Top Chef – S16 E6 Roaring Munchies

Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Eddie Konrad, Kelsey Barnard Clark,  Brandon Rosen & David Viana Top Chef – S16 E6 Roaring Munchies

Brian sent me hate mail on IG after my last Top Chef (Restaurant Wars) post. He was upset I made a joke about Eddie cooking his winning dish. Everyone is like, I have a feeling, “she” (Nini) will be back. She better be back baby! Go Nini, go!

Oh man, this is crazy! I want Nini back! But I know Brother is has a vengeance. Omg, David is slackin! He’s so cute, I love his side cap! Come on David, come through! I’m so nervous for Nini! I hope she gets back in!! David literally just jinxed Nini by saying she’s getting back in the competition! Like, you don’t know that David, and that’s what I call, jinxing.

Well bye bye Nini. I’ll miss you, probably? I’ll probably forget her, let’s be honest. It’s so early! Loving Padma’s haircut for the challenge. Brother won, he’s back on Top Chef. I’d be scared if I was the cheftestants, he’s back to win. I can’t tell from his interview, if Brandon is going to do well or not? Hopefully he does, he’s a babe.

Uh oh, a little worried for Eddie, he’s doing a LOT of interviewing/confessional time. Yikes! Looks like my girl Kelsey is going after Brother!

Justin annoys me, can’t tell if he’s going to do well this challenge? Thinking he might (thumbs down).

The cheftestants are prepping their 1920’s meals for the Elimination Challenge. I have a feeling Kelsey is going to kill it this episode (hopefully). She’s my fav girl! All she’s talking about is how much she loved The Great Gatsby. Uh oh…not looking good for Eddie lol!! God, I love Eddie, please do well! All these men are married, btw, or at least taken. NOT SINGLE.

Kelsey is sooo tense w Brother, you can tell she hates him lol! Of course, all the cheftestants are scared of him! Lol.

Oh shit, Michelle might be coming in close as a second fav now that she’s doing meditation before she begins. She’s also had a lot of interview time this episode, maybe she’s on the top? Or bottom?

Brian looks like a sad turd in his interview, hopefully he’s going home. Lol! Jk, but he’s annoying. Plus he sent me that whiny IG DM. Probably because he goes home. We’ll see.

Eric’s killing it and focused of course. Like a boss. I’m sure he’ll be fine. Kelsey says it’s not going to happen. Love both of them! Loving this 1920’s themed elimination challenge! The judges are looking chic AF.

Yessss! The judges just said Eddie did great! Love it!! Love him!! Sorry, is that phrase getting annoying?! Not looking good for Brother. Sounds like he needs to get off this southwest kick he’s obsessed with since LCK. Brian is making excuses and looks like he’s about to cry. He’s depressing me. Lol.

Ugh oh, they didn’t like Michelles, she looked pretty sad. She’s prob going home. Haha! Okay, sorry I’m a little high. I know I’ve said that a few times this episode. Well, Brian’s sucked too. I have a feeling both of them will be on the bottom.

Eric killed it! Happy for him. All the chefs loved his! Shoot, they liked Justin’s too! Sara was blah they said. Lol, she’ll be going home eventually. I think she’s a good chef, I just don’t think she’s a Top Chef. Oh, boyfriend David did well too, so that’s good.

Brother went home, lol! That was a waste. I’m kind of glad, wouldn’t have minded seeing Brian or Sara go. I’m sure their time will come.

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