RHONJ – S9 E8 Bridezilla of Bimini

Joe Gorga, Melissa Gorga, Margaret Josephs & Teresa Guidice Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E8 Bridezilla of Bimini

Now they’re working out together, no offense but I think Teresa knows more about fitness then Joe.

Teresa is FaceTiming Dolores and giving her the scoop. The ladies are on their bride squad photo shoot and Marg is complaining left and right about how uncomfortable she feels.

The guys are taking Marty out before his wedding. We’ll see how this goes. The guys are worried about him lol. Don’t worry, they break up. Lol.

Melissa says Jackie is her friend and she doesn’t want Teresa to come through like a bulldozer and fuck it up. Are you kidding me? Lol.

Now Marty is coming at Joe because he’s warning him about Danielle. Joe Gorga was funny just now, I like him when he’s not being a jerk or a pervert.

Jackie is meeting up with Dolores to try and figure out how to work things out with Teresa. Like…how about try not attacking her? I can’t stand Jackie’s lisp. She’s annoying. Wow she is just not getting it. How is she not getting this? Can’t handle her. Get her Dolores!

I can’t with Jackie. She seems so full of shit. Awkward.

Joe Gorga is wasted lol! Glad he’s having fun. The guys are telling the ladies what happened and they’re like, are you kidding?! I live for Marg and Joe though, they are amazing.

I appreciate Jennifer’s values. Her family owns a jeweler store!

Poor Marg got yelled at by Danielle because it was raining and she called it out more than once. I think Marg is doing her best considering the circumstances.

Oh gosh, now Danielle is going after the men! I’m scared! Lol. Well, that was extremely uncomfortable lol. Danielle called out Joe and then said she knew it was all coming from Marg. Luckily Joe Gorga changed the subject and brought up how much Marty loved Danielle. Then everyone moved on.

Yikes, this is so awkward. This is the worst brides room ever!! Lol. Danielle is crazy and holding grudges against everyone! Marg and Marty apparently. Marg said she’s taking a plane home, Danielle is now asking her to stay.

OMG!! Marg just said Dolores is right (about Danielle)!! Lol. I’m sure Danielle is heartbroken seeing that!

These spray tans are so shitty. Lol. Marty’s vows seem emotionless. Yikes, Marg is talking such shit lol.

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