Below Deck – S6 E10 Man Overboard

Ross Inia, Rhylee Gerber, Ashton Pienaar Below Deck – S6 E10 Man Overboard

Last week’s episode was innnnntense! Can’t wait to see what happens this episode. Spoiler, I already learned from social media that we don’t find out what happens to Ashton until next week.

Starting where we left off. Rhylee and Ross fighting. This is “pre” kiss. Seems like everything is going better now that Chandler and Caroline are gone lol.

Yikes, Captain Lee just heard Rhylee giving Ross a hard time over the walkie talkies. He said Ross needs to get her in line.

Interior is working their asses off. Omg this food looks amazing from Adrian!!! He makes my mouth water! Bravo makes it seem like the guests are going to be unhappy, but they’re not! Woohoo, go Adrian again! Lol.

The guests wanted the slide out, and now no one wants to go swimming. Lol. She asked Kate to swim and Kate said she didn’t know how lol. Awe Adrian will go with her! He’s so cute! Love him.

Rhylee said she’s tired of being talked to the way she is, that’s why she’s speaking to Ross the way she it. Adrian and Ashton are talking about the Rhylee situation, Ashton said he’ll prob talk to her again one day.

Captain Lee is happy with the crew this charter! The new stew Laura just arrived. She has 2 years of experience and has been a chief stew before. Which is good! Oh noooo, Josiah is complaining that she talks too much…already!

Ashton right away says he wants to hook up with her lol!

Oh noooo she’s already complaining and saying her past chief stew was better. Uh oh, Kate is complaining about her too! Oh god, these guys are being annoying. They’re all creeping on the new girl. Ashton thinks chef is trying to embarrass him in front of the new stew. Lol. Chill bro.

The guys are being jerks to Rhylee, it’s disgusting. New girl is annoying the crap out of Kate. She’s making it pretty obvious. Rhylee is trying to bond with the new girl and then Ashton took a Kayak out to meet her! Lol. Omg, Ross wants Rhylee soooo bad! Lol. Laura (new stew) likes Adrian the most. Too bad he has a gf? Eww Ross and Rhylee are grossing me out.

Laura says she doesn’t want Ashton, but she’s getting in the Jacuzzi with him alone…? So far it’s not sexual. This girl seems bored. Lol. Awe, Ashton was such a cute baby.

The new deckhand has arrived, his name is Tyler. He is OK. Wowwww Kate realllly hates the new girl. The guests are on board and the deck crew is getting everything together. Ross is complaining that he wished the new guy would have arrived earlier. Everything is finally good to go and then a rope gets wrapped around Ashton’s leg. Ashton get’s taken under and you can’t see him at all. All you hear is screaming!

Then the episode ends.

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