Vanderpump Rules – S7 E3 Either Him or Me

Stassi Shroeder, Kristen Doute, Katie Schwartz & Lisa Vanderpump Vanderpump Rules – S7 E3 Either Him or Me

Well, just finished the second episode. Katie is about to give LVP  with an ultimatum? Are you kidding me? Who the F does she think she is? Lol. These people are ridiculous! They’re all almost 40, if not already 40, and work at a restaurant! Sorry, I like ½ of them. Lol. And I think Jax is the old one? I guess he’s 39.

James is losing his shit, shouting he’s a star down the boulevard. Kristen attacked him and so did Katie. Absolute bullshit, lol. He shouldn’t have said anything about her weight, but it’s James, he’s never been good. Lol.

Yesss, Raquel is going after Kristen. Scheana is befriending Raquel, because neither of them have friends lol.

Omg, I can’t handle this Hope chick. Lol. Anyone named Hope has to be a slut, sorry. I don’t blame Raquel. Unless, there’s proof fuck it. No pun intended! 😉

Lisa loves James, she’ll never fire him. Lol, or at least I don’t think she will? Not again. Lisa is asking Raquel to step in and babysit James.

Lol! Now James is walking away sad and Raquel is chasing after him. Looks like they’ll be fine. #denial. It’s like James aspires to be Jax.

Katie tells Schwartz about what happens and asks him for a hug, he said he’s comfortable on the couch but gets up when she stands over him. lol. Schwartz is prob already cheating by now. Or he’s too busy with the restaurant to care.

Idk if I believe James, but I don’t care. Lol. Yikes, Peter just disinvited James to his birthday party….awkwarrdddd…good thing is Peter’s not that great. Lol. Wow, Raquel says she just wants James to quit drinking all together?! Idk if that’s realistic. Guess there’s always weed?

Oh hey Teddi! Oh wow, Teddi is asking for a job for her brother? Hopefully he’s hot! Lol. Pretty sure this was pre everyone hating LVP on RHOBH. Lol. Yessss, finally we’re talking about Scheana and Adam. Well, that lasted a second.

Everyone hates Scheana, we all know this. Yes, she is a flip flopper, yes, she has no friends. Lol. Wow, Jax is back on the schedule at Sur. Not surprised. Can’t stand that he got what he wants. Lol. Why do we keep supporting this scumbag?

It’s so weird that Stassi and Ariana are getting along. Ugh oh, Scheana is admitting Stassi and Ariana’s relationship makes her insecure. This is not going to go well.

I am obsessed with Ariana’s hoodie, I want to know where she got it?! I swear Lala has one! Ariana is looking slammin’ in her confessional. I feel kind of bad, she’s starting to not like Scheana lol. It was only a matter of time, next one she’s going to move on from is Raquel.

Umm…whattt? Brittany and Jax are starting a beer cheese brand? I thought he was starting just add Jaxx? So confused. Haven’t heard shit about beer cheese!

Omg, Brittany is acting happy Jax will be working with her. Like, come on girl, get some space! You’re marrying him, on a show with him and working with him?

Jax is such a hypocrite, I can’t. Omg!! Brittany just said at least Jax told her the truth?! Are you kidding me? There was a recording! He had no choice!!

Tom is going to confront James for talking shit about Katie’s body. Lol, can’t wait for this! Haha. I’m sure Katie twisted his arm. PAHLEASE!!! Schwarts just told James he’s gotta get his act together? Are you kidding me? All of these people are hypocrites!

Brittany just said the only guy she’s ever wanted to smack was James…ummm what about your fiancé? Kristen looks repulsed. Awkward. I can’t with these mean girls. When is this going to stop? Stassi, Katie and Kristen are clearly mean girls and need to get lives. Like when do people grow up? Clearly, never. Bravo has proven that to me. Lol.

Brittany is making Raquel admit that James has been shitty. Like please stop talking?! Oh God, now Brittany is telling her that James called Katie fat. Like I can’t. Everyone has an opinion, even though they’ve all dealt with it and some continue to deal with it. Sorry. I get it, Stassi is in a better relationship now, good for you.

They are ALLLLLLL hypocrites!! Sorry if I’m sounding like a broken alarm, but this episode is making me so annoyed haha. All of their jerk husbands and boyfriends have cheated!!!!! I can’t with Katie, now she’s bullying Lisa into firing James? Please. She just told Lisa about what James said…so far she is not agreeing to firing James. Oh shoot….now I’m getting a little nervous. Katie is giving her an ultimatum, she said the last one she gave worked (to Schwartz). Girl, don’t jinx it.

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