Top Chef – S16 E5 Restaurant Wars Part 2

Nini Nguyen, Kelsey Barnard Clark & David Viana Top Chef – S16 E5 Restaurant Wars Part 2

OMG Restaurant Wars is picking up where it left off and things are going cray! I’ve got my Ben N’ Jerry’s out! I’m ready for Adrienne to go home. Brian, Pablo and Nini are on thin ice right now. But there’s no way Nini is going home already.

Double elimination, shit is going down. Brandon is trying to tell Michelle to speak up…wonder if she’ll go home. God, he is so hot lol!

The judges are arriving. Music is amp’d up lo. Oh ya, I forgot it’s two chick guest judges who were previously on Top Chef.

The judges are starting @ North East. Took a while for Brian to greet the judges, they’re coming in hot. I’m wondering if Adrienne is going to go home because she is doing everything. Eddie is basically cooking Brian’s dish. Tom looks annoyed.

The judges love Eddie’s dish! Yesss, he’s so cute. Lol.

Ugh oh blue team is crumbling, and I’m pretty sure they’re up next. Maybe they (Top Chef) shouldn’t have made Restaurant Wars so early? JK, I am loving it.

The judges like Adrienne’s dish! Looks like she’s good. I was wrong. They didn’t like Eric’s. Now they’re going to blue team.

Kelsey’s dish looks rooooooooough. She’s worried. This restaurant is called, Thistle. Sara is the front of house I think. Kelsey seems stressed. Sara isn’t exactly dressed nice for being the front of house…?

Ugh oh, Nini’s dessert looks like shit and she said she feels betrayed…like no one can help the shit that’s happening. Everything is hitting the fan.

The judges like Michelle’s dish so I guess she’s safe. Pablo’s up next, can’t wait to see how this goes. He’s already making excuses. Probably not a good sign. They aren’t in love. Not looking good for this team either (still @ Thistle).

Ugh oh, Blue team is throwing Nini under the bus. Justin is freaking out, but I can’t handle him. This is brutal. There’s clearly a miscommunication. Just looks disappointed, maybe he goes home? I don’t think so though…he might stick around a litttttle bit longer. The judges don’t love his. They’re on to the blue teams tactics. Their timing is off. Man, Justin hates Nini right now.

I had so much hope for Blue team and they, well, they blew it! Lol. Seems like Nini is keeping a lot of things quiet.The judges agreed everyone had issues. Ugh, they’re least fav was Justin’s…but TWO people are going home!

Okay, the red team won. Tom just told them that they really shouldn’t be that happy. Lol. Brian won. He annoys me though, idk. Eddie is so cute I love him! Lol.

I’m a little concerned for Pablo…

It’s between Justin and Nini on the Blue team. Kelsey has Nini’s back though. I have a feeling Justin and Pablo are going home. Bye boys. We’ll see though.

OMG! Nini and Pablo got kicked off! I can’t believe NiniI! I guess it makes sense. Just shocked, she’s won so much! Just goes to show, one bad episode and you’re gone.


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