RHOA – S11 E11 Texts, Lies and Therapy

Porsha Williams & Dennis McKinley Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E11 Texts, Lies and Therapy

OH MAN! Shit was cray where we left off!!! Can’t wait to see this epi! I’m sorry but that Mike scene last week was pathetic. Lol! Hopefully this week will be better, (with him).

Yikeeees, Porsha called Kandi a bitch and Kandi is leaving. I feel bad, all the ladies got Kandi so worked up, Porsha walked in, and now it’s a fight. This is not cool ladies.

Porsha is pissed that Kandi never connected with her after the scene to check in and get her story. I don’t blame here. That’s the only crappy part that makes me think it was a setup.

Well, Kandi didn’t leave after all! Porsha wants to eat haha! Lol, Tanya is cracking me up right now! Lol! Eva looks cute in her new confessional look, digging it.

Shamari just wants to eat? Is she preg too? Jk. Not going to lie, it’s pretty cool that I’ve been following the Housewives and blogging and saw all of this go down via social media! We know the trip happens and they ALL go! AND they SLAY their looks! Marlo prob dressed them.

This food looks soooo good! Lol. Oh wow!! Tanya said she didn’t mean anything by shading Nene and Nene said she didn’t think anything of it! Ya right!! Then she shades her in the confessional!

Lol, now Porsha is calling Eva out! Lol. Omg!! Now she’s asking about Cynthia?! Holy crap Porsha wtf?! Where is this coming from? Haha! She is seriously throwing her under the bus!

Porsha is bringing up something from 1 month ago! Haha. Eva is asking the ladies to go to Tokyo. This is so weird how Eva is basically tearing up over Nene. In all honesty, I just think she is kissing her ass bc she is THE OG of RHOA.

Greg is having ANOTHER party, I guess there’s a lot to celebrate. My god, Greg is being a grouch!

The ladies are getting together to meet Mike Hill. Cynthia’s lover. Man, Eva looked so good last season! She needs to get that bod back. Oh God, Eva just called Cynthia a masterpiece. Like come on, we know you just called her a grandma or whatever. Lol.

Well, I think Mike handled that well. But he’s a little too professional haha! This might be TOOOO mature!

Lol.Aweeee, Kandi is including Shamari in her play. That’s so sweet of her! Porsha is going to see her old therapist, the one she was with when she was married to Cordell. God, that relationship was soooo abusive! Just looking at the highlights! She’s reviewing the situation at Kandi’s party. Idk, I believe Porsha here. I’d be pissed. Porsha is literally my inspiration this season! I am soooo team Porsha! Loving this therapist right now.

Well all of Greg’s guest were happy with the food. I feel so bad for Nene. Well, not so bad. But I feel for her, ya know? Like this is terrible. I know a lot of people deal with it, at least they can pay for it. But that’s not what it’s about.

Hmm…apparently, Dennis texts his ex? Idk about that. Lol. Oh man, now Porsha is unloading her baggage, it’s a little late for that lol! Porsha’s being a little extra right now. Semi concerned for their relationship after seeing that. Lol.

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