RHOA – S11 E10 The Wrong Road

Kandi Burruss, Porsha Williams, Eva Marcille, Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Shamari Devoe & Tanya Sam Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E10 The Wrong Road

Shits about to go down this week with Kandi and Porsha. Sucks because I like both of them. Oh, this is messy, lol! Kandi invited Dennis’s ex to Todd’s party lol! Hmm…idk who I believe! This is soooo tough! I don’t trust Kandi’s squad, but at the same time, it’s believable. Dennis is too though!

Omg!! Toddddd just said Porsha was probably drinking! Lol. Hmm idk about this. Porsha’s screaming the word setup over and over, lol. Yikkkkeeess…Kandi’s crew just said Dennis is texting this chick still?! Lol Porsha is totally on to it though! Omg…

Wow, Cynthia hasn’t seen Mike in 2 months! Lol, Cynthia’s sister is nuts. He told her he has a question for her? But like, what can it be? She didn’t move to LA…

Peter is visiting Nene and Greg. He looks the same, acts the same too. Idk if I miss him. Lol. Very interested to see what Cynthia is like with Mike next.

Okay, I just loved Tanya and Eva with their hubs. They decided to host a vacation for a “make up”, of Eva’s original bachelorette party that she DIDN’T invite the girls to! Lol.

Mike just arrived and he can’t stop talking about how hot Cynthia is. He had this question he was dying to ask her. Turns out, it was to be his girlfriend. Lol. I thought they already were that? Just shows, men never grow up. At least it’s commitment, I guess?

Shamari and her husband go to therapy twice a month? Wow, it’s cool to see how real their relationship is. More couples should probably go to therapy twice a month! Or parents in general! Lol.

Porsha invited Cynthia, Shemia & Nene over to talk about Todd’s birthday party. Nene is saying Kandi is the one setting it all up. Porsha finally told the ladies she’s pregnant!

Tanya & Eva’s party is starting and I’m excited. Looks like it’s about to go off. Yikes, well Kandi was able to say her side before Porsha showed up. So that’s good. Oh god, Porsha just showed up, seeming happy AF. Lol. Bad timing.

Holy crap!! That just got crazy!! And it says to be continued!!

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