Top Chef – S16 E1 The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

Padma Lakshmi, Tom Colicchio, Brandon Rosen, Kelsey Clark, Eric Sarpong & David Viana Top Chef – S16 E1 The Fastest 2 Minutes in Cooking

OMG Top Chef is here!!! I am sooooo excited! And hungry! Lol. Hoping for some serious eye candy! Last season I was let down by Padma. I’m pumped about the location of this season! I’ve never been to Kentucky! So hopefully we’ll see some cool stuff! I get to live vicariously through Top Chef.

Obviously, Top Chef is no housewives, but there’s still drama! Definitely reason to blog! There’s at least one hot guy, Brandon, from Cali. He said he’s a little cocky though. At least he owns it, I guess? This Eric guy is hot too!

A two-minute quick fire?! Oh, it’s just two minutes to use their knives! Everyone who watches Top Chef, knows it doesn’t get good until all the losers are gone. Okay, apparently it’s a 22 minute quick fire.

Uh oh, Brandon (hot guy) is getting on his partner Adrienne’s nerves because he’s being too bossy. Oh wow, now they’re almost done and she said he’s fine (to his face).

Green team pulled off the win for the Quick Fire challenge. They cooked steak but were unable to cook it, without the knife. Luckily, they redeemed themselves w a fancy egg dish. Lol.

I’m excited about this elimination challenge. Each team from the quick fire challenge is now going to be going against the other members of their team. There will be one winner, one safe person, and one person up for elimination.

Uh oh, two people are making ricotta! OMG!! The wannabe Tom (guy that is from Tom’s town) forgot to buy FLOUR!! He was going to make pasta. Def has to rethink his plan. I like this Kelsey girl. She’s probably going to be my fav chick. So wannabe Tom decided to make soup? Hopefully he doesn’t go home.

Omg Brandon is telling Adrienne she’s not going to have enough time to make her pasta. Even though she has multiple pasta restaurants! Lol.

Kelsey knows Sara. They go way back. She’s now one of my favorite girls as well, but I like Kelsey better! Lol.

I semi like the Miami guy (Pablo). He has a cute accent. We’ll see if he lasts.

Looks like Brandon was right, Adrienne doesn’t have time to stuff her pasta. Lol, love him. Glad he was correct. Hopefully he doesn’t get annoying though.

Holy crap the Top Chef house is incredible! I’ve never seen a Top Chef house this nice! Idk how I feel about Justin, he’s kind of annoying. Wow, Brandon’s teammates hatttte him!!

Elimination challenge is beginning! The guests have arrived!! Judges are in the house!!

Red team does first. Eric and Kelsey were on top. Kelsey wins!! Oh god. Caitlin lost and she seems flustered. She told the guests not to let it keep them from trying hers. Lol. Awkward…

I like this Eddie guy. He seems funny, in an off way. Lol. He was able to make it through, but did not win.

Uh oh, chef Sara is on the bottom. I just think she had tough competitors. I don’t think she’ll go home.

Lol Natalie won the elimination challenge. She said her ex loves Top Chef! Lol, so she “won” the breakup!

It’s between Kevin, Adrienne and Caitlin. Caitlin is going home. Kind of liked her, feel bad. She doesn’t seem that sad though.

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