RHONJ – S9 E10 From Turkey with Love

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E10 From Turkey with Love

OMG!! Lol Jennifer’s husband Bill laughed off the article! Jennifer is pissed, lol. That backfired.

Frank is training Frankie for a fitness competition. Gosh, Frankie is so cute! Lol. Wonder if he likes 31 year olds?

Dolores is looking like a hottie these days, go girl! I’m liking her, siggyless. Lol.

Wow, I cannot with this Jackie chick. She basically came at Teresa once she sat down. Then said they used to laugh at her parents when they went away for 6 months and her mom had an ankle bracelet. Like are you kidding me lady?

Teresa is meeting Frankie and Frank at the gym. They are so fing cute, I love it! She said he is probably the only trainer Joe would approve.

Jennifer has arrived in Turkey, she traveled 24HRs to stay there one day. She wants this wedding to happen!

Melissa is taking Joey to the Sugar Factory for his bday! Lol, my GF wanted to go there for my bday! Apparently, it’s awesome? Idk.

Melissa is coming in tough and I like it! Joe was telling their daughter she better do something other than retail and needs to work hard and Melissa is like, shut up. Basically. Lol.

Jennifer is being so sweet with her, soon to be sister in law! Oh man…I’m nervous about this. Marg is having the ladies over to help her prep for her Dolores’ event. Jackie is there! Ughhh, sigggggh. Well, I guess it’s just Melissa and Jackie helping her. They’re talking about Danielle. Omg, apparently, Danielle was attacking Margaret over text and Margaret told her never to talk to her again. Lol.

Hmm..kind of surprised Teresa is telling Dolores about her convo with Jackie and she sounds weirdly optimistic? Again, weird, they’re all getting along with Jackie. I don’t like this lol. #musthavedrama

All the housewives are coming through giving back to the women in Dolores’ charity. Except for Jennifer, because she’s in Turkey, helping with her brother’s engagement. Margaret is talking to shit about it to Teresa and Melissa, which I’m a little nervous about…I like Margaret!

Aweeee, Jackie is telling Dolores how sweet she is! Barf. Jackie is still standing her ground that her article was fine, even though Jennifer is upset. Oh yay, now they’re all laughing and getting along. Greattttt.

Jennifer is meeting up with Teresa, which means she’s going to tell her about Margaret, I just know it. Oh cool, Dolores is joining them.Ugh oh, there it is. Lol! Teresa told her sooo fast! Lol. Jennifer is losing it! Lol! Well, in a classy way. Lol. I am growing to like her a lot! Definitely more than Jackie! Haha. Looks like she swears at Jackie next episode! THEN Marg! Draaaaama!

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