Top Chef – S16 E7 Carne!

 Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Dave Viana, Brandon Rosen, Eddie Conrad & Eric Sarpong Top Chef – S16 E7 Carne!

Top Chef, another week, another cheftestant on the chopping block! Brother’s debut was short lived, now back to reality, new season, new cheftestants!

I think Eddie’s going to win this one! Lol. They started by showing him talking to his son, yep, I’m calling it. Hopefully he’s on the top, and not the bottom…

Yes! I love this guest judge!! She’s a badass! Lena Waithe is the guest judge for the Quickfire and I’m obsessed with her! Well, I like her lol! Obsessed, is unrealistic.

Justin is bragging immediately that he has two of the “hot browns” on his menu, Sara also knows how to make a mean Hot Brown, I actually want her to win! I def want her to kick Justin’s ass lol!

Adrienne is getting a lot of time talking about her “hot brown”, she may or may not be on the top.

Eddie said, “One of his favorite memories was with his wife”…stopped listening. Oh yay, Brian. He’s annoying. Wow, Brian is helping Sara, because he ended early. WTHell Sara and Brian?

Oh great, Sara’s making excuses, I have a feeling she’ll be on the bottom. Yep, she didn’t plate it. Wow.

Well, Lena LOVED Justin’s, so we’ll see how that goes. Hmm, not sure on Adrienne’s. Kelsey’s looks so pretty! Yikes, Padma just burned her. Omg, David is SO sweaty lol! Still cute though.
Awe! Lena loved Eddie’s! And Adrienne’s! Makes sense. Justin won the quickfire. Which is good, because he was very confident, good for him. Maybe he doesn’t annoy me toooooo much anymore. Idk. Still not top 5 though. Adrienne might be a front runner after all…or maybe she’s just decent at quickfires.

Elimination challenge announcement. They are cooking with local ingredients and have to show their skill butchering meat for farmers! I would be sooo nervous!!

Lol, David said he’s been in the middle for a while and wants to show Tom someone else from his hometown is a talented chef lol!

Looks like Sara might lose. She seems reallllly down in her interview and unenthusiastic about her sausage.

Eddie on the other hand, is pretty into his interviews. He might win. Still claiming that. Oh man, a little nervous for Brandon.

Brian’s voice is just so monotone. He puts me to sleep. Maybe he’ll go home tonight.

Oh man, I’m worried about Brandon, I love him!!! Do I think he’ll win Top Chef, not sure. Do I want him to go home this early? No.

Sounds like Justin and Adrienne did well. Sara and Brian are both kind of sucking. We’ll see what happens to them. Sara thinks she’s going home. At least she already thinks that.

Wow, Tom is pissssssed after those plates. Not good. Maybe they both go home. Seems like the judges are Very disappointed over the majority of the meals.

Justin, Adrienne & Eddie are on the top. Yep, called that! Eddie won! Lol. David just said he wished he could have a do-over! Lol.

Brian is on the bottom, have a feeling he’s going. Oh no. It’s going to be Brandon, I feel sick.

Ugh, I love him! Yep, he’s gone. So bummed. Idk how long he’ll last in LCK. Looks like Adrienne might go home next (fingers crossed).

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