RHOA – S11 E7 Sisterhood of the Traveling Peaches

Nene Leakes Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E7 Sisterhood of the Traveling Peaches

Lol Porsha is working @ Dennis’ hotdog shop! She actually worked pretty hard. His mom keeps asking about a prenup, kind of awkward. Lol.

I’m not sure about Cynthia’s new boo. Doesn’t seem like he makes a lot of time for her? Idk how long distance is going to work if she’s loving Lake Bailey.

I can’t with Shamari, she seems kind of trashy to me. I guess we need a little bit of that though? Now that Porsha’s in love and doing well lol.

Kandi is also going on the couple’s trip alone…Todd has a commitment. Riley asked if she would take her and then complained because their last vacation was a month prior? Come on now. This is the daughter who complains her parents work too much? Confused.

Lol!! Nene brought up playing pillow talk and Greg is like nooo! They showed the clip of Kandi losing it. OMG! Now Dennis can’t come! Lol! The only guy around is Greg! Lol and Shamari’s husband that no one likes.

Nene is looking cute AF with this long blonde hair. I need to snap a pic. Lol, well, apparently, this is no longer a couples’ trip! Ha! So weird all the guys couldn’t go, basically.

God Dennis is so fing cute!! I am soooo jel!! Not jel, just praying for it too! Oh man, Porsha isn’t drinking and the ladies are totally calling her out! Idk how she’s going to pull this off!!

Awe, Eva is already inviting Shamari to her wedding, and they barely know each other! Lol. Even though she freaked on her mom who wanted to invite ppl, right?

Love that Kandi is hosting the prevacation meet up. She said it’s most convenient for everyone. Lol!

The ladies are on their way and playing truth or dare! Shamari and Eva are getting kinky, and I think she likes it! Creeeepy. Awkward! Lol!!! Eva is having to call her boo and be sexy and it is NOT sexy at all! This is not good hahah! Porsha is cracking me up, God I love her!

Aweee Kandi is now calling Todd and doing the same thing! Haha! Worked way faster and better than Eva!

Porsha is getting a truth question! OMG! Nene, the shhhhhhade!!! She just asked if Dennis dated anyone that someone on the bus knows? Maybe I should have posted a clip of that?! They have had serrrious conflict post season. Yikkkkes Kandi is getting at her.

Omg!! Wow, Porsha is flip flopping back and forth!! Right on camera! Not good. Nene set up Kandi, and Kandi won that.

All Marlo does is talk crap. But in an annoying way. Thank goodness, she’s only a guest. Lol, she just made me laugh actually, take that back.

Eva get’s to go first setting up rooms. Omg Porsha just called Marlo a heifer! Haha love it.

Hmm this is a twist, the girls get to choose which room they get! Cynthia and Porsha are hilarious lol!

OMG!! Marlo forced Tanya to take the bunk beds! Lol. Then threw more shade at Eva AGAIN! Lol. It’s hilarious. I don’t get it though?

Haha!! Cynthia just called out Eva in front of everyone!! Apparently, she had a bachelorette party and didn’t invite any of the ladies?? Now she’s saying it was a surprise. Thennnn Porsha said she was invited! This is so weird! Eva asked Nene to speak at her wedding, but didn’t invite her to the bachelorette party?

Man, this episode is left and right tea spilt!! Get a towel! This is cray haha.

The ladies are seriously speaking up on behalf of Nene. Eva is the one dropping that they’re BFFs and then doesn’t invite her to her party, it’s a “big” deal.

This is awkward, I feel like Eva is full of shit. Haha! Finally, Nene speaks up. Eva is being a little annoying this season, not sure I’m a fan.

Haha Shamari just yelled NOOO, everything wasn’t good and started on Porsha. Then called Dennis the wrong name lol! Are we really talking about Eva throwing shade at Shamari’s styling again?!! Marlo is offering to help Shamari with her fashion, I think she should take her up on that. Ooooo she’s looking good with dark hair in her confessional though! Oh, now Porsha and Shamari are friends? I think that’s fake.

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