RHOA – S11 E8 Final Destin-ation

Porsha Williams, Nene Leakes, Cynthia Bailey, Shamari Devoe & Tanya Sam Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E8 Final Destin-ation

Just finished the last episode and I’m excited to see how this girls trip finishes off. So far there’s been a shit ton of tea spilt. Lol.

Porsha is so cute talking to her sis on FaceTime. She better whisper! She’s notttt very quiet. Lol! She’s making fake Hennessey! Hahaha! Love her!!

Marlo just showed up to Shamari’s room to give her fashion advice!! She is barely taking it! She needs to listen!

Lol yessss Porsha and Nene are hosting a game called, Bitch Stole My Talent! I am so pumped for this! I can’t wait to see who wins the model competition!

OMG!! Lol Kandi is practicing and warming up and she sounds incredible! Haha!! So funny, like Kandi you don’t need to practice, you will win. Lol. Marlo is huge. I can’t believe there are men that can handle that!

Oh no, Tanya just said, “for a low $___” talking about her sunglasses from Swag Boutique. She is fucked lol! Don’t mess with Nene. Kandi says she likes her for the shade. Tanya won! Lol!

Cynthia slayed that modeling competition. Lol Shamari is STILL wearing the outfit Marlo styled her in, let’s not pretend she doesn’t love it. Yikes! Nene just said, “Kandi’s a songwriter, Shamari’s a singer”. Lol! Burn.

Porsha is literally wearing PJs with her belly out, like I think she WANTS the ladies to ask? And how are they not?! Lol.

Lol!! The women are either doing massages & ariel yoga! Oh no, Shamari is now saying she doesn’t feel good about the fashion situation that happened with Marlo, she lovvvves to hold on to stuff. Lol.

Oh man, here it comes, the ladies are on to Porsha. They think she’s pregnant, other than the fact that she bought Hennessey! Good thing she planned that! Uh oh, Nene is in her room now asking her. Idk if she’ll lie to Nene…?

Haha she’s fibbing to Nene kinddddd of. They are recapping all of the times Porsha has wanted kids! Lol.

Cynthia believes it’s Hennessey! Eva just called Cynthia, Carmen Sandiego. What’s with her? I think she’s jealous.

Yikes Marlo and Shamari are going back and forth at each other and it’s annoying lol! Shamari called her a bitch first, then she retaliated.

Yikes, this is getting ugly!! Shot for shot. OMG Nene is now calling Tanya ignorant!! I think it’s because she’s pissed about the low blow earlier.

Well the ladies seemed to let out their frustrations this trip, and Porsha was able to keep PJ a secret, for now.

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