Vanderpump Rules – S7 E2 Hope and Pride

Lisa Vanderpump, Jax Taylor, James Kennedy, Raquel Leviss & Katie Schwartz Vanderpump Rules – S7 E2 Hope and Pride

Episode 2 of Pump Rules is starting! Recap from last week, everyone hates James, Jax proposed to Brittany and Lala is queen…or is Stassi? One’s the queen of basic, the other is luxury. Lol!

Jax surprised Brittany with an engagement celebration back at their place. Stassi pretty much did it all, so of course it went amazingly. Idk, it’s so hard for me to watch this relationship. Am I alone? Lol.

Oh Billie Lee is visiting James. Supposedly everyone fights with Billie Lee this season, I’ve never been that into her.

I’m sorry, but I love James. I mean come on, we need him. He’s entertainment. I like when he clashes with Jax, not when they get along.

Omg, Jax’s situation with his mom is f’d up. I actually feel bad for him about that part. God Lala is so awesome. She’s amazing. #goals

Now Kristin is talking about taking out James. Like please girl, I’m over you yelling at James. You dated him and I’m pretty sure stilllll want him.

Pride season, very Sur. Aweeee Sandavol seems so envious about Jax and Brittany. I feel like he wants to marry Ariana soooo bad. Tom is nervous Jax is still the old Jax. I mean, for your bestie to say that, is pretty bad.

Oh wow, Kristin is pissed because Lisa didn’t fire James for what he did to Brittany. Are you kidding with me? She’s the one staying with the asshole! Lala still hates James for commenting that he hooked up with her, but I’m just glad she’s acknowledging it happened.

Ew, this girl James got with is nottttt cute lol. This seems sooo scripted and fake. Lol. Idk about this. Kristin, get a life. I don’t think she likes Carter, seriously. She’s clearly still obsessed with James.

Jax is meeting up with Lisa to ask for his job back. Probably because he used all of his money on Brittany’s ring. He’s pathetic. Brittany is going to be selling the ring to pay the bills in no time! Lol. Please Lisa, noooooo!!!

James has been cheating on Raquel ever since she’s been in the picture, why are we caring now? I’m glad Ariana and Tom are nice to she and James. They need friends. If they start hating him, he’s screwed, lol. Idk why they always call him the white Kanye?! I’m sure Kanye would is insulted.

James is bringing up Tom and Ariana getting engaged!! Tom is joking about it and Ariana looks freaked out!! I wonder why she’s so against it? Maybe marriage is just not for her? Oh man, this episode about Pride is seriously corny lol!

Katie says she’s happy, so I guess I believe her…for now. We’ll see. Now that’s a relationship I think will go south! Lol.

God, Jax is like getting off about the fact that he’s there working. He’s trying to act calm and cool about it but he’s being annoying. Scheana’s singing and it sounds just as bad as it did before. Lol.

Yessssss, James is getting after it on the bar lol! Omg, this is weirrrrrd. Kristin is being so awkward with Raquel. I feel bad for her!

This girl (thot) is practically smiling at her face. I feel so bad for Raquel! This girl is insane. Like let him live his life. I get it, he was mean to Brittany about cheating, but come on. Raquel sounds soooo nervous talking about this situation in her confessional. But maybe that’s just how she talks? I guess we’ll see as the season goes on, I didn’t realize her shaky voice before. But then, she didn’t have a guest role.

LVP has arrived. Looking like a queen as always. Sad she’s (basically) done with RHOBH. Stassi looks so fing cute and I am loving she and Beau! Beau is clearly passing the LVP test. Please give me this love?!! I think? Idk. Lol. Reminds me of Porsha and Dennis or Kenya and Mark!

Raquel is about to confront James…James is walking up to Jax. Jax looks so douchey in his jeans and tucked in shirt. Wow James is apologizing. It seems like they are choosing to forgive him this time. He bought them a nice thing of tequila, lol.

Idk if I believe James, but I hope he didn’t cheat. I feel bad for Raquel. I love James and I love Raquel!!! I want them to stay together hahah.

Is James wasted? Why is he calling Lala a bitch? I don’t get it. Kristin is obsessed with James, and James is obsessed with Lala. Lala always has the last word, she’s walking away with class.

Oh god, now Kristin is approaching James with Tom. James just walked away. Buttttt then he comes back. Yikes, everyone is attacking James. Katie tells him to, “fix his pants” and then James fires back. Literally she made fun of his shorts, and he made fun of hers. Like don’t fire at him if you can’t handle it. Idk. I guess he didn’t need to comment on her weight, but of course he did. He’s been pushed and is unhinged, still not as bad as Jax IMO.


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