RHONJ – S9 E6 Last Fling Before the Ring

Teresa Guidice, Melissa Gorga, Danielle Staub & Margaret Josephs Real Housewives of New Jerseyv– S9 E6 Last Fling Before the Ring

Marg and Teresa are planning Danielle’s Bachelorette party. Omg, how Marg stayed friends with her is beyond me?

Uh oh, I think Marg is kind of jumping in on Teresa and Melissa’s relationship here. I know she’s coming from a good place.

Man, I hear that I’m a tough sister in law, like are you kidding me? Teresa is the toughest lol.

I feel like Teresa’s tagline should be, if you’re marrying my brother, you’re marrying me. Lol.

Omg, Joey is a little brat! He’s still cute, I know he’s just a kid. Sorry I think most kids are brats! It’s not personal. They’re still the cutest kids ever!

Wow, props to Melissa, trying to encourage her husband to do the right thing. Talk to his sister (Teresa). Didn’t even mention they got into it again! See Teresa, she learned! Lol…Teresa just yelled at her about that last time.

I know this is harsh, but I can’t look at Dolores’ mom. I don’t understand Dolores’ living situation. Her ex lives with her and fills the voids her current bf doesn’t fill. I guess if anything, she’s living the life? Lol. I mean, if you like your ex?

Not 100% sure how I feel about Jackie. I mean, she went after Teresa, which I didn’t like. Even though she might have a point! Lol. It’s about respect people! Joe and Melissa are having dinner @ Jackie’s house. He’s being a pervert already.

Jackie is saying she and her sister weren’t close, and she is 5 years older than her. My sis is 5 years older than me too and guess what, we’re besties! Clearly, that says something about her personality.

Dolores is pissed that Frank told Frankie that he was disbarred. I thought it was a new lie per the previews, but it’s the same thing. I don’t really think Frank getting disbarred is that big of a deal. Is that bad? Lol. I need something juicer!! Like PK getting sued!

Oh man…now Marg is telling Melissa what Teresa is saying to her in confidence. I think she’s trying to make things better, but might be making it worse. We’ll see, she’s going to plan a brunch for the ladies to “make up”.

Teresa, Marg and Melissa are getting together with Danielle to look at dresses. Omg. This is so awkward…I would never want to be in Danielle’s wedding! This is hell lol! Wtf, this is bringing Bridezilla to a whole nother level!

Holy crap!!! Marg just set her straight!!! Go girl!! Marg was storming out leaving, now she’s back and Danielle is sobbing in her arms. This is nutto! Omg.

Wow, Jennifer’s life is insane. I wonder if she’ll be bankrupt next?

Oh, Jackie is close with her brother, but not her sister. Cool. Wow, she said his condition made her more compassionate. Where’s the compassion for Tre?! Okay, Jackie’s family is scary looking.

Hmm…Jackie is thinking of reconciling with her sister? I actually like Jackie’s second confessional look. Now, she says it would be nice to have a sister back? After hanging with Joe and Melissa?! The ones that AREN’T getting along with their sister? Lol. That was a quick turn around.

Danielle’s Bachelorette party is starting. Marg went all out omg! The girls look gorgeous. Teresa just said, underwears. With and S. Lol!

These male strippers are like from chip n dales. Holy crap! These guys are basically eating Danielle out on stage!

Danielle is asking Teresa about Melissa, she said she can sense the tension. Yessss, Teresa is telling Danielle about what Jackie said!! Yesss, Danielle’s got her back! Lol, Teresa said she’s going to have it out with Jackie! Woot woot, now that she’s got her girls to back her up. Lol, good luck Jackie.








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