RHONJ – S9 E7 Brunch Gone Bad

Melissa & Joe Gorga & Teresa Guidice Real Housewives of New Jersey – S9 E7 Brunch Gone Bad

Marg is hosting a brunch for all the ladies to work things out, ya right lol! I can’t wait to see how this goes. Omg the brunch is starting right away!

I’m so over this Jackie lady. Even if she has a point, she’s annoying lol! I love Teresa’s blonde hair! Yessss Danielle is coming to brunch! Holy crap, Dolores is talking shit about Danielle the second she walks in! Lol.

Hmm Dolores just admitted that she was jealous Danielle gets so many men to propose to her. Whoa whoa whoa, now she’s going after Melissa. This is awkward. Now Jackie is busting in again!! OMG! Teresa officially told Jackie to shut it!

Yikes, this is awkward. I mean sure, Jackie is right. But back off. I’m always team Tre and I’m always about family rules! Lol! Yes, Danielle is jumping in. Thank you!

Yikes, Marg just admitted in her confessional that she gets the point and agrees with Jackie. She should be careful.

Oh oh watch out Jennifer is coming through! Having Teresa’s back. OMG Jackie, can’t handle you. Lol. Danielle just asked if Melissa and Jackie have a lesbian thing going on?!

Teresa just left with Dolores and didn’t even say bye to the ladies lol! They’re about to go on a girl’s trip together…good luck! That brunch made things worse!

Ugh, the way Joe talks is so gross, I can’t. Lol! Danielle is making the bridesmaids to a sexy photo shoot!

Jackie called up Dolores to meet up and talk about everything that’s happened between them, since they don’t really even know each other. She said she can’t wait. Lol! Hopefully Jackie won’t regret that.

Danielle is getting off the plane and already causing drama. Wow she is losing it lol. I’m sure everyone wants to kill her.

Omg, Jennifer linked up her brother with him future wife. She said no one in her family has been divorced! Very impressive.

Awkward, Marty’s children don’t like Danielle. Lol, yikes! Danielle and Marty are literally fighting at the dinner table!! Like, not surprised they divorce! Joe Gorga said if he was getting married and his kids didn’t like his fiancé he’d leave her. Ya right Joe. We’ve seen your loyalty.

Omg now Melissa is going after Dolores when she’s not even there? Joe stands up like he’s about to hit Teresa, please. This shit is annoying. Everything Melissa just said was hypocritical. I love how she suddenly has a voice now that 1. Dolores is gone and 2. Joe’s around. I can’t believe she just said Teresa should have stuck up for her. Lol, that is a joke.

Omg Danielle! Lol, she just said that Melissa is in the wrong. Joe is trying to fix things, I am actually shocked he’s attempting to handle this. Teresa, Joe and Melissa agree to let it go and move on and just get along. We’ll see if this lasts.


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