Below Deck – S6 E11 Let Them Eat Chicken!

Kate Chastain, Captain Lee Rosbach, Ross Inia & Ashton Pienaar Below Deck – S6 E11 Let Them Eat Chicken!

Okay, starting out with Ashton going under. I’m scared! Well…that seemed a lot more intense in the commercials! I’m sure it was scary AF. Holy crap. I can’t believe he survived that. That would have scared the shit out of me if I was on the boat.

Thank god for the camera man!! Oh man, Ross is on his way to talk to Captain Lee! My god Captain Lee is so cute! He just started crying in his confessional saying he would hate to make that call to his parents!

Well the guests and crew are working past what just happened. Back to business. Ashton is FINALLY getting back on the boat! Ashton’s ankle doesn’t look that bad hahah!

Yikes, this new stew is rough. She’s complaining about the condition of the boat. Kate is not into it, go figure. I love her!! She just provided the guests with cocktails to hopefully make them forget about how horrible that near death experience was!

The doc is on board, the ankle isn’t broken, so that’s good news! Yikkkkkkes, Laura just said the bar is set LOW on this yacht!

Adrian is making the guests chicken for dinner! Lol. Let’s see how this goes, he said it’s comfort food. I’m sure they’ll love it, like always!

OMG the guests just said chicken is what poor people eat! Or healthy people? These guests are assholes! Oh thank you, Kate just said that for me. I love chicken, it’s basically the only meat I’ll eat! These guests are horrible. Might be worse than the Asian guy from the beginning of the season. Adrian prepped scallops as a backup, the guests said he should have made that from the beginning!

The new deckhand is kind of hot? Idk what his name is yet. Omg Kate is redoing the new stew’s work! I love herrrrrr!!

Omg Adrian!! What the hell, why are you throwing Kate under the bus?! Then he goes and tells the new girl she needs to know her role and just deal with it? He is very confusing! I guess I’ll let it go since he just lost his dad! I’m sure that’s horrible, seems like he’s held it together pretty well so far.

What the hell is the new 3rd stew thinking? She just offered to do yoga, when all the guest asked for was coffee! Lol. Well Kate just nipped that in the butt. New girl was trying to clarify the issue and acknowledged Adrian said something to her…so I wonder if Kate is going to say anything to Adrian?

Oh no, Ross is getting yelled at by Captain Lee on something they JUST reviewed. Rhylee wasn’t listening over and over!

Captain Lee is PISSSSSED!!! He just yelled at Rhylee and for once she didn’t respond! Rhylee is making excuses. Wow!! Ross and Rhylee just started yelling at each other and the guests are just staring at them!! So awkward!! Rhylee is so scary looking, I’m sorry! Omg! All she does is swear and scream! I don’t get how she thinks the guys CAN talk to her? They can’t get anything out.

Ugh, I cannot watch this! I’m over the yelling. Awe, Kate is checking in on Ashton. She told him to radio her if he needs anything, so sweet!

Lol! Kate said she doesn’t know why anyone wants to celebrate their birthday? Lol! She’s amazing. Omg, Laura just said Adrian only has 1 thing on his mind (implying sex)? Kind of crazy we haven’t seen that a tonnnn from him, only like twice. I’d say that about Ashton, yes! Lol.

Speak of the devil! Ashton’s now hitting on Laura. Lol. Well the guests were happy with the birthday surprise and dinner. Adrian is trying to make more expensive meats for them. Lol!

Well Ashton’s back out on the deck, ready to work. He is definitely dedicated, I’ll give him that. Omg! The new deckhand just said that Rhylee is hot!! Holy crap lol. Seems like the deck crew are all getting along now though, so that’s good! Maybe the rest of the season will be danger/scream free? I don’t want to jinx it!

Interior is helping the deck crew dock! What the heck? Lol. The guests are departing, new girl was late! I’m glad they’re leaving, I was not a fan of them.

Omg!! Ashton just offered up his tip to the crew and Captain Lee shut that down! He said it was not ok with him! He said there’s about to be a very sobering meeting for the entire crew! Yikes.

Omg! He’s breaking down the scenario with Ashton! This is so scary! Man, I am choking up! I am glad Ashton is OK! Love you Ashton!! Holy crap that meeting! Captain Lee is so cute I love him!




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