marlo Hampton, Cynthia Bailey, Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams & Eva Marcille Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E12 The Peaches of Tokyo

We’ll see how this girls trip goes…after the Kandi/Porsha fiasco. Eva is asking Kandi for advice with Porsha, umm…if you didn’t notice, not the best person to ask! Lol.

Luckily, Kandi is telling Eva how it is. She is being honest, Eva throws shade, then “forgets”. Lol! Whoa! Eva said she’s trying to be on her best behavior and the ladies don’t wanna see, EVA THE DIVA. Lol! I want to see her! Please! I do, I do! Lol.

Bahaha Nene is hilarious calling Porsha out for being too lazy to wash her face and she’s barely 3 months! Lol. Porsha told Nene she is going to make an announcement about PJ in the beginning of the trip. Nene is now asking her about Kandi, I’m glad. They need to move on past this. Lol. Omg now they are pretending to be Kandi and Porsha lol.

All the ladies are meeting up @ the airport for their trip!! Greg and Nene need space. Not permanently though, for the record.

Porsha’s amazing mans is there to escort her to the airport. He said he’ll miss her, “a little bit”, I know he was trying to be cute, but with the recent drama, not cool babe. Not cool. Lol! Didn’t seem like it bothered her at all.

OMG! Marlo’s bags got lost!! Of all people! OMG that’s some expensive luggage!

Hahahah!! Porsha just called Mike, Chris! Lol!! That was too funny!

I love Kandi, sorry but she’s my fav.

Lol! Tanya hired a tour guide and her first rule is asking that the ladies arrive on time! Haha. Holy crap, whenever they throw back Porsha looking so young! Lol it’s crazy.

Yikes, here comes the drama! Eva coming in Hooooooottttt. Lol, everything everyone says is true! Eva starts the shit, then backs out scared! She just did it again!

Porsha just announced she’s pregnant and all the ladies are happy for her! Lol. Oh God, Eva is coming into Kandi’s room to drink! Lol. She said she knows Kandi doesn’t drink so she wants her alcohol. Like…not a good look girl. Lol. I’m sorry though, this is horrible! Idk though, I like Eva! I want her to stick around.

Gross, Kandi just admitted she hadn’t brushed her teeth yet, after talking to Eva for like an HR haha! She looks like she’s done and ready for the day too! Shouldn’t that be the first thing you do? All good though…

Lol! Kandi brought Eva a drink! Haha. Wow!! So many of the ladies were super late! Lol. Nene was one of them! But she was the first, late one. If that counts for anything? Lol. Just think it’s funny because they highlighted her being pissed at all the past times of lateness.

Wow, the ladies just got their readings from this temple and they were soooo accurate! It’s freaky! I love that shit!

Tanya is calling out Nene for her shade. Oh great, now Nene is getting lit. Like this is what she does, says shit, if people HAVE the balls to call her out, she gets defensive, instead of owning her shit.

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