Below Deck – S6 E14 All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

Kate Chastain & Josiah Carter Below Deck – S6 E14 All That Glitters Isn’t Gold

I’m pretty excited for this episode of Below Deck, honestly, when am I not excited for BD? Shit continues to go down, week after week, and I LIVE for it!

The crew is waking up from being hungover. Everyone’s in greeeeeeat moods. Lol! Kate is semi being nice to Laura. But she’s still annoying IMO. Wow, a past guest is coming back as the Primary Charter Guest and last time they didn’t even leave the dock! Wow. Either they love the crew or want to be on TV haha!

Oh God, Rhylee is giving way too much TMI to Laura. Like, idk what Tyler’s intentions are, but I don’t think they’re good…lol. Well, Tyler said he’s going to marry her, if she’s cool with him hooking up with chicks lol.

Laura spilt the tea and told Kate about Rhylee hooking up with Tyler. Not like they were keeping it a secret or anything? But still, she’s trying to bond.

Well the guests should be happy, they just walked on and Captain Lee is talking about leaving the dock.

Omg, these drink orders are coming in fast, these guests are not going to be easy. Ugh oh, Rhylee is obsessed w Tyler already…hopefully not.

Oh man, Josiah can’t get over the guests because they remind him of people that bullied him. I love Josiah, second to Kate. So I’ve got his back, but hopefully this charter won’t be too tough for him.

Adrian seems weirdly quiet. Not sure what’s up with that? Maybe he needs to masturbate?

Ugh, everything Laura says is annoying haha. Her voice, I can’t. It’s just always loud and wayyy too upbeat.

The guests are verrrrry needy. Haha they are pretty funny though, currently talking about touching dicks!

Kate is miserable, but NOT because of Laura, surprisingly. Lol! Kate can’t handle all these premadonas.

Interior is hating the guests lol. Whoa, Laura and Ashton are making out hard core. Not a ton of drama this episode, other than the guests being annoying (which is never that much fun).

Oh man, not looking good for Rhylee’s emotions next episode!


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