Below Deck – S6 E13 I Said, “I Got It!”

Kate Chastain & Captain Lee Rosbach Below Deck – S6 E13 I Said, “I Got It!”

Oh man, Below Deck hasn’t been on for the past 2 weeks due to the holidays. I can’t wait to see what the remainder of the season brings! I feel like all the drama already happened? But looks like Rhylee might be yelling at Ross again this episode, so I might be speaking too soon.

I forgot where we left off!! Lol! She is insane, new girl. I don’t even remember her name, oh ya Laura. The charter guests have zero idea anything happened, which is good. Rhylee’s reaction to hearing Laura screaming at Kate, lol. Of coursssse Ashton is checking on Laura. Why does she say sorry so annoyingly? She’s almost as bad as Caroline, not going to lie.

The guests are obsessed w Adrian, this lady definitely wants his nuts! Lol. Kate just said she wants to be the Primary charter guest for Halloween! God I love her! I’ve missed Below Deck so much! Lol.

Laura is venting to Rhylee, but that is NOT the person to talk to about leadership! Lol. Rhylee gave good advice overall, saying like, just do your job, there’s nothing you can do lol! I don’t blame Kate for being annoyed.

Oh God, Adrian’s back to flirting with Laura now that she’s about to leave. But I don’t think she’ll actually leave, I think she’ll need to deal with rank and make the next two charters work.

So awkward between Laura and Kate. Kate is completely ignoring her, she can’t handle her.

Wow, Laura is so annoying, I hope she doesn’t work Captain Lee over. Well, that was easy. Captain Lee said she wrote a check, her ass couldn’t deposit! Lol. She’s going to suck it up for the last 2 charters.

Wow, I’m actually kind of feeling bad for Rhylee…this seems V sexist! Rhylee’s bigger than Ross! Lol.

This episode looks amazing, location wise! Kate hates Laura soooo much! Laura only made it worse for herself by screaming at her, as if she was above her!

Well, Rhylee officially freaked out on Ross, idk if it’s the worst she’s ever been tho? Lol. Yikes, Ross and Rhylee are now saying THEY can’t work together. I’m over it. All these ppl dropping like flies! Laura just said she feels out of the loop, like we KNOW girl. Haha! That’s why you’re fucking up!

Half way through the episode and already said it’s ending. Lol. Below Deck is like RHONY, I need it all the time!

Aweeee Adrian said he isn’t interested in the Primary charter guest, how unfortunate. Lol. Kate is giving Rhylee great advice! Hopefully she takes it. Lol, Rhylee and Ross just talked and of course he had a power trip over it. She started crying, keep it together woman!

Wow, Laura said that it was hard to not mess up, when she’s being treated the way she is lol! Most pathetic excuse out there.

Lol, Captain Lee just said Adrien’s got, “Mad Skills”.

Ashton and Laura are bonding over cigs. I love Ashton, wish he wasn’t into her. Lol. But good for him I guess?

I am loving Captain Lee’s speech at the end of the charter lol! He’s like idc if you hate each other, deal with it and do your job. But in a nice way! Lol.

Hmm…wondering what Adrian’s intentions are here by telling Laura about Ashton’s past behavior. I mean, that has nothing to do with her…?

The crew is out partying hard! Lol. We’ll see what happens. Laura is being a biotch to Ashton, not cool. V typical of her. Lol.

Uh oh, Rhylee is witnessing Tyler make out and get with a ton of chicks in her face. Idk if he wants to mess with that. Lol. Tyler is hammered and laying all over Rhylee, she said she wants to have sex. Classy. The entire crew is smashed.

Awe, Ashton wants to talk to Laura. Laura is a biotch, I’m over her. Looks like next episode will be another good one.

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