Top Chef – S16 E3 Naughty and Nice

Richard Blais, Brooke Williamson, Padma Lakshmi, Nini Nguyen & Eddie Konrad Top Chef – S16 E3 Naughty and Nice

Eddie feels guilty about blowing the budget last episode. I wonder if that will affect his food? I love Brandon! God he is so cute! He straightens his hair lol.

Padma is looking so good! Go girl! Omg! Brook and Richard are guest judges for the quickfire challenge, yay! The cheftestants only have 30 mins to cook their favorite Xmas meal! Lol.

Oh man! What a switch! Everyone has to give up their box of produce and do a white elephant type steal/switch! Awe, poor wannabe Tom (David) got screwed.

God, I love Kelsey! Great personality, plus awesome chef! She just said she can’t just wrap asparagus in bacon, like that sounds amazing! Haha.

Oh, man Sara seems kind of bummed out in her interview, I wonder if she’ll be on the bottom? I think Adrienne will also be on the bottom…we’ll see.

Ouch, Richard just dissed Brandon a little…Pablo looks nervous, he needs to take a chill pill. He’s a little too stressed.

Ugh oh, Padma wanted bacon WRAPPED asparagus! David won the quickfire challenge, after all that! Good for him. Clearly he is a top chef.

The cheftestants get to have xmas dinner with Padma, Tom and a few other lead guest judges. Omg! Nini just broke my heart! Her brother died of cancer two weeks after Xmas. I love her now. Lol, she’s a badass.

The elimination challenge is starting! The cheftestants have to create desserts for the judges to eat, post dinner. Ugh, David was just cute in the kitchen with Nini, he’s my second fav cutest wise. Prob first fav, chef wise. Lol.

Justin is doing something very different. We’ll see how this goes, he’s making cheese and fruit. Which makes me think he might do well. Ugh oh, Sara is complaining…looks like my prediction might be right!

I’m a little worried for Eddie, hopefully he can come through with some sort of pastry. So far, not looking great lol. Ugh oh, Pablo is making excuses…he might be on the bottom.

Lol Tom just told Padma the chefs are, “making a Mess” back there, not anything specific about food lol.

Omg I am full just watching them eat this food! Lol! Oh man, looks like Nini might end up winning again! Lol. Padma just loves her though. She likes tough chicks. Yikes, the judges did not like Brian’s biscuits. Eddie did well! Woohoo, idk there’s something about him I like. Michelle was too confident, they didn’t love hers. Hottie Eric did well, so that’s good.

Ugh oh, Kevin’s dish was too salty, I have a feeling he’s on the bottom, he’s had a lot of confessional time so far. Ohhh they liked Kelsey’s dessert! Maybe she’ll win?

Oh no!!! They didn’t like Brandon’s L

They weren’t a fan of Justin’s after all. Yessss or Natalie, she needs to go! They liked David’s dessert, but I don’t think enough to win. I think it’s between Kelsey, Nini and Eddie.

The cheftestants just woke up and are heading to see the judges for critiques. Yessss! I guessed right about the fav dishes!! I know Top Chef so well! Lol. I think Kelsey is going to win…might be Eddie though, since Kelsey’s pic is on the Bravo Now App.

OMG!! Nini won AGAIN!! Are you kidding? Two in a row? These cheftestants better step it up!! Wow, Kevin, Pablo and Brian are on the bottom. Idk who is going to go home…yikes Tom just told Kevin if his dessert was going to be that bad, don’t plate it! Lol!! I think he might be going home.

I think Pablo is safe. I think it’s going to be Kevin. Yep, Kevin’s gone. He was a nice guy! Just a little dorky. Lol!

I love Top Chef! It’s just going to get better and better!


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