Top Chef – S16 E4 Surprise…it’s Restaurant Wars

Kelsey Barnard Clark, Nini Nguyen, Eric Sarpong & David Viana Top Chef – S16 E4 Surprise…it’s Restaurant Wars

I am so into Top Chef this season! I’d feel like I’m never that into it this early on. I’m usually more into it when lots of people are out. Was a close one for Brian last it me!

THIS EPISODE is Restaurant Wars! Which is NUTS!! That never happens!! Women Power! Lol. Female judges.

David is my fav chef so far…I love Kelsey too. But I also LOVE Nini, Brandon & Eric. Eddie is also growing on me.

Oh great, Adrienne is making excuses, go figured. Yessss the judges liked Eddies (he’s hot). Love Kelsey! Idk about this Justin guy. He always has a lot of ingredients. Most of the time, it’s too complicated. Pablo, he’s always a question mark. Brandon, beautiful hair, beautiful smile, delicate plate, per Padma. Lol.

Making dinner during Top Chef, I great strategy I’ve developed over the seasons. Uh oh, Kelsey AND David are on the bottom. Along with Adrienne (not surprised there) Eric is o ntop, along with Michelle (she got interview time, so kind of saw that coming) and Brandon. Oh! Michelle won! Go girl. Didn’t see that coming. ]

Wait until they find out it’s Restaurant Wars! Eddie’s freaking out! Lol! Another twist. Three teams. The teams are amazing, as far as my favorites go. Kelsey’s coming in a little cocky. But I Love her, so it’s ok. Hopefullt she’s on to something.

Adrienne is on Eddie & Eric’s team. Brian is also on that ream, the red team. Sara is taking over her team (grey team). The grey team consists of Pablo, Brandon and Michelle. Pablo is coming in iwht a little tension. Makes me think he’ll be on the bottom. Plus Michelle has immunity.

I have a feeling the red tema is going to lose and its going to be between Brian and Adrienne going home. That’s my prediction.

Ugh oh, grey team is having issues with Pablo.

Brian is running his plan by the team and Eddie said it sounds difficult. He said he’s confident in the dish and execution (even though he’s going to be second of house).

Seems like Adrienne and Brian are really taking over the conversation for the orange team. Eddie’s trying to be aware of his budget this time around at least. Brian annoys me, he seems really hyper. Eric and Eddie are amazing chefs, I’m interested to see if its enough to keep them on top.

Oh man, Adrienne is being a little difficult. Idk if they would ever send her home though because she’s the only girl. Could look sexist. Now Brian is showing he’s nervous. Oh of course, he had a drug problem, go figure.

I think the blue team is going to win and the grey team is going to be second. I think Sara and Pablo will be on the bottom from the grey. Pablo will probably be bottom three with the other two from the orange team.

Hmm…ya I think Brian’s going home. We’ll see. Ughhh I love David’s side hat, he’s so cute! Seems like Nini’s got a plan but I’m a little nervous. Not going well for Brian already (or Pablo).

Tom’s visiting the chefs in the back, so nerve racking. Uh oh, he’s nervous for Brian. That’s never good.

Oh man, Justin’s freaking out because Nini didn’t prep the staff and Kelsey had to step in. Chill out bro.

Eric is slacking apparently. Per Adrienne. Blue teams staff is screwed. Nini is changing so maybe she’ll redeem them.

Man every team is in one way or another freaking out. OMG!! It’s a double elimination!!

OMG it’s ending?!



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