RHOA – S11 E6 Whining and Dining

Eva Marcille, Nene Leakes, Kandi Burruss & Porsha Williams Real Housewives of Atlanta – S11 E6 Whining and Dining

Love that Shamari and her husband haven’t filed their taxes or whatever came out today. Cynthia’s ex is hotttttttt. Idk why she doesn’t get back with him!? Lol.

Shamari and her husband annoy me lol. They’re going out to dinner with Kandi and Todd. Idk why she’s bringing up her talking about an open relationship, who cares? Not us. We don’t even know you guys. Umm…awkward. Shamari’s husband basically admitted he got feelings for other people, but she was surprised. So he took it back lol.

We’re re-meeting Tanya, Nene’s friend. She is a little much & has a huge forehead. Nene just shaded her closet, it was hilarious! Whoa, she just did it again, this time about her relationship? Was Tanya brought on to be the drama, because I’m OK w it. Lol.

Nene and Greg are hosting a couples night themed, Boobs and Bourbon. Top Chef was also a Bourbon theme this week…coincidence?

Porsha is calling Lauren to talk about the wine tasting. She is getting ready to go meet Kandi. This is a litttttle awkward. Kandi is just smiling while Porsha is being pretty calm (for Porsha).

Yikes, Kandi was trying to come from a good place and Porsha can’t handle it. She’s like, I just don’t want to talk about it.

Cynthia’s bf can’t make couples night…awkward. I wonder if she’s going to move to LA? Idk how they’ll make it work long distance? All of Nene’s friends are her customers from Swag Boutique. Lol.

Umm…Marlo’s date is gross…Yikes this Yvonne chick is giving weird vibes to Eva. Porsha and Dennis finally arrive. Lol editing is showing Nene talking forever about she and Greg.

Omg awkward, this girl (Yvonne) is all butt hurt because Eva doesn’t remember her lol. Nene and Greg are hosting a couples trip!

WThell Dennis is too good to be true!! He is always buying her stuff and he’s so cute! Omgah I am so happy for Porsha! I am so jealous!!

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