RHONJ – S9 E9 Communion AND Confession

Jackie Goldschneider, Jennifer Aydin, Teresa Guidice & Dolores Cantania Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E9 Communion AND Confession

Time to light up and tune in to RHONJ. I saw on Instagram this week that Jackie attended one of Teresa’s book signings years ago! She is so calculated. I can’t handle the way she talks. Clearly, we know why she’s on this season.

Teresa, Joe and Melissa worked out their, “problems” at the Bimini wedding, so at least that’s over with for now.

Melissa is meeting up with her favorite, Jackie, to catch up. They’re both in jean jacket attire, I’m loving Melissa’s! It’s probably from Envy. Melissa told Jackie she and Teresa are doing better and she said, good. Ya right! She’s so full of BS.

Wow, Melissa just told her she needs to give Teresa an apology. Lol! Oh ya right, now she said she’s not going to extend the olive branch unless Teresa treats her with respect. Who does this woman think she is? Lol. Melissa asked her not to cause a scene at the communion, but said she can’t say how Teresa will act. Lol.

Jennifer is growing on me! She’s shopping with her mom at, get this, JOVANI!!! For her soon to be sister in law! Man, I am liking this Turkish lifestyle more and more! Lol. She’s trying to express how her husband said she gives in to the kids and her mom said she’s on his side. Lol!

Melania is rapping this episode and I’m pumped!! She’s verrrrrrry shy at first! But she starts coming out of her shell at the end of it. She is so cute! Love her!

Yessss, Frank is meeting w Joe Gorga and it looked like from the highlights, Frank is going to set Joe straight. Whoa, the Gorga restaurant closed, didn’t hear that. I don’t think at least? Who knows lol! Okay, Joe said he’s going to try and do better. That’s positive, probably hard to argue with someone like Frank lol!

Finally! Marg! Haven’t seen her all episode! I can’t believe Marg’s step children haven’t talked to her. I feel bad for her. Like come on kids, that’s life.

HOLY CRAP!! I CANNOT BELIEVE JACKIE!! She wrote an article about Jennifer spoiling her children, without actually using her name. Dolores and Frank found the article and called Jennifer. Lol of course Jennifer is pissed!! Dolores looks surprised! Lol!

The communion after party is happening and I am pumped! Teresa is getting along great with Melissa already! She just asked if Jackie was coming and said great, so sarcastically lol! Clearly dreading it. She said she doesn’t know how she’s going to react. Dolores showed up and actually looks pretty cute.

Frank just gave Teresa advice for the upcoming body building competition and it was really cute! Love him. And her obvi!

Yessss, Jennifer just arrived! She and Tre are catching up! Now she is telling her about the article! Ughh gross, Jackie just walked in! Haha! She said she’s not going to make eye contact with Teresa! Good luck! Jennifer is coming for you!! Tre just put the word violated in Jennifer’s mouth and I am SO INTO IT! Haha.

Lol!! Joey just said he just drank alcohol! He’s hilarious!

Oh great! Now Jackie is talking to Jennifer about Teresa! Has absolutely ZERO idea what she did wrong?! Wow, she doesn’t even give a crap! She’s actually saying she thinks what she did is OK! OMG Jackie just said that Jennifer and Teresa have been ganging up on her! Ya right! She is the one who started it with BOTH of them!

Lol! Recapping Teresa and Joe’s family history, of course! Lol! Joey is so cute and funny, but man, I am nervous about that kid! Lol.

Marg is taking Jackie aside to talk about Teresa. Jackie is now saying her situation with Teresa was a “misunderstanding”, can someone say, back stepping? Oh of course, when she reads the article to Melissa and Marg she sounds so “nice” in her tone, it’s inappropriate and I’d be pissed!

Wow, Jackie said she wants to talk to Teresa. Teresa agreed, but said it won’t be a fun conversation. Good luck B!

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