Vanderpump Rules – S7 E1 A Decent Proposal

Jax Taylor, Brittany Cartwright, Scheana Shay & James Kennedy Vanderpump Rules – S7 E1 A Decent Proposal

Jax and Brittney are starting out the episode. I missed her accent! Lol! Oh man, she’s complaining about James already! Yikes, sick rhymes but I feel bad for Brittany. Sorry she can’t handle the truth.

Awe Lala’s dad died and I didn’t realize how recently it was. Lisa’s brother died, Jax’s dad died and now Lala’s dad died. They say things happen in threes! Makes sense, but definitely very sad. Hoping they are doing OK.

Wow, I can’t believe Scheana is still working @ Sur, I guess I could say that about all of them actually! Omg, she just recapped Rob dumping her and it was just as pathetic as usual. I thought she was working on changing? She’s still annoyyyyyyying. Sad face.

Lol!!! Jax is confronting James and his face is so hilarious! He looks shocked and scared AF. Lol. Wow, I love James, sorry not sorry. Def team James over Jax. He just goes, “Jax, calculated isn’t a big word!” Hahaha!!

Uh oh, Lisa is annoyed. She just wrapped in her confessional though and I loved every second of it. Making me sad she won’t be on RHOBH. Even though I actually don’t like her as much on that show.

Yessssss, Stassi is finally introducing her new boyfriend. I know a bunch of my GFs couldn’t wait to meet him (via Pumprules of course lol). Omg she just started tearing up talking about Beau in her confessional, lol this is why I love her! She’s crazy still, haha!

Awe, Lisa is team Brittany of course lol. Jax needs a haircut. Idk it’s still so weird to me that Jax and Stassi dated. Jax just told her he’s proposing to Brittany on Thursday. Wow, so basically all of Jax’s friends have twisted his arm into acting right. He literally had no choice, his life would have been over.

Lala is fucking slaying these confessional looks! She hates James now too. Apparently James made a sick comment about the fact that they’ve hooked up. At least she’s owning the fact that it happened.

The guys are meeting up w Lisa and Ken to talk about Tom Tom. I am dying to go to Tom Tom!! Seems like Sandoval has a bunch of great ideas. I love him, he’s so cute haha. Uh oh, he’s now mad because Pandora is going to oversee the cocktail list. Lisa just wants it done, clearly Tom didn’t realize that. Lol.

Awe Jax’s plan sounds awesome! I’m excited!! OMG Jax is using the money from his dad on the ring? Are you serious? My god. They better never break up. Lol. Ew, Brittany’s ex is gross. OMG Jax is spending 70k on Brittany’s ring!! That’s insane. He’s an idiot. Lol.

Jax is taking Brittany to Neptune’s for their engagement. Yes, I am loving Katie’s recap of the situation with Jax and Brittany a year ago! Lol! She just said she doesn’t think they’ve fixed their relationship. Omg Stassi’s face when Kristen and Katie are talking about the engagement, she can’t hold it in! lol. She just told them and Kristen was being pretty annoying prior. Lol.

Well, that was Nootttttt romantic! The ring is huge (most important part). He said, “he did good”, like dude, your dad paid for the ring!




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