RHOA – S11 E9 A Mother’s Love

Cynthia Bailey, Nene Leakes, Marlo Hampton & Eva Marcille Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E9 A Mother’s Love

Dennis and Porsha are soooo cute haha! Gross she’s talking about gas and farts, lol. At least she’s finally able to be herself.

Noelle is going to Howard! I was dating someone who went there lol! Omg Noelle is having a meltdown. I feel so bad for her. But it’s like girl this is the first step to growing up! You’re lucky you can go to college! I know, that’s easy to say as an outsider looking in.

Kandi is meeting up with Mama Joyce. She’s so intense. Lol. Kandi always just laughs off the things her mom says, but it’s not funny. It’s almost like her mom is a joke. Mama Joyce agreed to apologize to Todd for saying Kandi made lemonade out of lemons last season. Apparently, he hasn’t talked to her.

We’re meeting Shamari’s mother. She’s pissed about Marlo saying, “your mama”.

Eva is doing another wedding dress shopping experience. Omg, Nene invited Marlo, without asking! Lol. Even though, last time I checked, she lost the fashion competition?! Eva thought Nene is trying to get back at her for not inviting her to the bachelorette party, I thought the same thing.

Porsha and Dennis are at her ultrasound appointment! Lol! Porsha just found out she’s going to have to have a c-section and she’s disappointed. I’d be praying for a c-section lol! OMG do I have to cry every episode with them! Lol!

Idk how I feel about all of these bravo kids. Noelle can’t handle college but they all live like queens/kings and it is NOT realistic to normal kids.

Greg had his kids over to update them on his cancer situation. Surprisingly, that wasn’t as sad as I thought it would be.

Mama Joyce is around Todd, I’m nervous. Mama Joyce isn’t making sense. Man, I love Todd. Mama Joyce seems so full of BS, it’s just so hard to believe.

Cynthia is saying bye to Noelle, I think I’m going to cry lol. This is kind of boring though, wish I could fast forward lol.

Okay, ya I cried a little, lol! Love you Noelle!

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